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I've been away from the game for awhile and I thought I'd come back and give the release version of the game a try. I'm still pretty early in the campaign and have started working as a mercenary for Vlandia. Something I have noticed is that wars end very quickly. They used to go on for quite awhile and there was always lots of battles to be fought. Since my force isn't very strong yet, I have to be a bit careful about who I fight against. I have found that after a couple of battles the war just ends. barely any settlements change hands because there isn't enough time. I understand that they might not want the wars to continue for as long as they used to, but it seems to me that there has been an overcorrection. There needs to be more time to get some battles in.
Wars are both too short and too frequent, making peace rare.

3 changes should be made:

* All kingdoms are less likely to declare war by default. This will introduce more peacetime into the game and mean the player gets time to regroup after wars end.

* If the kingdom has not been at war for too long, the AI becomes much more likely to declare war. This will prevent periods of peacetime from lasting too long and the player getting bored.

* Wars should have a minimum duration of 10 days or so, so you never get a war that is too short to get anything done.
Yes I agree. Wars should last a little longer, but also peace times should last a little longer too. Most of the time on my playthroughs they declare war again as soon as they declare peace. Most of the time there is no time to regroup and replenish lost troops.

But for that they need to add things to do while at peace. Right now the game is heavily focused on war, so there is nothing to do at peace time other than killing bandits, replenishing troops or tournaments. Hey TaleWorlds, where are them feasts?

And also kingdoms shouldn't declare second wars as easily when they are already at war. Only if they are winning by a landslide. I don't usually cheat, but the console command that I use the most is "campaign.declare_peace" lol. I know they did this to prevent snowballing, but I'm sure there are other ways to prevent it. Like for example, make it harder for AI to take settlements (give defenders buffs during simulations).
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As already mentioned, Diplomacy mod can be a help as you are seemingly not on consoles. I would not wait till TW does something.

A problem with Diplomacy which by default has a minimum time of war of 10 days is that such a rule prevents peace despite it's in dire need. Sometimes I had factions in war with three others long enough to be utterly demolished. I put minimum time at 5 days currently.
They are short, but they happen very, very frequently. If you are on PC, I would suggest some mods like Diplomacy and Realistic Battle Mod. Things like that. Will make it more enjoyable in the long run.
I don't think they're too short or too long, they're just kind of dumb - the AI ruler seems to go to war without any kind of clear goal. Sometimes it will end without achieving anything, when you're just about to take a city or something, and sometimes so long all gains are lost.
Does the AI declare war on your faction if you do that? The last time I played a rogue lord was many versions ago. They didn't do jack back then and I could behead kids young lords with impunity.
Yes, a war will start if you raid a village. You don't actually have to do the raid, just start it or enter the militia fight to make them mad! Your faction may try to make peace quickly but I find often they don't. This is because the AI's war/peace calculation actually change pretty fast and the lack of power that made them want peace yesterday is completely restored the next day. Remember the war/peace is rigged to slow down progress, so you going against it is going to give your AI faction an advantage. If you're the ruler though you can just attack an enemy lord or army directly.

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Yes... because the AI will force a wardec if they sit at peace for too long...?
The fact that it is happening means it isn't strong enough. I should be experiencing more medium duration peace and even less long duration peace.
I agree, and it's not just that. Wars are ineffectual in weakening another faction if you're not leading the charge, and on top of that battles mean nothing. A huge 2000 vs 1500 battle resulting in one of the two warbands being annihilated should add some kind of "+50% warscore" and basically break the back of the faction that lost.
The fact that it is happening means it isn't strong enough. I should be experiencing more medium duration peace and even less long duration peace.
I see you're muted, but the reason kingdoms keep getting into wars is in part because they are forced to by the long peace malus. Like, the thing you're suggesting -- that kingdoms tend to go to war after being at peace too long -- is already in the game.
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