Wasted Spear Length/ holding spears wrong

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I'd love a change grip button, and for more than just spears going from short form to long form (which btw is the technical term for everything you guys have been debating, and both are valid based on situation. Though I agree with Icarus in that this game is NOMINALLY at least about group tactics and not 1-on-1 dueling, and the formations in general need to be improved cough spear wall cough)

A change grip button would allow us to do so much more than that:

Swap bastard swords and other either-or weapons from 1-handedmode to 2-handedeven if a shield is on your back

Use throwing weapons as melee weapons

Use two-handed swords in half-sword grip - or better yet mortschlag grip

Use a shield as a primary melee weapon

Desperation melee attacks with a crossbow or bow

The possibilities are endless
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