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Ways to Streamline the UI

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1) Add a tab to the inventory for party gear and supplies so that we can keep it separate from vendor trash and trade goods. Big QoL improvement.

2) Add a "Food" tab so that keeping up a varied diet is less of a clicky pain in the ass. Within the Food tab let us specify how much of each kind of food we want to keep in stock, and add a "Top off food" button that just buys enough of everything to get us to that number. If we buy more than the specified amount it goes into the general inventory as a trade good.

30 Add a "Horses" tab to the inventory, divide it into Pack, Rideable, and War Horse sections and give us a tally of each so we're not constantly adding them up.

4) Let us collapse our party lists into troop types so that the list doesn't stretch forever and get hard to read. A "Ready to Promote" tab would be great too.

5) Let us buy wood and iron from the smithy (if they're available in town). Also, a sort by price tab in the smithy would be great.

6) I like how if you have a sword and you mouse over a new sword it will compare the two. Why doesn't the same thing happen if you have a sword and you mouse over an axe? It should,

7) Can we get a pop up box that lets us decide if we want to go into battle with or without a horse? I'm always forgetting to grab my horse when I'm training Athletics, and it's tough to direct a battle without the mobility of a horse.

Ah, there's a thread with suggestion guidelines here: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/suggestion-guidelines.402125/

It's a bit more work, but 1 idea per thread and a concise title might help.

Also, sadly you're never guaranteed feedback or massive interest in the threads opened, especially when it comes to UI stuff. It's just a matter of trying and trying again in the hope that something comes out of it. That being said, emrozdemir has been fairly active as of late (big props for that, btw., improving the UI/UX is the most dear to my heart), and I wouldn't put it past them to actually read and consider most of what we write here.

And usually most sensible ideas will be posted again and again by several people until it sticks.
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