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Hi Lords, Ladies and Venerable Smiths !
I made my first mod to get used to Bannerlord modding. Please let go check it out:
Nexus link

What are your thoughts on it !?

Here comes some more detail

I add custom female troop tree from game 1, including Peasant Woman -> Camp Follower -> ... all the way to.... -> Sword Sister (tier 5), and additional tier 6 troops of them (those tier 6s are optional). I try to equip them with the equivalent gears from old game, and they look quite ... fun :grin:.
Peasant woman now spawn with Peasant in Villager parties so they can be attacked and kept as prisoners. You can recruit them from prisoners or by rescuing them after battle. Another way to get them is by hiring from tavern, but they appear quite rare (i put it like ten times rarer than mercenary/hired blade). Well, I intent to make it challenging a bit, AI parties may recruit them the same ways.
About tier 6, i add two new sister troop types. One uses sword shield and crossbow, the other is geared up with sword shield and lance. Both use same armor set and horse
And there re some side works, i make militia troops upgradable. They can eventually become formal troops so they dont look odd when i recruit them.

Now pls go give it a try and tell me what you suggest. Thanks !
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