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Knight at Arms

Game of Thrones - A mod based on the universe created by the famous bestselling American Fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin in the series A Song of Ice and Fire, the first book of which is A Game of Thrones.


The mod is being developed taking account of the first 2 books, what happens later is beyond our concern.
The mod's story starts after the death of Renly Baratheon about 2 hours afterwards to be precise.
Everything that happens after the point mentioned above is the mod team's choice, although we will try to be consistent with the books as much as possible.
Everything that could happen afterwards could in theory happen in the mod.
We have out own ideas, and only need other peoples' ideas for the mod in the form of finished products (models, scripts, scenes, etc.)
The team is making this game because we love modding and realizing our ideas, not from the altruistic aim of bringing joy to other gamers in their otherwise difficult gaming lives.
To sum up: The team is composed of highly intelligent trolls, who are uninterested in other peoples' opinions.
In order for your own ideas to make it into the mod you need to achieve that level of intelligent trolling, in other words, become part of the team. Then work, work work and work some more on the mod. Thats the only way.
Q - Will there be Daenerys Targaryen and will she invade Westeros?
A - No.

Q - Are dragons going to be in the mod?
A - Yes, on Targaryen banner.

Q - Will there be direwolves?
A - Maybe in the far future.

Q - Is there going to be the restoration of House Targaryen?
A - Yes, but we haven't yet decided the details.

Q - When will the mod be released?
A - We are certain that in the 21st centuty.

Q - Can you say how much is ready now?
A - Well, we exactly know, that we have already done more than nothing, but less, than everything.

Q - Will the mod be released in Russian?
A - It will be released in two languages — Russian and English.

Q - Will there be magic?
A - Some.

Q - Will there be the Wildlings and will they have mammoths?
A - The Wildlings - yes, mammoths - maybe.

Q - Will there be this character in the mod?
A - All of the lords and knights are presented above. Maybe we will add more in beta and closer to the release.

Q - Is it possible to join The Night's Watch?
A - We will think about it.

Q - Will your mod have multiplayer?
A- If somebody decides to make it after we release the mod then yes.

Main team:
Hiner - Scener and coordinator.
La Grandmaster- Coder.
FukindGUD - Artist.
Kaampper - Scener.
Arthmost (aka Art of Justice) -  Coder, сharacters, quests, dialogues, translations.
TheLoneWolf1 - Modeller, texturer.
Herr Shimmler (aka Shimmler) - Scener.
Dacu1 - Scener.
Deist - Scener.
J32 - Modeller, texturer.


Extreme thanks to the long-time leader and main contributor of the mod, the person without whom nothing would have started:

Special thanks to people that at certain points helped us out. Credits:
Gleb Ushkuynik
Count of Flanders                                                 
Owen Wulfson         
Jakob Zaborowski
The Glenlivet           
master facon             

Сашf Виноградовf
Томаш Ендрушек (Morano)
Caba`drin (Prebattle Orders Kit v0.8 Beta)
Some of Narf

Special thanks to Diplomacy Mod team and its creator Waihti (http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,116424.0.html).

Also thanks to OSP creators whose works are used in the mod.

Attention!!! Achtung!!! Atenton!!! Animum adhibe!!! 注意!!! الاهتمام!!! آيèىàيèه!!!

We do not discuss the books in this thread, we have read them. We do not discuss the series in this thread. If you want to talk about any of aforementioned, start your own thread and talk about it there. If you do this here we'll close the thread as we have done before.

More in the second and third posts.


The new global map with new icons. For the present only Westeros, later Essos (a part of it) and events.

Completley re-worked troop tree for each faction.  Including mercenaries.

New scenes, stages and buildings, moreover completely stylized interiors for every castle. Castles will have some elements of architecture, styled for the symbol of the House this castle belonged to in the books.

New shaders, skyboxes, grounds, particle-effects (waterfalls, burning swords, fountains, The Others and the weapons to fight them).

New faces and bodies. New hairstyles.

New game menu and backgrounds, all the art made specially for the mod.

New beginning of the game and character backstory selection.

Dozens of new facilities in the cities and villages that give an opportunity to improve them. Additioinal settlements. Mines (gold, silver and dragonglass), taverns, crossings.

Some new skills.

Little politics features that influence the world.

Sea adventures and maritime trade. Huge benefits for sailors on the sea but nothing on the land. The opportunity to hire the pirates and to trade with them.The opportunity to choose the tactics, to improve your ships and your team, the advantage in speed. The oppotunity to transport the great amount of goods on your ships.

Dozens of random events.

Two scenarios of the invasion. The Invasions of The Others and Targaryens (prince Aegon the Young Griff).

New system of achievements during the progress of your hero.

Huge amount of new unique weapons and armor.

More than 30 new quests.

Improved and more challenging sieges:
It is not easy to take the castle. You have to prepare by having the siege skill (your own or party one), stocking up the materials for the construction of ladders or siege towers. It is really more profitable to build siege towers or ladders in your own workshops or in the field camp and drag them with you than on the field of battle, however your party speed and morale will decrease.

New hunting system with special skills and bonuses. Also new units - the hunters.

Absolutely new soundtrack and some voicing.

OSP: Diplomacy v.4.3, Freelancer v.1.5 (revised and enlarged), Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment v.0.96.3 (+battle formations and fixed AI by Motomataru).

Banking system with credits and interest rates. Strict penalties for non-compliance.

The huge amounts of new presentations and reports.

New characters such as master-at-arms (he has Diplomacy servant functions and many more), maester, hunter, doctor, prostitute and many others. You can change them and improve their functions.

The characters will give you the new opportunites and it will be impossible to make certain doings without them.

A great amount of new tweaks and improvements. We can't realy list them, because the list is always growing and changing.

Troop Upgrades:
The default way of upgrading faction units was changed. Now there are 3 levels - peasants, city units and castle units. To upgrade unit from peasant to castle unit you have to pay for the training and fulfil all the requirements. To get an elite unit you do all the same but the requirements are way harsher now. Therefore you will have free access only to the peasant line of units. It is impossible to upgrade units from one faction in another faction. There will be a loophole, though, but with certain requirements. They will be defined by the amount of achievements, relationships with the lords, completed quiests, fame and honor. The elite units belong to the city owner. A player can access them as well. You can hire mercenaries the old way or in the mercenary camp. Also you can hire a party mercenaries from the other part of the world.

New Tournament System:
One on one
3 stages with bets, your enemies are city elite fighters. And you can choose your weapon before every round from the following: axe and shield | two-handed sword | sword and shield | two-handed axe. If you win all 3 rounds, you will have an oppotunity to challenge one lord from the those who are in the city. If there are no lords, you can call the guard of the castle. Defeat doesn't have infuence on result of the winning of the 3 rounds, except the deterioration of relationships with the Lord that had been challenged. The winning will award you money and relationships increase.

Massive battle with only one round and a lot of bets.

There are no bets, 4 rounds. Your enemies are the lords that are in the city or knights of the faction. They will be chosen randomly. Your prize is horse and gear of your opponent. You can accept a redemption ('+' to relationships with defeated enemy) or take the horse and the gear (huge '-' in relationships with defeated enemy). If you lose, the same happens to you and you will need to pay the redemption (sometimes the price is very high).
The AI has been fixed and bot won't chase the hero around the arena. The signal to start the battle is sound of the horn after the opponents take their selected places. If the horse goes down, horse change menu pops up.

Archers and throwers tourney
Details are coming.



House Stark of Winterfell
Lords and Settlements
King Robb Stark  - Winterfell
Ser Wylis ManderlyWhite  - Harbor
Lord Roose Bolton - The Dreadfort
Lady Maege Mormont  - Bear Island
Castellan Carol Snow  - Barrowton
Lord Cley Cerwyn -  Castle Cerwin
Ser Robin Flint  - Widow's Watch
Castellan Bryan Coldhill  - Hornwood
Lord Rickard Karstark -  Karhold
Ser Donnel Locke  - Oldcastle
Lord Howland Reed -  Greywater Watch
Lord Rodrik Ryswell -  Castle Rills
Lord Jon Umber  - Last Hearth
Lord Galbart Glover  - Deepwood Motte
Ser Helman Tallhart  - Torhhen's Square
Lord Meriadoc Flint  - Flint's Finger
Warden Nomar Sharplcaw  - Moat Cailin
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
North Trainee
North Yeoman
North Veteran Yeoman
North Hunter 
North Skilled Hunter

Tier 2:
North Light Footman
North Heavy Footman
North Clansman
North Man-at-Arms
North Poacher   
North Bushwhacker
North Trailman 
North Sharpshooter
North Strider
North Crannogman
North Scout
North Horseman

Tier 3:
Godswood Keeper   
North Squire
Knight of the White Harbour

House Greyjoy of Pyke
Lords and Settlements
King Balon Greyjoy - Pyke (Pyke)
Lord Rodrik Harlaw - Ten Towers (Harlaw)
Lord Gorold Goodbrother - Hammerhorn (Great Wyk)
Lord Baelor Blacktyde - Blacktyde (Blacktyde)
Lord Sawane Botley - Lordsport (Pyke)
Lord Wilhelm Sparr - Castle Sparr (Great Wyk)
Lord Ragnar Stonehouse - Stonehouse Keep (Old Wyk)
Lord Dunstan Drumm - Drumm Castle (Old Wyk)
Lord Triston Farwynd - Sealskin Point (Great Wyk)
Captain Sigfry Stonetree - Stonetree Fort (Harlaw)
Lord Ejnar Sunderly - Sunderly Hall (Saltcliff)
Lord Waldon Wynch - Iron Holt (Pyke)
Lord Donnor Saltcliffe - Saltcliffe Castle (Saltcliff)
Lord Meldred Merlyn - Pebbleton (Great Wyk)
Lord Gram Orkwood - Orkmont Castle (Orkmont)
Captain Jon Myre - Myre Keep (Harlaw)
Lord Robar Tawney - Tawney Hall (Orkmont)
Lord Captain Victarion Greyjoy - No fiefs
Captain Theon Greyjoy - No fiefs
Captain Asha Greyjoy - No fiefs
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
Ironborn Youth
Ironborn Sailor
Ironborn Hearty Sailor
Ironborn Angler
Ironborn Fisherman

Tier 2:
Ironborn Warrior
Ironborn Raider
Ironborn Swordsman
Ironborn Axeman
Ironborn Heavy Axeman
Ironborn Plunderer
Ironborn Ravager
Ironborn Harpooner
Ironborn Skirmisher
Ironborn Rover
Ironborn Boarder
Ironborn Axe Thrower

Tier 3:
Iron Captain
Ironborn Reaver
Kraken Guard
Finger Dancer

House Lannister of Casterly Rock
Lords and Settlements
Lord Tywin Lannister - Casterly Rock
King Joffrey Baratheon - King's Landing
Lord Leo Lefford - Golden Tooth
Ser Kevan Lannister - Lannisport
Lord Roland Crakehall - Crakehall
Ser Harys Swyft - Cornfield
Lord Frederic Serrett - Silverhall
Lord Lewys Lydden - Deep Den
Lord Tytos Brax - Hornvale
Ser Melwyn Sarsfield - Sarsfield
Lord Damon Marbrand - Ashemark
Lord Gawen Westerling - The Crag
Lord Quenten Banefort - Banefort
Lord Gyles Rosby - Rosby
Lord Renfred Rykker - Duskendale
Lord Alfred Buckwell - The Antlers
Lord Sebaston Farman - Faircastle
Lord Terrence Kenning - Kayce
Lord Garrison Prester - Feastfires
Ser Gregor Clegane - Clegane Hall
Ser Amory Lorch - Harrenhall
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
Westerlands Conscript
Westerlands Militia
Westerlands Experienced Militia
Westerlands Hunter 
Westerlands Skirmisher

Tier 2:
Westerlands Footman
Westerlands Heavy Footman
Westerlands Swordsman
Westerlands Man-at-Arms
Westerlands Pikeman
Westerlands Halbeldier
Westerlands Marksman   
Westerlands Crossbowman
Westerlands Rider
Westerlands Heavy Rider

Tier 3:
Westerlands Arbalester   
Crownlands Squire
Knight of the King’s Landing
Westerlands Squire
Knight of the Casterly Rock

House Arryn of the Eryie
Lords and Settlements
Lord Yohn Royce - The Eyrie
Lord Lyonel Corbray - Heart's Home
Lord Triston Sunderland - Sisterton
Lord Gerold Grafton - Gulltown
Lord Nestor Royce - Runestone
Lord Royce Coldwater - Coldwater Burn
Lord Benedar Belmore - Strongsong
Lord Brad Elesham - The Paps
Lord Fred Hersy - Newkeep
Lord Uthor Tollett - Grey Glen
Ser Morton Waynwood - Ironoaks
Lord Horton Redfort - Redfort
Lord Gilwood Hunter - Longbow Hall
Lord Patrick Melcolm - Old Anchor
Lord Jon Lynderly - Sunkenwood
Lord Harold Pryor - Pebble
Ser Edmund Waxley - Wickenden
Ser Symond Templeton - Ninestars
Ser Damon Shett - Gull Tower
Knight of the Gate Donnel Waynwood  - Bloody Gate
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
Vale Enlistee
Vale Reservist
Vale Experienced Reservist
Vale Fowler 
Vale Skirmisher

Tier 2:
Vale Footman
Vale Heavy Footman
Vale Warrior
Vale Man-at-Arms
Vale Sargeant
Vale Bowman   
Vale Longbowman
Vale Fencer
Vale Filibuster
Vale Rider
Vale Heavy Rider

Tier 3:
Vale Pikemaster
Falcon Guard
Freebooter of Sisterton
Vale Squire
Knight of the Vale

House Martell of Sunspear
Lords and Settlements
Prince Oberyn Martell - Sunspear
Lord Dagos Manwoodу - Kingsgrave
Ser Ryon Allyrion - Godsgrace
Lord Anders Yronwood - Yronwood
Ser Cletus Yronwood - Boneway Keep
Ser Dezial Dalt - Lemonwood
Lord Tremond Gargalen - Saltshore
Castellan Torio Sand - Ghost Hill
Lord Trebor Jordayne - The Tor
Ser Perros Blackmont - Blackmont
Lord Harmen Uller - Hellholt
Lord Quentyn Qorgyle - Sandstone
Castellan Kerem Clearsky - Starfall
Lord Franklyn Fowler - Skyreach
Ser Gerris  Drinkwater - Vulture's Roost
Lord Sadik Wyl - Wyl
Lord Daeron Vaith - Vaith
Ser Gerold Dayne - High Hermitage
Ser Symon  Santagar - Spottswood
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
Dornish Draftee
Dornish Levy
Dornish Marauder
Dornish Huntsman
Dornish Skilled Huntsman

Tier 2:
Dornish Desert Warrior
Dornish Footman
Dornish Spearbearer
Dornish Tracker   
Dornish Marksman
Dornish Assasin
Dornish Raider
Dornish Heavy Cavalryman
Ranged Cavalry:
Dornish Light Cavalryman

Tier 3:
Dornish Immortal
Dornish Red Scorpion
Dornish Squire
Yronwood Kinght
Ranged Cavalry:
Dornish Black Viper
Dornish Cobra

House Baratheon of Dragonstone
Lords and Settlements
King Stannis Baratheon - Dragonstone
Ser Gilbert Farring - Storm's End
Lord Casper Wylde - Rain House 
Lord Selwyn Tarth - Evenfall Hall
Lord Davos Seaworth - Castle Wrath
Lord Ardrian Celtigar - Claw Castle
Lord Monford Velaryon - Driftmark
Lord Martin Staunton - Rook's Rest
Lord Duram Bar Emmon - Sharp Point
Ser Justin Massey - Stonedance
Lord Tobian Errol - Haystack Hall   
Lord Ralph Buckler - Bronzegate       
Lord Harwood Fell - Felwood           
Ser Ronnet Connington - Griffin's Roots
Lord Lester Morrigen - Crow's Nest 
Lord Gulian Swann - Stonehelm   
Ser Axel Mertyns - Mistwood
Ser Eldon Estermont - Greenstone   
Castellan Rickard Storm - Blackhaven
Lord Bryce Caron - Nightsong
Lord Alester Florent - No fiefs
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
Stormlands Recruit
Stormlands Militiaman
Stormlands Veteran Militiaman
Stormlands Forester
Stormlands Woodland Skirmisher

Tier 2:
Stormlands Warrior
Stormlands Light Footman
Stormlands Heavy Footman
Stormlands Man-at-Arms
Stormlands Halbeldier
Stormlands Jager   
Stormlands Master bowman
Stormlands Smuggler
Stormlands Pirate
Stormlands Rider
Ranged Cavalry:
Stormlands Mounted Jager

Tier 3:
Warden of the Rainwood
Stormlands Corsair
Stormlands Squire
Knight of the Storm’s End

House Tully of Riverrun
Lords and Settlements
Lord Edmure Tully - Riverrun
Lord Jason Mallister - Seaguard
Lord Malcolm Roote - Lord Harroway's Town
Ser Quincy Cox - Saltpans
Ser Stevron Frey - The Twins
Lord Jonos Bracken - Stone Hedge
Castellan Ben Rivers - Darry
Lord Tytos Blackwood - Raventree Hall
Lord William Mooton - Maidenpool
Ser Marq Piper - Pinkmaiden castle
Ser Robin Ryger - Willow Wood
Lord Theomar Smallwood - Acorn Hall
Ser Ronald Vance the Bad - Atranta
Lord Karyl Vance - Wayfarer's Rest
Ser Raymond Nayland - Hag's Mire
Ser Ryman Frey - No fiefs
Black Walder Frey - No fiefs
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
Riverlands Rookie
Riverlands Watchman
Riverlands Battle-scarred Watchman
Riverlands Hunter 
Riverlands Skilled Hunter

Tier 2:
Riverlands Light Footman
Riverlands Heavy Footman
Riverlands Man-at-Arms
Riverlands Tracker
Riverlands Vanguard
Riverlands Archer 
Riverlands Champion
Riverlands Master Archer
Riverlands Rider
Riverlands Cavalryman

Tier 3:
Trident Assaulter
Riverlands Household Guard
Riverlands Ranger
Riverlands Squire
Knight of the Red Fork

House Tyrell of Highgarden
Lords and Settlements
Lord Mace Tyrell  - Highgarden
Lord Paxter Redwyne -  Arbor
Lord Orton Merryweather -  Longtable
Lord Leyton Hightower -  Oldtown
Lord Elwood Meadows  - Grassy Vale
Lord Mathis Rowan -  Goldengrove
Lord Tomas Footly  - Tumbleton 
Lord Branston Cuy -  Sunhouse 
Ser Kevin Oakheart -  Old Oak   
Lord Randyll Tarly  - Horn Hill     
Lord Tommen Costayne  - Three Towers
Lord Martyn Mullendore -  Uplands
Castellan Jory Flowers -  Blackcrown 
Lord Leo Blackbar -  Bandallon   
Ser Garlan Tyrell  - Brightwater Keep
Lord Lorent Caswell  - Bitterbridge 
Ser Tanton Fossoway -  Cider Hall   
Lord Osbert Serry  - Southshield     
Lord Moribald Chester -  Greenshield 
Lord Guthor Grimm  - Greyshield 
Lord Humfrey Hewett  - Oakenshield
Ser Vortimer Crane - Red Lake
Troop Tree
Tier 1:
Reach Greenhorn
Reach Militia
Reach Experienced Militia
Reach Skirmisher
Reach Scout

Tier 2:
Reach Footman
Reach Veteran Footman
Reach Swordsman
Reach Man-at-Arms
Reach Horseman
Reach Light Rider
Reach Heavy Rider
Reach Cavalryman
Ranged Cavalry:
Reach Mounted Skirmisher
Reach Mounted Crossbowman

Tier 3:
Arbor Life Guard
Reach Household Cavalryman
Reach Squire
Knight of the Rose
Ranged Cavalry:
Reach Rider of the Marches

Minor Factions
Free Cities
Night's Watch
The Wildlings
The Brotherhood Without Banners
Brigands faction:
Broken Men
Hedge Knights
Night's Watch Deserters
Mountain Clans

The Unsullied
The Second Sons
The Stormcrows
The Golden Company
Ironborn Raiders
Dothraki Raiders
And also parties of ordinary ruffians and other scum

Simple companions:
Gendry (The Bull)
Ser Сreighton Longbough
Ser Illifer The Penniless
Shagga (son of Dolf)
**** Crabb (Nimble ****)
Anguy (The Archer)

Elite companions:
Ser Wendel Manderly (House Stark)
Ser Archibald Yronwood (House Martell)
Ser Garth Hightower called Greysteel (House Tyrell)
Ser Brynden Tully called Blackfish (House Tully)
Ser Lyle Crakehall called Strongboar (House Lannister)
Ser Mychel Redfort (House Arryn)
Ser Dermot of the Rainwood (House Baratheon)
Dagmer Cleftjaw (House Greyjoy)





[url=http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,194575.msg6285038.html#msg6285038]2/1/13-Dornish Draftee, Levy, & Huntsman

Joining the team & helping mod development.

In this message you may read about current vacancies and methods of helping the team. Pay due attention to that the information in this message is often updated. And all the vacancies are actually current (as well as help methods). Selection criteria and requirements are rather precise. Do not think we're rejecting all the help, it's just that accepting any help takes our time as well. And, in most cases, it is not rational at all. And we will spend more time than we will get real help back. So for you and us both not to waste time for nothing carefully read this message and selection requirements & criteria.

Team vacancies:

-‭ Modellers.‭ Enough experience in modelling. Ability to create something more than just simple forms. If you're a modeller you don't have to be texturer as well. We need people that are able to create rather complex models (armor, helmets, architecture, ...). If you're a texturer as well it is splendid, if not - it's not critical. It is enough for you to be a good modeller. As for weapons like a swordie or a stick-looking spear - we don't need it all now. If you're only able to do this kind of work, just get some more experience at this point of doing something more complex and we will gladly accept you into the team. Creativity and imagination are welcome guests as well!

-‭ Texturers.‭ We need people that are good in texturing the model (with UV Map creation) as well as retexturing a UV Map.

-‭ ‬Module files specialists. ‬Knowing the module system of the game is obligatory. In this case, not the ability to just insert something into the module file. Besides, people with knowledge of HLSL are always welcome.

-‭ ‬Sceners.‭ Knowledge and experience in working with scenes in BPC are obligatory. If you want to keep learning while already working with us, you already have to be more skilled than a rookie (you can use a great amount of tutors and guides all over the web for getting past this point). We cannot teach you this as well as make you a gifted person. You will have to create the scene yourself and make it picturesque and interesting to explore. We cannot always tell you how to do better and more beautiful, you must have a talent yourself.

-‭ Artists.‭ Experience of drawing something more than a few sticks. Art creation or ability to work in this field in 2D editors.

- Translators. Fluent knowledge of English and Russian, ability to translate and compose text in a specific fashion (in this case, something close to A Song of Ice and Fire books), knowledge of the books in at least one of the aforementioned languages.

Selection and joining criteria:

-‭ ‬For modellers.‭ Leave your application in the thread. You will receive a PM with an art or model concept to work on.
-‭ For texturers.‭ Similar procedure (as for modeller).
-‭ ‬For module file specialists or HLSL specialists.‭ Leave your application in the thread and you'll be contacted for conversation.
-‭ For sceners.‭ Create a scene with Native resources, any variation, scene should be larger than default Native one. Upload the .sco file and corresponding entry (from .txt) to a file hosting service and post the link to it here. You'll be contacted about the decision.
-‭ For artists.‭ ‬Post your works in this thread. You'll be contacted.

Since we have a limitless imagination and a great desire to make our mod truly unique we do need artists. What is required: creation of full-fledged canvases (Westeros and its history themed). We plan to use these works to decorate castles interiors - ceilings, walls, floors, tapestries, frescos, stained-glass windows. We need large battle scenes and epic scenes of entire peoples migrations, dragons, The Wall, the Wildlings, inimitable drawings of castles and landscapes.













Don't restrain your imagination. You do not need to set history or reality bounds. Noone's preventing you from creating a stained-glass window measuring a house. So dear artists, on to storming Westeros!

- For translators. Post here about your experience and skills, you will be contacted.

Attention! All the requirements are for the aforementioned vacancies. You should adequately estimate your own capabilities. And be able to consider the time in a mature way. If you're telling us your work will be ready on Monday, recall if you're not flying to Costa Rica on Sunday. There's a certain schedule in the team. Noone will impose it on you, it's planned altogether according to the abilities of all the team members. And all you need to know is just how much you can make and how long it will take. If you cannot manage your time or estimate your abilities or if you don't like to do something that you don't really like and you do just what you want to do you should do these things and post the OSP here. Maybe we will use them and put you into Credits list.

Helping the mod.

For those who have no knowledge of the aforementioned. You also can help the project. Keep in mind that we do not need any ideas or suggestions because we do not have time or people to work on them, we have a schedule planned for many months to come. If you have an idea then you should learn how to put it into practice yourself or, to be precise, become one of the people we need in the team.

All the assistance we need is listed hereinafter:

Art of armor & weapons, architecture. All that you think fits the mod just right.

Art that fits the mod.
It's a real help to us. Sometimes it's actually difficult to find sources of inspiration.
Don't forget that mod style is historical fantasy.
Do not be obsessed with just historical objects, all that's unusual, vivid and interesting is worth posting.

A few rules:
1. Don't ask how we like it. It's a pile of ideas and sources of inspiration. What we might not like today we might use tomorrow.
2. Do not discuss any posted art (by other people or yourself - doesn't matter).

Posting rules:
Post architecture, picturesque backgrounds, armor, weapons.
Mention faction or unit for which you see it best fitting.
Use spoilers for pictures.
All the additional information should be posted below the pic.


This message is about the donations (as you might have figured out already). Why do we need money? The team uses a few paid services for working on the mod: file hosting, textures service, service that allows us to show our works in 3d. It's not hard for us to pay roughly 100$ per month but we cannot take the possibility to help us from our fans since 3d preview service is paid for just for the fans pleasure.


WebMoney: Hryvna - WMZ (Z337647809212), Russian Ruble - WMR (R108142621257), US Dollar - WMU (U331170487863), Euro - WME (E170926110046).

Yandex.Money: 410011607489799.

PayPal: [email protected].

Thank you for your help and contribution! Don't forget to post your nickname if you donated - you will be listed in the thread.

P.S. You can also use the Iron Bank of Braavos to transfer stags and dragons as well as Essos currency. Unfortunately, we do not accept coins of the Faceless Men.

Signatures to show support:



















The list of good people who donated:


What do you know about modding?
Please forgive me my English.
Rigadoon We know nothing about modding. and have no idea about it.

At the moment, global map still in the process of finishing. will have new icons.
implemented until the 4 fractions.

What my friend Legionaire wanted to say is that only four factions are correctly placed on the world map: Lannister, Tyrell, Martell and Baratheon. Besides, there will be new unique map models for some towns and castles, like Kin's Landing and Dragonstone. Coastal cities will have harbours added to their models.
Legioner said:
What do you know about modding?
Please forgive me my English.
Rigadoon We know nothing about modding. and have no idea about it.

At the moment, global map still in the process of finishing. will have new icons.
implemented until the 4 fractions.
Lol are you kidding me? This stuff looks awesome so far! Good luck!
Throwing westeros at me from all sides like that...
YOU  are  trYiNG      toooo..  KILL meee      with awesome?!

No really, great maps and stuff. And now I know where BilWits stuff went to from the other team.
Good lucks and happy modding, then give meh stuff for funs... now.

Cheers  :wink:
I was going to eat a bullet when I read this mod title, but I was sorely remiss when I clicked into this. The first armors shown (with the mail/leather combos)... are those armors new?
jezza93 said:
Where has this all of a sudden come from?
Well, the work began in the end of July. We didn't want to start the thread empty-handed.

Uhtred Ragnarson said:
The first armors shown (with the mail/leather combos)... are those armors new?

Thanks for support guys! I'll keep up this thread with updates from russian forum over here: http://rusmnb.ru/index.php?board=108.0
No offence, but just because You know nothing about works of russian mod-makers doesn't mean they are incompetent.
Besides, You can already look on work which is done.

Two other russian MB mods:

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