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Test version  http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=3465
the password is vista
Recomended setup for windows XP, Vista and win 7 32bit and 64 bit versions
Clean install of Mount and Blade version 1.011 enhanced-version
this version greatly improves the game

download locations listed below for Mount and Blade version 1.011 enhanced-version


Recruitment in the start of the game is unchanged; you still have the option to buy faction peasants.
This changes once you create your own Kingdom
Once  your own kingdom is formed,  you can still recruit the other factions’ peasants, but not your own, after building a manor and mercenary camp you recruit your own faction troops and mercenaries.

List of Buildings along with their function

Map Recruitment Buildings
Troops from these buildings can only be hired once a week, also no matter what faction you’re playing all these troops can be hired.

Grail Chapel
The Bretonnian Kingdom is in a very weak position on the map and should be easy to attack by the player.
The Bretonnian Kingdom is based on the medieval feudal system, here lies its biggest weakness and strengths, a strong Knight force with weak infantry, and you must build quickly your Knight chapter and train powerful Knights to stand any chance against the kingdoms that surround you
The Grail Knights are revered as living saints, and their exploits recounted across Bretonnia. They are devastatingly powerful, touched by the power of the Lady of the Lake.
The hiring of Grail Knights takes place here, 

The Empire of Sigmar is large and powerful, comprises a good mix of old armor plate Knights and new black powder troops, as the largest population which shows in the amount of towns and villages it has, of course you will need a strong force to overcome this kingdom, a good challenge for the player.
Knights of the Blazing Sun
The Knightly Orders of the Empire are heroic brotherhoods of armored warriors
You can hire Knights of the Blazing sun with this building.

Cathedral of the Dammed
The Chaos are like the Dark Elves, There have a strong position on the map.
Have very strong infantry and mounted troops with weak skirmisher troops.
A good choice for the player.
Hire Undivided warriors here to add to your Warsword Chaos army.

Vampire Tomb
The Vampire Lords or Undead are in a weak position on the map, surrounded by many kingdoms,
Can you as the player take on this challenge and raise the undead army and conquer the rest of the Old world map.
In the dark lair of the Vampire lords sleep the Blood Knights, enter the Vampire tomb and raise these powerful dead knights.
Skeleton warriors can be raised from their graves at the mausoleum

Ring of Stones
The Wood elves are in a very strong position on the map, good mix of troops with both a strong archer and mounted troop choice.
The Wood elves have a secret ring of stones that has a powerful Pink stone, the shadow sentinels
Gather here, take your chance and hire these powerful warriors

Church of Sigmar
The church of sigmar is independent of the Empire, You can’t play as a witch hunter, but
The infamous witch hunters study here, waiting for a chance to serve the Empire, visit here to hire these battle hardened troops.

The Orcz are in a reasonable position on the map, not surrounded on all sides, Have good mix of infantry and mounted boar warriors which make a good army
Black Orcz can be found fighting duels, if you’ve got the guts and the gold you can try and hire these green skin warriors.

Infested Caves
Enter these caves to hire Ratogre, and Night runners from the Shaven horde.
The Skaven are in a weak position on the map, spread out across the whole Old world map, not easily defended, weak infantry and no mounted troops, some black powder troops, this kingdom is a  challenge for the player

Temple of Hexoatl
Visit the Temple of Hexoatl to hire Spawning Champions from the Kingdom of Lustria
The Lizardmen of Lustria have a good position on the map, with a strong mix of infantry and mounted troops.

Dark Elves Tower
The Kingdom of the Dark Elves offer Blackguards and Coldone Knights, The Dark Elves are one of the most powerful kingdoms, Strong  position on the map joined with a powerful mix of  infantry, archers and mounted troops, a wise choice for the player to play as, but a very hard opponent.

High Elves Tower
The High Elves Tower is where the Silver Helms gather, you can hire these powerful warriors here to add to your army.
The High Elves position on the map is not as strong as the Dark Elves, but are as strong in the mix of troops, with a strong archer range of troops

The outposts of the Empire guard the river crossings, Looked upon as one of the lesser duties of the soldiers of the Empire, usually only low disciplined troops serve here, but always up for hire to a passing lord or warrior.
They are four outposts, Hermdorf, Wittenhausen, Carroburg, and Ostrody

Village Inns
The levy troops of Bretonnia need a place to drink and womanize, the village inn is the place to find these off duty soldiers, who are always looking for escape from there lords to seek gold, visit these inns if you want hire cheap, but plentiful troops.
There are three village inns on the map Yremy, Nez and Gransette

Chaos Monolith
The men of the north are natural fighters, born into hardship and brought up in a world where only the strong prosper. Every man is expected to be a tough and capable warrior, independent and fierce. Chaos Marauders fight with heavy axe, blade or flail,
There are three Monoliths Uts, Heimseter and Hergig.

Undead mausoleum
Villages always bury there dead, this gave the Vampire Lords an easy victory since there had unlimited troops to serve them, visit here to raise the soldiers of the undead
There are three mausoleums, Nachthafen, Hundham and Eisigfurt.

Woodelf Tree
The Woodelfs train their troops not in a barracks but in the Trees,
Visit these Trees to hire woodelf forest guard.
There are three Trees, Eindol, Doraels and Glade of Moonlight.

Bugmans Ale House
The Dwarfs like a good ale, the best is Bugmans, the Dwarf ironbreakers like it even more
Visit here to hire them, but wait best ask them when they’ve downed a lot of Bugmans.

Dwarf Mines
The Dwarfs will dig forever looking for gold, The Dwarf lands have holes every where with dwarf miners looking for that yellow metal, not all find it, visit these mines to see if you can hire miners
There are three well know mines, Karak a Gnoll, Garaz and Angazhar.

Off Map Buildings
Each faction, this includes the Mercenary faction has its own buildings which can be built when the player captures a town or castle and their villages, to create their own Kingdom
These buildings produce troops and bonuses,

The Mercenary faction consists of mercenary troops with ogres; the ogres are a giant like monster.
To be a Mercenary you need to choose the male or female character at the start of the game menus
The buildings available to the player are
Ruins, The Ogres travel across the old world telling tales of their exploits, Taking the advantage of  ruins, castles and towns destroyed in years passed, The Ogres set up camp.
At these camps you can recruit the three types of ogre in Warsword Baptism.
Not forgetting the hidden loot that’s hidden in the Map recruitment buildings,

Village: Mercenary camp, when you build this building it produces Mercenary Militia
To garrison these troops you will need a manor built first this gives the option to take and give troops to the village garrison.
Towns and Castles
Blacksmith and outlaws den needed to produce Bearman of Urslo.
Artillator and outlaws hideout needed to produce Braganzas Besieger.
Swordsmith and Cailleachan are needed to produce witch hag.
Armourer and chapel of the fallen knights are needed to produce Muktars Desert Dogs.
Tax Office more taxes paid
University more taxes and relation bonus
Castle only
Maw-Pit and Armourer are needed to produce Mercenary Ogres.

Empire of Sigmar
Player to choose “Student of Sigmar”
Shrine to Sigmar relation bonus
Church of Sigmar relation bonus
Monastery of Sigmar relation bonus
Towns and castles
Empire of Sigmar barracks + blacksmith to produce Empire swordsman
Butts + Artillator to produce Empire Marksman
Stables + Swordsmith to produce Empire Pistoliers
Chapter House + Armourer to produce empire initiate knights
Towns only
Emperor’s hospital relation bonus to the town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus

Player to choose “Dark Elves”, you can also play as a “witch Elf”, with the Dark Elves faction.
The Tower of Doom produces relation bonus.
Tower of Cold produces relation bonus
Har Ganeth produces a relation bonus
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith, to produce Darkelf warriors.
Butts + Artillator to produce Darkelf Crossbowmen.
Heralds of Naggaroth + Swordsmith to produce Dark Riders.
Caves beneath the Blackspine Mountains + Armourer to produce Coldone Knights.
Towns only
Dark tower of Malekith relation bonus to the town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus

Player to choose “Orc”
ALTER OF GORK gives relation bonus.
BANNER OF GRIMGOR IRONHIDE gives relation bonus.
Waaagh! Of Magic gives relation bonus.
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith, to produce Orc warriors.
Butts + Artillator to produce Orc Arrer Boyz.
Z-Teah-Bae-Haeez + Swordsmith produce Orc Boar Arrerz.
Boar Pen + Armourer produce orc veteran boarz.
Towns only.
Magic pool of BIG WAAAGH! Gives a relation bonus. To the town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus

Player to choose “Chaos”
Shrine to Be'lakor, the Dark Master. Gives relation bonus.
Storm of Chaos to Archaon Lord of End Times. Gives relation bonus.
Monolith for Vardek Crom. Gives relation bonus.
Towns and castles
Chaos gods for power + blacksmith to produce Chaos Marauders.
A Lost Legion + Artillator to produce Marauder Skirmishers.
Tribesmen from the wastes + Swordsmith to produce Mounted Marauder Skirmishers.
Cathedral of the Forgotten + Armourer to produce Undivided Chaos Warriors.
Towns only.
Observatory to the Old Ones. Gives a relation bonus to the town
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

Player to choose. “Skaven”.
Infested pits. Gives relation bonus. To village
Plague pit. Gives relation bonus. To village
Hell Pit Abomination. Gives relation bonus. To village
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith produce Veteran Clan Rats.
Target Range + Artillator produce Skryre Jezzail.
Subterranean lair + Swordsmith produce Fang Vermin.
Warlock Infested Caves + Armourer produce warlock engineers.
Town only.
Horned One relation bonus to the town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

Wood Elves
Player to choose “Wood Elves”.
Forrest. Gives relation bonus to village.
Enchanted forest. Gives relation bonus to village.
Tree to Drycha. Gives relation bonus to village.
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith produce woodelf forest guard.
Butts + Artillator produce woodelf scouts.
Forest Glade + Swordsmith produce woodelf glade riders.
Alter to the Forest Spirits + Armourer produce woodelf horsemasters.
Towns only.
Tree to Scarloc gives relation bonus to town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

Player to choose “Dwarf”.
Mine gives relation bonus to village.
Alter to Grimnir the Fearless gives relation bonus to village.
Runesmith gives relation bonus to village.
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith produce Dwarf warriors.
Targets + Artillator produce Dwarf quarrellers.
Veteran Ale House + Swordsmith produce Dwarf veteran warriors.
Library to house the Great Book of Grudges + Armourer produce Dwarf longbeard.
Brewery gives a relation bonus to the town
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

High Elves
Player to choose “High Elves”.
Shrine to Ulthuan gives relation bonus to village.
Shrine to Cadai gives relation bonus to village.
White Tower gives relation bonus to village.
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith produce High elves veteran.
Butts + Artillator produce High elves archers.
Prince Tyrion Stables + Swordsmith produce High elves horsemen.
Tower of Diplomacy and war + Armourer produce High elves elite horsemen.
Eltharion tower gives relation bonus to town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

Player to choose “Sibling of a Bretonnian Lord”.
Shrine to the Green Knight gives relation bonus to village.
Church to Gilles Le Breton gives relation bonus to village.
Monastery to the Lady of the Lake gives relation bonus to village.
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith produce Bretonnian man at arms.
Butts + Artillator produce Bretonnian longbow men.
Yeomanry Stables + Swordsmith produce Bretonnian yeomen.
Knights Chapter + Armourer produce Bretonnian Knight Errants.
Royal Infirmary gives relation bonus to town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

Lustria Invasion Force
Player to choose “Saurus”.
Shrine gives relation bonus to village.
Kroxigor gives relation bonus to village.
Temple of the Serpent God Sotek gives relation bonus to village.
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith produce Saurus veteran warriors.
Targets + Artillator produce Saurus stalkers.
Spawning nest + Swordsmith produce Spawning champions.
Predator training ground + Armourer produce Saurus predators.
Statute to Kroq-Gar gives relation bonus to town.
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

Sylvania undead Vampire lords
Player to choose “Vampire”.
Flail of Skulls
Monastery of High Queen Khalida
Towns and castles
Barracks + blacksmith produce grave guards
Shrine to the Goddess Asaph + Artillator produce skeleton sharpshooter.
Tomb pits of the King's Necropolis + Swordsmith produce skeleton horsemen.
Crypt + Armourer produce Black knights.
Large Cemetery gives a relation bonus to the town
Tax Office produces more tax
University produces a relation and tax bonus.

Village Parties
Village Parties are your faction, I.e. If you’re playing as an Orc your village parties will be Orcs
The code for this isn’t complete, since it was added late, (thanks to somebody) for help on this code.
When you take over a town or castle with no homage to a Kingdom, you will be granted a Banner and homage with your kingdom been named after you,
This is when you choose to be a discredited lord or not in the Character menus.
In testing it was noted that even when you’ve taken over a Village, your still offered the oringal factions peasants, along with the troops you’ve built buildings for, however these troops are your faction
When you attack other faction village parties, you will not have a relation hit against you.
If you wish to stay clear of open War with a faction you can attack
1 Village Parties
2 Patrols (faction)
If you wish to start a War, You attack
1 Merchant caravans
2 Prisoner trains
3 Faction Lords

Merchant Caravans
Your Merchant caravans led by faction troops, the in scene talk will be with one of the factions troops
The loot from merchant caravans as been increased, this makes them a target early on since you can earn a lot of gold coin.
The draw back is your declaring war against that faction.

Prisoner Trains
As with merchant caravans, an attack on Prisoner trains will be a declaration of war
The amount of loot as been increase.

Faction Patrols
Faction patrols patrol around your towns and castles, when you take a town or castle the patrols act as unhappy locals and attack you
Loot is poor from patrols.

Hidden Chests
There are a number of hidden chests (loot) in buildings on the map, each chest gives you weapons, armor and in some cases food from the Factions kingdom you’re in.

Spawn Parties
These have been increased in number and amount of troops in each one.

New Items
Bretonnian Mounts with Lods (note lord mounts of Bretonnian are not merchandise
The knights of Bretonnian have new Tab armors
The undead of the Barf pack for skeletons
Black knight of doom armor
Black Knight of carnage armor
Black knight Vampire armor
Black Knight helm
New Ogre items
Armor, Banner, shield
New Player Banners different to the Warsword Lords
Many new map icons
New Village scenes
New faction with Castles and towns also Map buildings.

The game will always work better with a clean install
Always remember to copy the oringal Data folder and replace with the Warsword Data folder
The data folder is in the M & B directory.
But if you have a stable games running try using this,

The Game Engine for Mount and Blade had only 4 main factions with a limited troop tree, and Looters, Norse troops. Even with this small amount of items the game had some Bugs.
Therefore please remember when things go a miss in Warsword “Baptism”, the Game engine has to handle 12 Factions with a very large troop tree, many added map icons and special recruitment buildings each with their own Dialog, Menus, etc

To install new races and make them killable

This is a mod for the original Mount & Blade "ONLY"

To get the special races working properly you have to do the following

open program files and then Mount&Blade folder.

Move The Original folder called "data" in Program Files\Mount&Blade to somewhere safe DO NOT detele as you will not be able to play other Mods or native.

Move the folder in Mount&Blade\Modules\warsword called "data" to Program Files\Mount&Blade .

PLAY and Enjoy

You will have to change the data folders over again to play other mods or native .

Warsword is a mod based on Warhammer fantasy battles game by Games Workshop.
This is total conversion of the original Mount & Blade , and it will not work on Warbands.

Welcome to the warsword mod, a mod based around the world of warhammer and set in the Old World. In this mod you can join and conquer with one of 11 factions or even start your own kingdom and go on to conquer the Old World as King.

This mod has many different aspects to native M&B and we hope will be enjoyed by warhammer fans and newcomers to the genre.Whilst this is not by any means the hardest mod out there, newcomers to the game Mount and Blade may find it difficult going, especially at the start. We would advise playing through a game or two of native mount and blade first to get used to how the game works.

The team would like to point out that this mod is not 100% faithful to warhammer lore nor did we set out for it to be. The M&B engine, limitations, balance, time and also own ideas meant that some things do not transmit from the real game and lore 1:1.


War rages in the Old World, this is no time for peace and no time for diplomacy. The forces of Chaos are descending from the north, displacing the race of Norseman and scattering them across the Old World, a once proud nation now living as bandits and brigands.

Another power rises from the South, in the lands of Lustria, the ancient race of Lizardmen who seeing the Chaos threat and dismayed at the failure of the rest of the Old World to contain it, take it upon themselves to fight back and force them back into the darkness from whence they came.So used to staying safe in their own lands the lizardman form their invasion force to counter invade the vast Chaos armies and do what the other races could not.

The other factions are too busy involved in their other wars to see the threat of the north in the same way as the Lizardman despite some fighting them also. It is a dark time for the inhabitants of the Old World and as a player you will not hard pressed to find a cause to fight for.

Here are some of the features you can look forward to warsword release 2

11 factions each with their own armours, items and lords
The ability to become a player character of every faction race in the game
All new character creation options which affect your starting stats and equipment accordingly
24 brand new companions each with their own tale (some from the warhammer world, some created for the mod)
Massive Warhammer based battle
Revamped tournaments with special tournament characters and teams. Inc keep your own armour.
All new bandits
All new mercenaries
Faction patrols and prisoner trains
Permanent wars between factions
Each town, village, castle has population of correct faction
Special character Kings and Lords have magical weapons and armour giving powerful bonuses
The player has the chance to obtain magical weapons and armour for themselves

Below is a reference centre for information on the mod. We will not reveal too much but below is some info which it might be worth reading, especially about the special lords.

The factions
The Empire:

A vast land ruled by the Emporer Karl Franz. Their armies are well armoured and full of advanced weaponary in the form of handguns and pistols. Their knights are tough and their pistoliers bring death at a breakneck speed.


The hordelands from the north which release devastation on the Old World. The armies of Chaos consist of 4 minor factions of Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Undivided. Supported by hordes of marauders the Chaos Warriors, Knights and Chosen Ones are devastating on the battlefield an alarming prospect for every commander who comes up against them.


The Bretonnians are the the horsemasters and have armies full of gallant and courageous knights. At the head of their armies are the mighty Grail Knights with their awe inspiring will and long lances which deliver instant death to most who are unfortunate enough to get struck by them.

Orc Kingdom:

The Orcs are a big and brutal race of strong and tough fighters who arguably love fighting more than any othe race. Although their boar riders pack a real punch their real strength comes from the heavily armoured and powerful Black Orc Infantry who will stand toe to toe with any foe in the old world and fancy themselves to come off the better.


This naturally tough race have an array of unique weapons and their knights ride on Cold Ones just like the Dark Elves. Once an army finds themselves surrounded by the forces of Lustria it is almost certain death as their Revered Guardians and Scar Veterans are some of the toughest infantry in the game and their riders are comparable to the great champions of Chaos.

High Elves:

An old but fading race who are highly skilled with weapons and fight in ranks of strong and glistening armour. Their finest troop are the deadly dragon Princes who are often the last troops standing in close battle and they have some of the most powerful Lords in the game.

Wood Elves:

Led by the powerful King Orion the Wood Elves are the finest archers and the fastest horse riders in the game. Fast, deadly and very defensive of their home. Although lightly armoured compared to other armies and some troops like the wardancer only have magic tattoos to protect them, the Wood Elves usually don't allow their armies that close and when they do if their opponents are not fast enough they will be cut down in a tornado of blades.

Dark Elves:

The Dark Elves are defined by their powerful weapons and relentless attitude to battle. Their Royal Coldones are rarely brought down and their top tier troops have many ways to execute their enemies quickly and are led by the deadly Dark Elf Assassins. Their armies are supported by their ranks of crossbowmen who unleash storms of piercing bolts on their enemies.


Although they lack mounted troops the Dwarves make up for it in sheer power and craft. Led by the most powerful Lords in the game and backed up by fierce slayers and powerful weapons such as muskets and blunderbusses they take pleasure in dismantling the mounted troops which race towards them. Tough shields and powerful axes make the Dwarves one of teh most resilient and effective armies in the Old World.


These foul rats are more like an infestation on the Old World than a Kingdom. Their faction does not dwell in one area like the others but is scattered all over the Old World wherever they managed to spawn their castles and towns. Fast and deadly they bring a quick death to their enemies and boast an array of crazy weaponary as well as the infamous assassin and ratogre troops.


The Vampire Count army led by the Vampire Lord Mannfred Von Carstein is an army of the undead legions of the Old World. Their Blood Knights descend upon their enemies on deadly nightmares and their infantry contains Wight Kings and Grim Reapers who endlessly bring more souls to join them in the underworld. Although small in size, this kingdom is powerful and only a brave faction would try and take it.

On the battlefield
The battles are hectic in warsword and there is a bit more to think about than native mount and blade. First of all are the firearm weapons are in the game.
They are powerful and will usually one hit kill a troop but the reload speed is really slow providing a window of opportunity.
The armies who make use of firearms are the Empire, Skaven and Dwarfs.
Taking a note of how many firearm troops you are up against and considering your tactics can pay off while you are learning the mod.

The other thing you need to consider when fighting a faction lord is who you are up against. Lords are really tough troops as it is compared to normal troops.
They have a big strength bonus to represent the 3 wounds they have compared to 1 a normal troop has and any ward saves the lords have a represented in a further strength boost. Needless to say lords are the crack troop in your opponents army.

However some Lords have more than just their extra strength to protect them.
Some have special armours and weapons which turn them into one man killing machines. The next section will say who they are and what they have.
It is worth taking note especially when you start out as taking on Ungrim Ironfist when you are low level and with a mediocre army is a death sentence 

So pick your opponents carefully and consider your tactics carefully, is it better to leave your troops to deal with the special lord or will you take them on yourself to spare your troops the onslaught?

Lords with special weapons and armour
These are the lords with special items and what they are. An item with a star next to it is especially potent.
There items are not lootbale or purchasable but you can get your own special items as explained in the next section.

King Orion: The Talon bow which fires arrows nearly as powerful as a seige crossbow
                  The Spear of Kurnous: Super sharp pointy spear of death
                  He also has 6 wounds and a further strength boost but he is lightly armoured compared to other lords

Karl Franz: Ghal Maraz: Devastating 2h warhammer*

Thorgrim Grudgebearer: Axe of Grimnir: 2handed axe

Archaon: Armour of Morkor*
              He also has a massive strength bonus

King Malekith: Massive strength bonus from his armour of midnight

Grey Seer Thanquol: Given a special armour to differentiate him from his troops
                                He also has a big strength bonus

Grimgor Ironhide: Blood Forged armour *

Kurt Hellborg: Solland Runefang

Ludwig Schwarzhelm: Sword of Justice: Really fast 2 handed sword

Sorceress Morathi: Heart Render Lance

Crone Hellebron: Deathsword

Lord Fellheart: Red blades (which are not red due to item limit issue): really fast 2 handed sword

Gorbad Ironclaw: Morgler the Mangler: really fast axe

Deathmaster Snikch: Weeping blade

Ungrim Ironfist: Axe of Dargo*

Thorek Ironbrow: Rune Armour of Gromil*
                                      Klad Barak: powerful 2 handed warhammer

King Kazador: Hammer of Karak Azul*

Prnce Tyrion: Dragon armour of Tyrion*
                            He also has a big strength bonus

Eltharion: Helm of Yvresse

Korhil: Pelt of Chanandis

Caradryn: Phoenix blade: Powerful Elven pike

How to get special items:
If you would like to be like the above characters and equip yourself with special weapons and armour then you need to find the Wizard Markas the Wise and purchase them from him when you are capable.
Markas will sell to you freely when you are level 15 or above but if you wish to get your hands on one then there is a way you can do it.
Every time you win a tournament you receive a winner’s medal and if you bring him 5 winner’s medals then you are allowed to buy from him once and then you will need another 5 or be level 15.
Bear in mind how much money you have if you are going in 5 medals.
You don’t want to waste the medals by not having enough
If you have no trade skill then you will need this kind of ballpark:

If you want armour and you are human size then you will need at least 50000
If you want armour and you are a skaven you will need at least 50000
If you want armour and you are a dwarf you will need at least 80000
If you want armour and you are an orc you will need at least 60000
Lower level special weapons cost 7000 – 20000
Higher level special weapons cost 20000 – 60000

Tournaments in warsword have different teams and characters than native and you get to use the armour you use in battle in them.
They are also harder than native especially if a lord joins in, even more so if a special lord with tough armour or high strength joins.
There are 5 new tournament characters in the mod who make frequent appearences

1)  Ulwaen: A charismatic Wood Elf ranger captain.
2)  Sir Rupert of Moussilon:  An arrogant knight who fights for his own pride.
3)  Fallrak Trollcrusher: An aged slayer who is having a break from searching for his death.
4)  Herterich Heidmann: A Witch Hunter who has realised that tournaments are more lucrative than manhunting.
5)  Xarng-arbr Kneechoppa: An Orc Warboss with a relentless attitude

There are also 6 tournament teams who fight it out for ultimate glory

The Pitfighters:
These guys are the rejects from the illegal pitfights who got banished from the underworld because they were so poor that no one would bet on them. Don’t expect these guys to make much headway.

The Woodland Rangers:
These rangers are travelling around from tournament to tournament to learn every inch of the old world before they start service for the Wood Elf forest defence. They have even been known to win some tournaments which revolve around horse archery.

The Bretonnian Squires:
The Bretonnian squires are trying to fasttrack their way up the knightly ladder by winning tournaments and proving their worth to King Leoncour and his courtly table. They are highly dangerous on horseback but they usually lack the required infantry skills to take the victory.

Bugman’s Rangers:
Bugman’s Rangers are training up for the second campaign against the Goblins and are using the Old World’s tournaments as the stage. They are deadly with crossbows and 2 handed weapons.

Waaagh Boyz:
These Orcs have realised that the only legal way to bash the heads of other races outside of their kingdom is to compete in tournaments. These guys don’t care about the fame or the fortune or the titles, they only want to have a brutal ruckus.

Imperial Nobles:
These highly patriotic nobles compete to win tournaments in the name of the Empire. They are skilled in all areas and love to get one over on the Bretonnian Squires.

Good luck competing in the tournaments. They are more difficult than native but in return you get more renown, more gold, a winner’s medal which you can sell, trade or keep to record how many you have won. There is also a chance you will receive a special gift.

The Companions:
The companions in the game are:

1)  Gotrek: Legend, enough said

2)  Felix: Legend, enough said

3)  Elena: An uncharismatic woman from the Empire

4)  Oggy Boggy: An different kind of Orc

5)  Ripnitch: A Skaven Assassin

6)  Huybrecht: A motivated beastman

7)  Erasmus: A pitfighter trainer

:cool:  Mathias Thulman: A famous Witch Hunter

9)  Irana: A feisty Witch Elf

10)  Malus Darkblade: An infamous Dark Elf lord

11)  Merennen: An Elf with a sad story

12)  Varag Ghoul Chewer: An ex Blood Bowl player

13)  Sir Aristide: A powerful Bretonnion knight

14)  Maephilin: An elf horse archer

15)  Celestyne: A determined Bretonnian woman

16)  Skeezle: A skaven in need of help

17)  Scarloc: A wood elf ranger captain

1:cool:  Esgalil: A Wood Elf wardancer

19)  Joseph Bugman: A famous dwarf brewer

20)  Uggluk Snaggletooth: An Ogre with a mission

21)  Florin D’artaud: A plucky Bretonnian adventurer

22)  Zincicha: A lizardman invader

23)  Acxotecatyl: A pioneering lizardman

24)    Adelyn: An Imperial tracker

Companion builds and like/dislike charts may go up later but for now we would like for you to get to know the characters yourselves.

Thankyou for downloading Warsword and we hope you enjoy the mod


Main modder You1

The Warsword Main Mod Team
Leader and modder Del
Co modder, You1 and main modder for Warsword Baptism
Co modder, Nameless Warrior

The Warsword Mod Team
map editing and music (coming soon) , Praylak
modeller,  Brutun
modeller,  Draegor Redfields
Main Testers Joebow and Travis
some coding, Berserker Pride
some coding grailknighthero
Fluff and bits , Jubal

I big thank you to all of the modders of Taleworlds and mount & blade for models, osp packs and coding etc

Cartread for skeletons,Zombies,original chaos knight armour,Troop sounds etc from the hero and blade mod,
Highelf  for original wood elf models and weapons from his fantasy mod.
without these two mods I don't think I would have started modding at all so thanks cartread and Highelf. :grin:

Highlander for 40k models and boar mount and Kingdom management.
Wheene and Nema for orcs models from the daydream mod.
Original ogre body model and a couple of things from his Steam_Punk_OSP -IYI-O-R-T- cheers mate.
Greatcoat studdedjacket etc models from the pirates mod by Yoshiboy and Dain Ironfoot.
All from the communityhelms team.
Faradon for models pack.
Foxyman for form ranks code , thanks great coding.
Silver_Wolf for models pack.
Ahadhran for darkmod models.
Narf,s plate armour.
All the modders from the TES4 packs,Jojjo,Nexon,throttlekitty,Glypha,Andragorn and all thanks.
Nightmare taken from the nongmin  dazhan,don't know who made it but thank you.
CounterPoint391  for the shurikens. 
Some of the high elf weapons by Luigi from the OSP weapons pack.
Arn13 (Beren) for some of his textures from his call of warhammer texture pack.
yellowmosquito for his vertical banners http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,84667.0.html

If I have forgot someone I'm truly sorry, please PM me I will add you to the credits straight away.

Also a very BIG thank you to Games Workshop for making such a great Fantasy setting which is loved by your fans so much.

To install new races

This is a mod for the original Mount & Blade "ONLY"

To get the special races working properly you have to do the following

open program files and then Mount&Blade folder.

Move The Original folder called "data" in Program Files\Mount&Blade to somewhere safe DO NOT detele as you will not be able to play other Mods or native.

Move the folder in Mount&Blade\Modules\warsword called "data" to Program Files\Mount&Blade .

PLAY and Enjoy

You will have to change the data folders over again to play other mods or native .

or use iron launcher http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1501

More info and our sites

Warsword Disclaimer

This mod is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.
The Chaos devices, the Chaos logo, Citadel, Citadel Device, the Double-Headed/Imperial Eagle device, 'Eavy Metal, Forge World, Games Workshop, Games Workshop logo, Golden Demon, Great Unclean One, the Hammer of Sigmar logo, Horned Rat logo, Keeper of Secrets, Khemri, Khorne, Lord of Change, Nurgle, Skaven, the Skaven symbol devices, Slaanesh, Tomb Kings, Trio of Warriors, Twin Tailed Comet Logo, Tzeentch, Warhammer, Warhammer Online, Warhammer World logo, White Dwarf, the White Dwarf logo, and all associated marks, names, races, race insignia, characters, vehicles, locations, units, illustrations and images from the Warhammer world are either ®, TM and/or © Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2010, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

Featuring Music by


Release 2 Can be downloaded from here http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1610
Also the new bug fix 28/7/10  for release 2 can be downloaded from here http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2134

And if you would like to use our new banner

this is the link

Revan Shan

Grandmaster Knight

For the Empire!

Now you could try and ask Ursca for his stuff. It will make your work much more easier (he had a lot of imperial work done). Or if not you could ask Death of Renaisance for their models.


Master Knight
dubaiboy said:
awesome you shore are a talaneted person doing 3 mods

:lol: only doing two mods at moment as one has been put on hold till next year sometime.

with wastelander mod I'm just finishing bugfix and then leaving it till at least first release of this mod.

Revan Shan said:

For the Empire!

Now you could try and ask Ursca for his stuff. It will make your work much more easier (he had a lot of imperial work done). Or if not you could ask Death of Renaisance for their models.

All ready asked Ursca for permission to use his stuff,  but no reply from him ?
So started some Empire armours of my own , but nothing finished yet to show you all.

Revan Shan

Grandmaster Knight
Hey Del, I have an Idea for the EMpire. You know it has a lot of provinces right? Well, you could make them all, which is very difficult. Or choose a neutral colour. If I were you I would use brown (basicly no colour), as the imperials seen on the cinematic trailers for Mark of CHaos.

Take a look just behind the sigmarite priest:



Master Knight
just going to do 1 faction for the empire at moment for first release ,
I thought of doing a blue colour first for troop uniform .

I've started the first four factions for the mod , what other two armies would you like to see in the first release ?

Revan Shan

Grandmaster Knight
chaos, high elves, oh: vampire counts! (ask the horde lands for their skeletons), dwarfs, Bretonnia, night goblings...

In that order.

Oh, and could you add skeleton (undead) as a race? That way I can play as some sort of Kruger hero or soth. You know, from the Cursed COmpany:



I think you should include:  Highelf's (they play a big roll in warhammer fantasy's history) empire , Gobbos (but not as a race, just include them in the orcs faction.) Undead factions (that means Vampire counts and/or Tomb kings, but I'd rather see vampire counts couz they play a bigger roll in warhammers history, trying to take over them empire three times) Chaos (of corpse, i think people would get Violent if you didn't include them.) And if you have the time and skills, Lizardmen (would be awesome to run around with a big Saurus warrior punching people with big bone-swords) 

And a LOT of mercenaries, like Alcatani Pikemen, Braganzas Besiegers, Marksmen Of Miragliano and so on.



Not at all...  :smile:
Well Highelf and Chaos would be fun and the after that the Vampire countas and tomb kings and after that maybe lizardmen and dwarves. In that order i'd advise you to implement them, chaos and Highelves are pretty much human like.


Another thing to include would be Beast of chaos, could be used as bandits, and mercenaries (only useable by chaos)

PS: No gobbos, no polovolo downloading this mod !D


Master Knight
Oh believe me this will come out , hopefully before Christmas :wink:

wheres the love for the wood elves ?
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