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about 160 in game days, seems u r right, now the world is all peace, but i would try to play more to see what will happen...

about 280 in-game days, finally some factions declare war, maybe a good start. :smile:
Constantly crashes with magic in sieges.
Weird thing is, i disabled that in the "Camp" ----> "Take an action" menu option... but lords keep casting stuff.
please go check warsword conquest discord, there are some full mod+patch+hotfix there:


Is the game complete/playable as of now? Or still heavily bugged, since it's a beta?
Also, that discord link doesn't work.
Got the plague, -3 str, agl, -2 power strike, athletics, and iron flesh.

Bought and used potion that cured the plague, checked status, plague gone, but the debuffs were still in place. wtF?
Maybe you have to wait in a town for a period of time, the amount depending on your parties healing skills, like Surgery or first aid??  :???:
As much as I'm excited about the new update, I'm a bit dismayed that the download links for hotfixes and steam compatibility patches  are only available on discord.

Not all of us like using that service.  I would prefer to get it from this forum or the moddb page.

EDIT: Nevermind, my mistake!  The exe file needed to run this mod via steam is contained in the mod folder of the latest released full build. Just a heads up for anybody else having trouble.
Help me please. For myself, I replaced the race of halflings with the race of skinks, but they still get poisoned. In which txt file and what exactly needs to be replaced or removed so that the halfling is immune to poisoning?
How do you recruit vassals in this mod? All the vassals I talk to are fiercely loyal to their lieges.. I'm 250 days in, I would have expected some unrest in the different factions by now, but nothing.. I tried making some companions vassals, but none of them seem to be noble, which I expect will give me trouble down the line..

So, do vassals never defect in this mod?
I was told in the WSE thread this was a Warsword Conquest mod issue. Anyone have any ideas I can try?

Getting regular crashes.

wb exe version 1.174 that I got from https://www.dropbox.com/s/zfeoi54q1kr3xlk/mb_warband_1174.exe.rar
wse from https://www.dropbox.com/s/rvzxk3xba14hr45/WSE v4.7.7.rar?dl=0
warsword conquest from https://www.moddb.com/mods/warsword-conquest/downloads/warsword-conquest-war-peace-fix

Ran in windows 8 compatibility mode. Copied the WSE files directly into my M&B install folder. Ran with 75 troops in a fight, low shadows, minimum textures, single threaded, directx 7 mode. Computer is an I7 with a 1080ti.


The single_run folder has a single run of WSE and a crash.
The buncha_runs folder has all the runs I had before that, which includes a bunch of exception access violations at different memory addresses.
Is it possible to disable the reputation hit from raiding Chaos villages? Shouldn't raids against chaos give you rep in Warhammer?
I'm having issues with a quest, i need to free Maldrex from Sir Chevalier, but when i beat him the dialogue just keeps repeating and i cant free Maldrex. Can anyone help pls?
Hello there....! Just a question : when my Dwarven Master Engineer or my chaos dwarf Inferno fire their weapons with no friendly soldiers in their line of fire sometimes they kill my archers 30 0r 40 feet in their BACK , they kill friendly soldiers 50 feet in their left or right, i put them in a division all by them selves far away from my other troops and still somehow the kill friendly soldiers and i see them aiming at the enemy.... Please any help it would be great....!
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