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Was fascism really that bad? [amontadillo's fascistic hideout]

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Pharaoh X Llandy said:
I'll have the usual betting pool open within the next couple of hours, standard odds on how long it'll take him to create a dupe, where he'll make his first complaint post, and how long it takes him to get re-banned.
Not long, that's for sure. The incessant need to have the last word and the utter inability for any kind of self-reflection or even awareness are strong arguments for that. Oh and the massive chip on his shoulder and the persecution complex. Classic case - remember falkner92 and ealabor?





Epicrules said:
If your mind equates "German" with "Nazi" or "fascist" you need to rethink some things.
Germany = Country, Nazism = Ideology, German = A person from Germany, Facsist = a Douchebag ( By democratical people )
Gylve said:
As for Comrade, sorry m8, this was promising but it's not worth it. If you want to talk about this, we'll have to do it somewhere else. Obviously this place is quite limited for someone who doesn't have the same views as the Admins, so it's not worth it.
Also, m8, you're Canadian. You're a nice guy, but let's be quite honest here and put it as it is: you've only seen Communism on books and Cuba. You didn't see its effects directly, neither in first-hand or second-hand. I understand that your views won't shift, but we've got to make it a crucial point. We're currently living in something a Communist could only describe as a Lumpenproletariat, so ther's that too.


I worked and lived in Cuba for 3 months. I've been to other nations in Latin America as well, a few of them (Like Columbia which I went to for volunteer group reasons, albeit I was at briefly, guess what? Had fascist and far right militaristic political groups who made their respective regions fairly miserable.)

And I can say from having been in different parts of Canada and America and having worked in the oil industry in my province for a number of years, I can say that I do not like Capitalism, I have completely legitimate reason not to. And for you to be entitled to knowing fascism is far worse then you stating I don't know communism, quite on the contrary I've seen socialist systems in practice, I've seen how various groups have worked and I am educated in history enough to know what im talking about. Sure I may not be professed in certain, particular subjects and periods of history but I'd like to consider myself an educated individual. And from what I've seen the system can and indeed does work.

As for yourself, you claimed you came from Eastern Europe, but live as a Norwegian citizen... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you and be respectable enough on that front. Even so, you are using one example of socialism, autocratic socialism at that, and you are preferring a system you've never seen. I HAVE seen socialism in practice. I have seen capitalism, in practice. I've never seen a fascist regime personally other then forementioned political groups in various countries, and from what I've seen of them they are notorious for bullying and intimidating people while placing problems on minority groups. I even seen this with fascist groups in Canada.

As for why you were banned-

3 reasons.

1. You are rude as hell man. You insult people left and right, insulting their intelligence, their background and their beliefs. And lots of the time it wasn't even warranted bud; some folks were just asking you to support your argument. Of which you never did, and you avoided explaining your point of view. You also avoided answering my questions which I CLEARLY laid out for you. You insult me in the instance that you ignore my questions and then presume to belittle my knowledge stating I more or less don't know ****.

2. Take it or leave it fascism is a sort of fight fire with fire ideology- you either suppress it or be suppressed by it. You want to support an ideal that is more or less about the entire extermination of other ideas and identities outside of the established national norm? Then you should be prepared to defend yourself against the ideals and identities you wish to destroy, its common sense. Its why Communism has obviously had a hard time springing up in predominantly capitalist societies because said capitalist influences have taken measures to curb socialist expansion and influence, and because socialism/communism's endgoal is more or less the destruction of capitalism/corporatism.

3. While this is a subjective assumption, I honestly just think you were intentionally trolling and behaving rudely to piss people off and to goat them for your own pleasure. You were intentionally being a **** and its hard to deny that.

Whether or not that perma ban is truly permanent, if you come back to read this you'll know my last words with you. And no you don't seem like a very nice person to have  conversation with so I'll have to refuse that offer.

Pretty sure fascism was bad. It served only a select group of people, and was a pretty ruthless style of government. I have a grandma that grew up during Mussolini's fascist era, although she doesn't complain too much about him. (Hehe my nonna is a bit coocoo)

I prefer sweet sweet democracy over tyranny, idk about you but I'm just saying.  :wink:
In this day and age where those who remember the atrocities become fewer each day, the malevolent seeds of evil that is Fascism still linger and spread among the younger generations ridden with frustration and despair from the waning economy and increasing social injustices.

Fascism, having learned its lessons through the results of its extremism, nowadays seeks to reinvent itself as a reasonable alternative to contemporary modes of politics, and aims to be seen as something "respectable" - which, makes me puke and sick to the core.

It is often difficult to exactly define what "Fascism" is. Many right-wing pro-capitalists seek to paint it as a brand of totalitarianism akin to those of the "Real Socialism" as envisioned and spread through the world through Stalinism. Left-wing pro-socialists would identify it as an abomination borne of capitalism, based on its extreme hatred and prejudice towards socialist/leftist ideals. One thing for certain is that it is something that has been tested in this world, and then tried and found guilty by BOTH the contemporary right and the left, and having seen the world of misery it has wrought to this world, it is not too difficult to see why.


At the core, I define Fascism as an extreme form of anti-individualism and totalitarianism which idolizes the notion of a "total state" where all manner of people are united through mindless fervor, basically becoming brainwashed zealots to a religion which worships the ideals of "unity through adversity". The people, the society identifies itself as one only through the realization/acknowledgement that there are ENEMIES of the society in existence.

Through their shared hatred and malice, and through experience of extreme violence and prejudice performed towards those identified as ENEMIES, they feel safe, content, brotherhood, and comradery. Their feeling of purpose and meaning is satisfied through active punishments and reprimandation of those who would danger their society, and any unique, individual traits are simply perversion that would disrupt the cohesion of the masses.

In this aspect it is not too difficult to see why the Fascists obssess over anything militaristic, the chauvinistic emphasis towards "strength" in both physical and the mental, and extreme hatred towards "understanding" and "tolerance" towards those that are different from themselves. In an age where so many people are frustrated, despaired, and feel unimportant, abstract, macho-concept of patriotism, united goals, order, etc etc.. that seems to 'uplift' their existence and grant meaning seems like salvation.

At the heart of this sick, perversion of human mind, is a systematic repetition which brainwashes people in a way very similar to faux-religious scams. Actually, one can probably describe Fascism as a system of pseudo-religious brainwashing that stimulates one's need for identity and purpose by manipulating the followers into setting up scapegoats and unleashing their inner hatred, stress, frustrations on them, preferrably with extreme violence. This catharsistic feedback-loop of repeated violence, blames, deconstruction of individual identity, and finally identifying the self as only a part of a larger collective, is what makes Fascism an abomination.


As mentioned above, Fascists nowadays have learned the lessons of the results of extremism. When you hit people with a stick, and when you do it too hard, in the end they fight back, and they fight back hard. The 'respected' variety of modern Fascism basically seeks to curb the hatred and violence exacted towards those identified as "enemies" to a more manageable level. 80 years ago, it was OK to lynch a Jew or a Commie to death on the streets. Obviously something like that is no longer tolerated in any part of the civilized world. So instead of using one-dimensional, physical violence, go through a more sophisticated means to discredit and disgrace those who are different. Paint them as degenerate cancer of the society in a less threatening manner.

Carefully poke the everyday hardships of the common folk by reminding them of the economic recession, and then, in a more careful and gentle manner, elegantly point out Who is to blame, and then leave it to the masses to decide their own range of hatred and violence to avoid accussations of extremism. There you have it. The "modern" Fascism.

Sick, twisted feks and abominations of human society.

It is the sworn duty of every person living within a democratic society that has a living conscience, to repel and resist, and drive out those twisted feks in the name of everything they hold dear and holy, whether they be a capitalist, socialist, communist, anarchist, or what-ever-you-like-to-call-yourself. Political ideals may differ, and at times even the most alien and strange concepts may be allowed to live and breathe in a democracy that respects variety.

But Fascism, is something that cannot be tolerated - as tolerance to those who are intolerant simply constitutes a legitimate suicide of democracy. The fight against Fascism, is the only case within a democratic system that the conditions of "self defense" are fully met. We saw what inaction did 80 years ago. Those who have learned this through history, as a consequence, have a duty to stand up to it and say go fek yourself.

That's what I think of Fascism. "To hell with it", and "Never again".

Socialist, fascist, capitalist, any type of government that tells its citizens 'Hey, guess what, you can't have this opinion' is ****ed-up, if you ask me.

And I even defended supporters of ISIS with that statement so I suppose I'm a bit radical with it.
There is a difference between having an opinion, even expressing an opinion, and enforcing it on the rest of your society.
The former is what we would like to think we can all have, the latter is what so many of us fear.
The middle option is a grey area. For some people, it is intimidating to hear opinions expressed, for others, it is reassuring to hear them precisely because it conforms that variations of opinion are allowed.
I suppose that the right to freely express your opinion is necessary in order to be free to have an opinion. If I could never state my opinion anywhere, how can anyone argue that I am free to have that opinion?
Haha, George Orwell would recognise the iPhone, that's for sure. An international network that not only tracks citizens locations, but can be activated to take photos, sound recordings, and videos of them pretty much at any time....
Amman de Stazia said:
Haha, George Orwell would recognise the iPhone, that's for sure. An international network that not only tracks citizens locations, but can be activated to take photos, sound recordings, and videos of them pretty much at any time....

It's just a question of whether it's done.
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