SP Antiquity [WB] 350 B.C. Rise of Empire (Recruiting for all position)

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My work on Mahabharat is going slowly.I am making the new mod about India and other country during 350-290 B.C.

[size=18pt]Features :-[/size]


1. Macedonia        ( Alexander III)
2. Persia                (Shah Darius III)
3. Egypt                (???)
4. Gandhara          (Raja Ambhik)
5. Pauravas            (Maharaja Puru)
6. Nanda Dynasty  (Maharaja Dhananand)

=> New troops for every faction 
=> New mercenaries
=> New Items
=> New Campaign Map
=> Some New quests

photo uploader


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Rigadoon said:
So you're going to make two mods at once or are you going to forget the other one?

Mahabharat is coming out slowly but some iteam from mahabharat can be used in this mod.
Mahabharat is large project so it will take long time to make.


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will upload screenies of some Greek and Indian troops by Day after tomorrow :grin:

[url=http://postimage.org/]photo uploader[/url]
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