Warbands Save Problem?

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Hello. I am in a very long game with one save. The first problem I had was a CTD when starting the game. I fixed this by unchecking "Load Textures on Demand"
I then loaded my game, and graphics were messed up. Nothing serious, just lower quality. I reset settings to my previous preferences, and it gave me lower perf estimate.
Then, I downloaded TweakMB to have bigger party. I then loaded my save, and every character has every other character listed as husband or son in law?
I saved again and reloaded, and discovered tavern-keepers gone. I know this indicates save corruption, but I fear loading the game again because it could worsen the effects.
I know other symptoms are food having no effects, nudity for people. I also had my characters face messed up, it looked like a triangle and I was bald. However, I re-built his face with no difficulty.
I am very close to founding a faction, and do not want to lose my game. Should I restore the native module? Is the save game hopeless? The baldness has been a problem for a long time, but only in buildings. I do not think its related, but Steppe Bandits are also spawning a lot more and in larger groups. I have not seen this with other bandits. Also, I am a vassal of King Ragnar and am at war with the Khergit Kingdom., But I don't think that has to do with anything? Any fixes??

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