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one bug/irritation that i have seen. And yes i know its mentioned in the first post. But some of the special merchants don't seem to appear.

I'm speaking of the '... the merchant' ones. Some are always there, like the skaven, i've never not seen him. But others never seem to appear. I don't think i've ever seen the orc one, and others like the bretonion are sometimes there and othertimes not. Its quite irritating when i've saved up the cash to buy myself/a companion something neat and they aren't there.

Also with the same merchants, their inventry is completely messed up. It has huge gaps and random slots without stuff, there doesn't also seem to be the usual price sorting that most merchants have.
The Orc merchant always seems to be behind the bar in Skabbad in my game. Some tend to disappear but they do come back or at least they always have in my game.

The inventory is just like that, there are more black sqaure slots than there are actual slots in the inventory section in the troops.py and they are a bit random as you say. They don't seem to go in price order but neither do the books iirc and that is the system used.
Hate to sound like a complete retard but i downloaded the first patch and i have no idea about which files im supposed to overwrite/folder to save in. :oops:

BTW: This mod=bad ass :cool:
Nameless Warrior said:
:lol: That's my favourite bug and it has been fixed for the next release

Awww. Goodbye my dear friends, hopefully we will meet again.  :cry:

*Downloads the troopeditor to fix the fix*
He was in Kraka Ungrim, Ive also met some of the invisible claimants, which brings up the question, who has higher claim to the Imperial throne than Karl Franz, well they ARE all "equal" the Elector Counts, bad example, what about P-K Finubar? Im really looking forward to seeing what stories you come up with.  :grin:  P.S. Ogre companion:
today i got utterly sick of watching gotrek run around with that horrible axe. So i decided to make his axe for him.


i was thinking about a way to get it in game without the steal option. I was thinking that since gotrek is pretty strong (lol) that you could give it a strength requirement of 40 or something. I'd love to see him running around with this axe!
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