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Warfare Evolved | 16th Century Combat/Warfare | In Development

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Punkbuster 2.0

Hello Community.
We're happy to announce our first standalone game which is currently in pre-alpha.
There's not much to show off visually yet, but nonetheless it's worth to tell you about the game concepts and it's development progression.
Our development team mostly consists of M&B modders, thus we decided to announce our project on this forum aswell.
More info about the development team can be found at the bottom of this post.
Keep in mind that the game is in an early stage of planning and prototyping, so there's not much to show off visually.
There are still years of development to come until a final release, therefore certain features might change or skip during development.
At the moment the game is being developed entirely in our spare time and at our own expense, so please don't expect us to post updates on a regular bases.
Once we finished up our prototype we will provide further information about ways to fund the game and/or early access.
We are present on the following platforms, feel free to check them out.

Warfare Evolved is a multiplayer action game, which will support both, VR and Flatscreen gameplay.
It is set in Europe during the first half of the 16th century and aims for realistic and immersive gameplay.
The game will offer persistent online character development, massive multiplayer battles with hundreds of players, physics driven combat, advanced gameplay features, destructible environment, artillery and countless customizable historical arms and armours.

Key Features
The feature list is far from being final and subject to change without prior notice
  • Persistent Character Development
    Start as poorly equipped peasant and become a wealthy warrior.
    During online fights you gather experience and earn money which enables you to improve your characters abilities and afford better equipment.
    Be a soldier, artilleryman, engineer or surgeon, the equipment you choose will define your role. You can pick any item you like as there are no class restrictions at all.

  • Historical Arms and Armours
    Choose from a huge range of historical accurate weapons and armours dating back to the first half of the 16th century.
    The most equipment was in use for about half a century until it got replaced, therefore the mod will offer european arms and armours from 1500 to 1550.

  • Customizable Equipment
    Create your own equipment using tons of various weapon- and armour- parts.
    All parts are going to have unique properties, pros and cons.
    This way you will be able to design your perfect weapon and customize your armor layer by layer.

  • Upkeep System
    Using the same equipment all day long will damage it over time, therefore it’s better to keep it in good shape by paying a little fee for it’s maintenance.
    Your equipment might break during battle, so better equip a backup weapon!

  • Intuitive and Realistic Gameplay
    A minimized hud as well as visual- and acoustic- feedback systems provide an intuitive and “pop-up” free gaming experience.
    No aiming reticle or bulky bars/signs are going to hinder your view.
    Enclosed helmets shrink your field of view, impair your hearing and make breathing more difficult.
    Thus, opening your visor will help to get a better overview and gasp for some air at the cost of less head protection.
    A forced first person view, disabled kill/death messages and a scoreboard which is only visible at round end will ensure realistic and thrilling fights.

  • Physics Driven Combat
    Your weapons will behave like their real counterparts.
    Each weapon has it's own individual shape, weight and weight-distribution which defines (upon many other factors) how fast you can move/swing it.
    It's up to you how, where and with which hand(s) you grab a weapon, grabbing it close to it's point of mass makes it feel lighter, thus resulting in faster swings, the same goes for a two handed grip for sure.
    In general you can grab any weapon at any given position and orientation, this makes techniques like half-swording, sliding-thrusts and inverse grips possible.
    Your weapons can be used to block, deflect, pull and push other weapons or objects and you also can throw them away at any time if needed.
    Not only missiles like bullets, arrows and bolts will be effected by gravity, drag and wind, but also your melee weapons.

  • Realistic Damage- and Health System
    Physically calculated penetration based on impact -speed/-angle/-area as well as weight, shape and material toughness of both impacting objects.
    Direct damage is determined by the resulting penetration -area and -depth, whereas indirect damage is caused by blunt force.
    Damage can result in many injuring effects, such as; blood loss, flesh wounds, broken bones and pain.
    Those injuries can cause various penalties depending on the damaged body parts.
    Uncured or critical wounds lead to unconsciousness or even death.

  • Advanced Movement and Stamina
    Adapting your movement type and speed is key to get around in the most effective way, therefore you will be able to prone, crouch, walk, run and sprint.
    Some form of climbing, swimming and diving might be implemented as well.
    Keep in mind that different movement types will drain your character’s stamina at different rates, so it might be worth to take a break after an exhausting sprint or fight.
    The carried equipment also affects your stamina and speed by a lot.
    Being very fatigued will result in several penalties as well.

  • Destructible Environment and Artillery
    Use a large variety of different artillery pieces in order to destroy enemy fortifications, as well as for anti-personnel purposes.
    Almost everything will be destructible, as a result the battlefield layout can change dynamically at any time and forces the players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

  • Dynamic Weather and Time
    Besides a dynamic day / night circle the weather also might change during a long lasting battle.
    Everything is possible, from a clear sky to a heavy downpour and thunderstorm. Wind, rain and temperature will effect your movement and the ballistics of missiles.

Additional Info
  • Matching Genres
    - first person action, combat/military simulation

  • Game Modes
    - Multiplayer(battle, siege), Singleplayer(arena based against AI)

  • Supported VR/Input devices / play modes
    - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality
    - sitting, standing, room scale
    - Mouse / Keyboard
    - Gamepad
    (The game will support Flatscreen gaming, but VR has top priority atm)

  • Supported Operating Systems
    - Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, Linux

  • Supported Graphic API's
    - DirectX 11 / 12, Vulkan

  • Used Game Engine
    - Unity

  • Videos

  • Pictures

The Team
Bad Bug Busters is a group of modders and indie-game-developers from all around the globe.
We started working on our first project Battle of Europe back in early 2012, which was a total conversion Multiplayer mod for the game M&B Warband.
Some of us were also involved in other mod-developments of the said game.
In late 2018 we started the development of a standalone game and are currently working on it's prototype.
More interesting information about our projects and development team can be read in this interview between Efe Karacar from the modding community and me.

Current Roles

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It's only natural that such talented people like you and GuiKa would take it to the next stage and make a game. Best of luck :smile:


Punkbuster 2.0
Thanks for the good words and wishes guys!

Make sure that you join our Discord if you want to get detailed info about the development progress,
there are also a couple channels for discussions and suggestions.
So hop in!

� said:
[glow=green,9,900] can we see without VR :grin:
Sure thing, but it wont be stereoscopic then  :cool:
Non VR controls are already implemented, not for everything yet, but atleast for basic character- and camera movement.


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Grandmaster Knight
Sexy as ****!

Illustrious celebrities have come together for this task! My most sincere support, I wish you the best of luck for this titanic endeavour.


Punkbuster 2.0
Looks like I haven't posted in a while eh?
We mainly post our updates on our Discord, so I highly recommend you to join it.
I'll try to sum up what progress has been made since last October (yea it's been silent around here).

Pre-October Progress Log (detailed info also on Discord)
- Switched from the default render pipeline to the new High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)
- Converted existing systems to the new high-performance multithreaded Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS)
- Changed the physics engine from PhysX to new Unity Physics for DOTS

- Reworked two handed weapon wielding, it now perfectly aligns with both hands position and rotation, which feels more intuitive.
- Re-implemented quadratic drag for linear and angular movement to the new physics engine.

- Added an option to switch between VR- and Flatscreen mode.
- Implemented keyboard controls for basic player movement.
- Implemented mouse look controls.

- Reorganized and optimized flora assets.
- Cleaned up unused game files.
- Set up a first test level for showcasing.
- Fixed delayed hand movement when wielding a weapon.
- Increased base energy for weapon wielding, maximum swing speed is faster now.

Looks like we got the first moving pictures here...
The time has come to show you guys certain features step by step.
We start small this time and show off a little test-level, current visuals, melee weapon handling, basic movement and some physics interactions.
Keep in mind that this is the very first footage of our prototype, but atleast it gives you a glimpse into our early stage project.

- Optimized grabbing and wielding systems.
- implemented an archery system.

The archery system is now properly working ...kinda. Hand animations are not a thing yet, but the main mechanics are working great so far.

- Fixed flipped body orientation when both hands are located behind the head.
- Improved several item materials and textures.
- Implemented a more detailed character model.
- Character movement is now driven by physical forces instead of fixed velocities, which makes it much more fluid and realistic.

- Friction forces are now applied as impulses to the "center of surface" of each object, resulting in more realistic flight paths for missiles like arrows and bolts.
- The friction system now simulates spinning due to drag on missiles with flights/fletching, mainly used for arrows and bolts.
- Re-implement jumping and ground/support check for agent movement.

- Implemented a basic ingame menu.
- Implemented Havok Physics.
- Added a complete set of modular stone building parts.
- Implemented super efficient triplanar mapping methods to several shaders.
- Implemented parallax offset mapping as a cheaper fallback version for the inbuilt (raymarched) parallax occlusion mapping.
- Implemented several new shaders.
- Updated light and sky conditions to match real-world lighting, light sources now use realistic light intensities and a physically based sky has been implemented.
- Implemented a basic dynamic day/night cycle system which simulates sun/moon movement.

There we go...
The Enviroment simulation now features a dynamic day/night cycle, the atmosphere (and ofc realisic atmospheric scattering), a sun + moon and it even simulates a simplified globe and outer space.

Some progress on the cloud shaders, it's far from being finished, but it already looks quite decent. They also behave in a physically based manner ofc.

- Implemented a dynamic cloud system and it's correspondending shaders.
- Rewrote terrain- generation/paint/populate tools, optimized them and made them all multithreaded.

- Implemented PBR water shaders (featuring realistic reflection/refraction, under water light attenuation/scattering, dirt particles, shorelines/foam, 3D waves, local flow directions/strength) and created prefabs for all sorts of water surfaces.
- Implemented dynamic outer terrain meshes and shaders for large scale landscape and ocean rendering.
- Wind strength is now effected by height in a logarithmic manner.

Some more environmental stuff I've been working on.

The water shader is fully physically based and features; reflection/refraction, under water light attenuation/scattering(varies per color channel), dirt particles/fog, shorelines/foam, 3D waves, local flow directions/strength controlled by flow maps.

I've been working on procedural lightning which actually travels through 3D space using particle trails. The following pictures show the exact same lightning bolt from different view angles. Start- and target positions are fully configurable and it's light emitting is done by a tube-light which extends across the whole length of the lightning bolt.

- Implemented a procedural lightning system.
- Added LOD meshes for bows and arrows and fixed some related mesh issues.

- Rewrote and optimized many systems.
- Implemented the new DOTS multiplayer framework.
- Started converting essential game systems to work in multiplayer.
- Created a test scene for multiplayer prototyping.

- Added support to read/write game settings from/to local config files.
- Restructured and rewrote the input systems.
- Implemented multiplayer frameworks to handle players with different input modes such as VR headset + hand controllers, VR headset + (mouse+keyboard)/gamepad or just (mouse+keyboard)/gamepad.
- It's now possible to play in different VR modes, sitting, standing and full room-scale.
- Converted player movement systems to work in multiplayer.
- Converted item grabbing- and wielding systems to work in multiplayer.

- Converted the archery system to work in multiplayer.
- Added a new longsword.
- Implemented systems to handle destructible environment in multiplayer.
- Reduced network traffic.

- Optimized day/night circle and weather systems.
- day time and weather settings are now properly synced to clients.
- Reduced network traffic of players input stream.

- Rewrote item multiplayer management systems to be much more modular and universal.
- Fixed several player/item spawn and despawn issues.
- Implement a system which replaces pre-placed scene items with usable items in multiplayer.
- Fixed camera lagging behind actual player position.

Working on multi layered particle clouds with physically based shading and scattering. It's way faster than real volumetrics and visually you can't really tell a difference unless you're really close up to them. The following clouds are up to 8 kilometers in height. The lower clouds are already in the planets shadow (sun is below the horizon), but the upper clouds are still illuminated by the sun and appear in red- to orange- to yellow colors depending on the light scattered by the atmosphere. It's all in a very early stage, but already looks appealing.

- Remodeled many modular wall pieces for a much more "atomic" layout which allows more flexibility to build any kind of stone building.
- Added a new side sword.
- Implement a new volumetric cloud system.
Now there's movement...
A longsword and side sword based on early 16th century originals, modeled by @Gothic Knight These models are done using the face weighted normals- and beveling workflow instead of using per mesh normal maps. Materials are not yet done and look quite generic atm (well in fact they are universal), but that will change once the specific shaders are finalized which will add details dynamically, like edge-wear, dirt, corrosion etc (using per vertex color data).

Super early test of the dynamic destruction system in multiplayer. The wall is again just a dummy prop and will be replaced with a more detailed version. Once a wall/structure has been hit with enough force (cannon ball, explosion, etc) it will be replaced with a second version of it which is made of little blocks. Each block then can be damaged separately. The system checks for structural support of each block (checking it's neighbor blocks) and if there's not enough support it collapses certain blocks or even the entire wall + neighbor walls/blocks in some cases.
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