SP Medieval [WB] 1429 La Guerre de Cent Ans - La Relance (Hundred Years War Submod)

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A Submod for 1429 Hundred Years War by FantasyWarrior

Major Changes:

  • Complete Port of the Module System to WB 1.171
  • Uses (most of) WB 1.71 Scripts and Triggers
  • Uses some of VC Scripts & Triggers
  • Uses Lav's WRECK compiler

New Features:
  • Motomataru's Formations / FormAI (VC Version)
  • Taragoth's Freelancer with major improvements by me
  • VC Troop Tree Presentation
  • hoboistice's spear changes
  • Some TLD scripts
  • New Troop Tree balance
  • Added Noble Line for the other factions
  • The Bowman's Custom Battle Scenes
  • 100% English Translation
  • and more planned...

Freelancer Changes:

Modify 'Fast-Forward' Speed while enlisted
  • Roaming around the map can be quite boring, so you can speed things up a bit
Freelancer Missions
  • Your commander gives you missions every now and then, so that the player is not just waiting on things to happen
  • Difficulty of Missions depend on your level & freelancer rank.
Become your Lord's Sergeant / Captain
  • At a certain rank, your lord will ask you to become a sergeant / captain, providing you troops to control during battle
  • Your rank will determine how many troops you get to control
Allow / Prevent Desertion
  • Preventing desertion means that when vacation / mission time is up, you automatically get 'teleported' to your commander
Advanced / Simple Rank Upgrade
  • Basically, a difficulty modifier for rising through the ranks.
  • Simple / Easy or Advanced / Hard (which is a better formula for upgrading imo).

... and a few more planned.

(not really necessary cause no new eye candy was added, but just to show that I have done what I've said I've done :grin:)


Noble Troop Trees

For First Release:

- Codebase Changes (100% complete)
- English Translation (100% complete)
- Freelancer FastForward Speed (Completed)
- Freelancer Sergeant / Captain (Completed)
- Freelancer Prevent Desertion (Completed)
- Freelancer Advanced / Simple Ranking System
- Other Faction's Noble Line (100% complete, thanks to Ettenrocal)
- at least 15 Freelancer missions (currently 9 implemented and tested)
- Historical Lord Names (50% complete)
Native Scenes Replacement (0% complete)

- FantasyWarrior for his amazing 1429 La Guerre de Cent Ans
- Lav for WRECK and his MS.
- Motomataru for Formations / FormAI
- Taragoth for Freelancer
- VC Team
- TLD Team
- The Bowman for his scenes
- hoboistice for the spear changes
- Gloria Sinica Team for the Inspiration for the freelancer changes (I recommend modders to play this game just to see what else can be done in the WB system)
- etterocal for Historical Lord Names, Troop Tree changes, banners, and continuous support

Current Team:
- Ettenrocal
- Khamukkamu
- Seek n Destroy

- Replacing some of Native Scenes (Town / Castles) with either The Bowman's version or custom / historical ones.
- Suggestions for what items can be replaced with new OSPs available, remaining true to the timeline.
- In depth quests (design) for the other factions, similar to FantasyWarrior's French Campaign Quest line.
- Probably other things, but I'm not sure what yet...

- One of my favourite mods and my second attempt at modding (Gekokujo was the first, then 1429, then TLD).
- I want to play this once I'm done.
- I just love this mod... and I want to share it to others, hence the 100% english translation. no other motivation :smile:

- I speak French, but because it is my 4th language, I may not be aware of some idioms used in France. So the translation may not be 100% accurate.
I'll be damned, I just wished for something like this since FantasyWarrior did a great job with the RPG quest elements and scenery but I felt like the warfare side of things was a little underwhelming after some time that I was myself considering doing a submod. I'm glad to see this pop up and I believe you could include Narf's Men-At-Arms OSP pack to the mod to add some variation and maybe replace some older models. Bonne chance!
1429 is on my top 10 list for MB titles, so glad to see a new version with extended gameplay options  :grin:

question: are you going to share the code with your release?

Thanks for all the support. Everything is mostly done, just need to make sure all is tested. I also want to have more freelancer missions, so that it doesn't get too repetative. For now, once I reach my 15 mission goal, I'll not 'level-lock' some of them so that we have an ample supply of missions. Once we get a lot (possibly 25), then I'll level lock some. I'll also add the option to turn them on/off, for people who don't want to do any missions at all.

If anyone knows my work with TLD and my design philosophy, it has always been to give the player as much options as possible :smile:

@kalarhan, of course, I always open-source everything I work on because I learned from the graciousness of this community.

(I also want modders who have freelancer in their mods to incorporate some of these changes because it is something I'd like to have when playing their mods :grin:)
Didn't want to post that yet but I guess it is public :razz:

Ok, I'll see if I can implement autoindentation :smile:  it is process_line_correction.py, is it? Is it compatible with WRECK?

EDIT: Ok, ran the autoindentation file, i like what it did, except for module_scripts.py. It kinda pushed some scripts to the right, quite far. Not sure why though...
fladin said:
Wow! that's unexpected  great news  :grin:

At a certain rank, your lord will ask you to become a sergeant / captain, providing you troops to control during battle

Bannerlord  :shock:

I'm juuust the tiniest bit worried that when BL comes out it'll be practically redundant, because whenever new feature would get announced WB modders would say "challenge accepted" and find a way to somehow put it in a mod....
Khamukkamu said:
Not sure why though...
two reasons:
1) you have a bug like a missing (try_end)
2) you have some comments or strings using characters that trick the process into thinking it is a new block. Find those lines and adjust your text, or add a new rule to the compiler

first time you apply it you need to clean up your module (as there are too many places with bad indentation, wrong comments, etc, from years of lacking of using such a process).

remember you can also use the other function to clean up your dialogs file "string_corr()", which is disabled (as you only use it once).

A example for your module_scripts.py: "script_game_start" is missing a try_end, so the process keeps a extra tab (pushes to the right) when on the second script. But you already has a alert from WRECK

The following errors were generated during compilation:
  try/end operations do not match in script.game_start: 1 try_end(s) missing

same thing happens with "script_script.game_receive_network_message", "script_get_relevant_comment_to_s42", so more tabs added.

Second example: "script_get_relevant_comment_for_log_entry" uses this string
(display_message, "@{!}Event #{reg5}, type {reg6}, time {reg8}: player's kingdom relation to faction object = {reg7}"),
the symbol "#" is for comments, so the process has issues with it (again, you can either fix the string or include this new exception". A example is replace "Event #" with "Event nr."

those two examples (4 scripts) should fix your file and give you this

  # script_store_item_price
  # Input: item_ID, item_mod
  # Output: reg0
  ("store_item_price", [(store_script_param, ":item_id", 1),
      (store_script_param, ":item_mod", 2),
      (item_get_value, ":price", ":item_id"),
        (gt, ":item_id", "itm_no_item"),
        (call_script, "script_game_get_item_buy_price_factor", ":item_id"),
        (val_mul, ":price", reg0),
        (item_get_type, ":item_type", ":item_id"),
        (call_script, "script_get_item_modifier_effects", ":item_type", ":item_mod"),
        (val_mul, ":price", reg5),
        (val_div, ":price", 10000),
      (assign, reg0, ":price"),

My recomendation is to use SublimeText (it has a nice tab representation with lines, easy to spot wrong alignment), or a similar tool.

Thanks! I have been hunting down where to put that missing try end at game_start and havent found it, so I just left it be. Same goes with the network stuff (as I'm not working on MP, so I just ignored it... i know... a bit messy.)

Perhaps with the autoindentation, it will help me find it? I'll test it out.

I am using Sublime text with the MB API :smile:

EDIT: Ahh... much better! Where has this thing been all our lives!?


This is so awesome, finally I will be able to fully enjoy this mod but with even more polish and features. Really look forward to it!
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