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Ursca said:
Pity the internet seems to have failed me in regards to sources on crossbow pistols.  :???:

You should watch the iconic Australian move Mad Max 2. from what I remember they have small crossbow pistols

Although I haven't seen the movie for years! Lots of years.
Your missing the point :!:

Get the boys down with a slab"O"Beer and watch the wholesale carnage that is Mad Max 2 and
if the Missus complains say your viewing to movie for educational purposes or to give you inspiration ect. :lol:

I'm sure it'll work.
This is the only thing I could find, which is pretty rubbish

Hey can we have this in the game, I know its a weapon of awesome power and capable of wholesale destruction but you got to put it in.

Heres something: "Gun" crossbow

Edit: Shiftys one with different angle
Great pictures, thanks.

If anyone fancies a challenge ( :wink: and it is a challenge), I've got some some nice layouts for various locations we might need. Here they are:




I've also created a gallery of inspirational pictures here. (have a dig through - the better pictures are nearer the end, because I uploaded them first.  :lol:)
Now, most of this will need new models. All different textures will have to be separate objects. It would probably be best to make them modularly, so pieces can be reused.
There's no hard poly limit, but keep in mind that an average town house in native is about 1500 polys in total.
The interiors can be separate models.
These structures are intended to be self-contained, self sufficient, highly defensible buildings. The dark woods are dangerous, especially at night-time.  :twisted: As such, they might have the odd section of rampart too.
Higher resolution pictures are available on request.

this looks cool,fantastic,wonderful,beatuiful,... anything forgot?^^

nice work... well done. i look forward to play it :mrgreen:
That does look great. Nice, huge map, and Punkt's textures are priceless.

By the way, will the Empire have a lot of forests? I've always heard it described as a framed by mountains and full of dark forests.

As wikipedia states "... A large amount of the Empire is heavily forested and large numbers of beastmen can be found in the deepest forests."
Its also commonly agreed that the Empire is heavily based on the Holy Roman Empire, which was also heavily forested. The screenshot looks a bit empty. Then again, it might not be the Empire at all- i was just adding my 4000 cents.

I think it'd be cool to place a Beastman spawn point in most forests, as it would be very representative. If you could boost the amount of soldiers in the party, then you could have parties of 60 beastmen preying on passing caravans.

By the way, I've released my mod... its very buggy :sad:, but i haven't had much time to work at it. Anyway, you can take a look at it and see where my skills are at.
That's just the native map.

And yes, there will be plenty of forests. In order to get some variation however, part of the map includes the area of Ostermark known as 'The Veldt' , which is mostly open country and is regarded as some of the best horse-breeding land in the Empire.
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