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Arcadius112 said:
Well, Obliterators look better than Chaos terminators. I mean, they are living weapons!
I have negative respect for you now


I agree that Obliterators are kinda awesome, but nowhere as cool as chaos terminators.

Wellenbrecher said:
Most Chaos Dreadnoughts I've heard about so far have the problem or being utterly insane berserkers. Just as prone to attacking their own side as the enemy.
Doesn't really lend itself to being playable or controlable units.

And yeah, Obliterators are regular Marines that were affected by a virus of sorts.

The scale of dreadnought to regular marine looks nice in that video.

Chaos dreadnoughts dedicated to Khorne are the best. Love them in Dow2. Madness...

Anyway, I`m sure chaos dreadnoughts TRY to kill the enemies before killing their own...

The most beautiful of Dreadnoughts are those dedicated to the service of Slaanesh. Doom Sirens and stretched flesh FTW...

Agreed with the Termies, although I have never been much a fan of the horns.
I think Chaos Terminators don't look that good.  :razz:
The horns and the flat armor on top just put me off. To each his own, I suppose.
I am really happy for you and I am gonna let you finish but the Death Korp are the best looking models.


Still beats me why they didnt bring terminators and went for Dreadnaught first...
I imagine if they make enough money with all their DLC`s, they might add terminators...I know, I know, I`m being hopeful. But yeah, I think terminators first would have been better.
Played with Wellen and Sartek today. 'twas funny, and damn, my english sucks.

Also still getting slowdowns, and further testing shows that even on single player I have it. Not a lag issue, and I don't see any solutions that actually work for me.

THQ!!! * waves fist *
So after a friend convinced to download, and attempt to play, the Exterminatus mod for HL2* I feel like some close-up Warhammer action. This game is practically my only option for that so... anyone play it once in a blue moon? I'll make sure to hit you up on Steam, if so.

*I wouldn't recommend it. The mod has a solid base but is very unpolished, and I believe it's that lack of polish that has caused the mod to completely die. The mod developer is still patching it apparently, but there's only one rather laggy server and never anyone on it.
Got any DLC as well?

Mainly the chaos unleashed one, for the better exterminatus mode.

I would be up for it yeah.

Still havent managed to beat chaos unleashed exterminatus.

Dat bonus wave.
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