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KratosMKII said:
I've been thinking about releasing the source code of the mod. Maybe there's someone out there that have time to fix the stuff but don't want to be strained with joining a team. What do you guys think?

Yes and no... don't think you can get away with it by passing the ball.. you are the babysitter here..its your responsibility to babysit this mod. Unless you find someone that is worthy of replacing you..you can't get away with just giving the source code and hide away.

lmao, what is wrong with you? This dude took it upon himself to undertake a massive project. He doesn't OWE us anything, he literally does it in his free time. I can't believe there's people out there who are so entitled that they demand a mod creator continue to work despite increasing difficulties.

If he wants to abandon this great mod, that is his choice. It would be disappointing, but there's nothing to do when there's NOBODY ELSE to help him bug fix.
I may release a new hotfix or update but sadly as i said before my time is increasingly diminishing.

Its okay :smile: its just a busy period. It shouldn't last more than till mid February.. How would I know? Cause that's how long of a vacation I'd take from this god damn forsaken difficult mod to fix xD


Hi, I know it's very rude to ask, but could you made the next hotfix include fixing player captured fief has 0 stationary troops?
Do you where or how I could find the claimants because when I went to the traveller in the tavern I clicked on "I want to know the location of a claimant" i automatically replied with nevermind and there is an option in the debug options where it says show claimant location and after that it says a claim holder name and then "at" player name. It does this five times because there are five claim holders and I'm specifically looking for Simon de Montfort claimant of Kingdom of England. However they don't appear in any rival faction estates. Any suggestions?


Well then, if you don't put in any more patches and updates, I'm allowed to add more tear troops to Europe because the cavalry of orders is very broken.  :shifty: :shifty: :shifty:


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Is there a reason why most horsearcher units arent using a bowcase at the hip anymore ? Looks very unappealing.


I have a problem when i besieging a castle when it's with a siege tower.

When the tower reaches the ramparts, my ranged units no longer use their ranged weapons even when I give the order. I don't have this problem with the ladder.

My M&B Warband version is 1.174 and I have install Enhanced Edition 2.1 / Enhanced Edition 3.3 / hotfix 6.

Sorry for my English, Google translation.

i'm having this problem, these messages don't let me see the report in game
At Simple trigger trigger no: 33
At Simple trigger trigger no: 33
SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 501: Invalidpartyid 73; line no:56


Hi, my game crashes when im travelling on map.... anyone else had this problem too? I cannot play this beautifull mod because of it.  Please someone help me


I haven't played 1257 AD in a long time, but it has always been a favourite. Glad to see it is being updated. I have a question about the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
Some of the lords fiefs were randomized, instead of fixed. Is it possible to lock certain lords to castles/cities, like Baldwin VI to Antioch, Guillaume of the Hospitallers to Krak de Chevalliers? Also, the HQs of the orders were also randomized, and you can't recruit order troops from a castle unless the leader of that order owns that castle. Could this be fixed?


I found a new bug there, u have to make a hot fix, well, it started whyen i started to be a vassal in the kingdom of crusaders osmth, well, after some time, i saw a castle of sulatane with 100 people, so I imediately left the faction and took that castle, but the thing is, that there was written - peoplemare opening doors for their kind( for me when i took that castle), but in real when i elft it, i didnt got any emssage to create my own faction, to name it etc, adn that castle was named a castle with no faction, i was liek wtf, I have reinsalled that mod, and i saw that the main problem sint mod, but that newest patch, because version 2 adn patches 3.1 or 3.2 were good, but when that patch 3.3 came in october 5 - this happened. Well please make a fix fast


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KratosMKII said:
I may release a new hotfix or update but sadly as i said before my time is increasingly diminishing.

No worries, do not feel guilty. You produced something which is already awesome. If you don't want to do it anymore, no need to force yourself

I do hope you find the interest to tie up loose ends some day, even after Bannerlord release.
I wanna thank you for your work on this mod, 1257 has been some of my favorite mods. However I built a castle and my game's all wonky now. Inventory turned into random goods, no messages in battle or on map.... I searched and see this is a common thing. I just want to double check, I just can't use the build a castle function, not work around to fix this? I really wanted to use native recruitment and put the Turkish horse archers in a castle in Sweden but this bug has ruined my plans. I see in the cheat menu there's a "make player castle by England" is this feature usable or a solution?

I've really enjoyed the enhancements.


Hello everyone. I was searching for solution with this, but i coudn`t find anything, so i decided to write here. My problem is simple, my faction can`t hire any commanders from other factions, when i`m vassal in faction. It`s really difficult to have fun, when your faction at the beginning has around 15 commanders, and later you still have 15, but other countries 25-30. As I said before, it happens only when i`m vassal. When I`m not, everything is fine. I`ll post a screen from logs/chat and i`m assuming that when someone want to join my faction, then appears this on te screenshot. Apologies if there was a subject about this, if there is just tell me and i`ll delete this. Thanks.


This mod is great but main issue is AI marshal (defender side) only waiting or patrolling around the besieged castle when enemy army assault in castle. After enemy are capturing the castle, defenders are attacking enemy parties whose spread around , defenders are slaughtering or has been massacred. I didn't see that AI made a successful defense. Is this situation normal ? (I don't know maybe this situation only is happening in my game I don't see other modules either)

Situation is not change while both army is same amount and attackers are less than defenders. I think defender can be more agressive or be less stupid. I tested this mod in 1.174 and 3.3 hotfix6 patch.


Love this mod. However I think there's a bug with Crusader States. When I start as Royal Heir or Vassal, there is no option in "Manage Castle, Town" to change Fief Culture. With Monarch start, the option is there. I've tried a few other factions and seems like Crusader States is the only one with the issue. Cheers ~
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