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This thread will be for collecting all the things missing in the game, which were in Warband. I think this will be handy to see, for a lot of people.

The idea is I'll list missing features, and link to threads requesting/discussing those missing features. You guys need to post links to these threads, so I can add them (I won't go to lengths to track them all down).


Automatic Lance Couching
Late Medieval Armor
Naval Battles
Shields Which Block Melee Attacks.
Swap to 2h after unequipping your shield and holding a bastard sword

Permanently Assigned Control Groups
Playing as a Mercenary (who makes a living)
Realistic Lord Defections
Tournament Feasts and Relations Bonuses from Ladies after Winning
Town Dialogues
Training Fields and Sparring Practice
Wandering towns with your horse

Drop-Down Menus and Missing Party Info
Ex/Importing Characters
Permanent Control Groups
Super Fast-Forward (Cntrl+Space)
Recent Messages Screen (Event Log)
Zoom to Location from Encyclopedia

Ability to level up without insane grinding
Detailed skills and stats.
Growing stronger as you level up
HP Varying based off STR/VIG
Level up Companions how you like
Level up your Character how you like
Training skills without directly using them.

Battle Mode
Duel Servers
Friendly Fire
Full Equipment Selection
Usable Chamber-Blocking

I'm sure there are more I have forgotten to add. Please remind me of other missing features in replies, and link to any suggestion or discussion threads related to the missing features. You can also make threads for the features that don't have them yet, if you want to.

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Yeah...looking at what it takes to get Disciplinarian, and how little progress I've made in Leadership is kinda depressing.

I'm wondering if they've chosen to start Bannerlord with earlier era equipment to allow themselves to release DLC/expansions for later era tech.
I am totally fine with early middle ages and no plate armor and hope vanilla stays that way (I'll be happy to play with plate armor again in mods).
The lack of late period armor is due to the setting. We bought an unfinished product it literally says early access. We've had three patches I just want access to the encyclopedia easier.
Added some missing features, including not being able to play as a mercenary since they give you pennies instead of pay. Shields don't work due to a horribly common bug, in SP at least. HP doesn't seem to vary much AT ALL between different characters. And Friendly Fire appears to be missing as an option for servers.
Added automatic lance couching, Warband's defection system for lords, and usable chamber-blocking to the list.
Recent messages window, they fly past so fast you're lucky to read them. (If there isn't one already.)
Notices that your towns/ castles/ villages are under attack. (A messenger rides to you or something.)
I wouldn't say late medieval armor is a "missing feature" for a high medieval game

I agree and posted on that thread to that effect. Calling it a "missing feature" of BL is like saying Warband had a "missing feature" of Roman inspired gear, or the lack of the specific named companion Deshavi in BL is a "missing feature".
To be clear, not every feature here is something BL needs.The late period armor is something some people wanted, so I included it in the list. The list could technically include features no one wants back, and I could denote that in some way such as coloring the text.
I completely disagree with the late medieval armor, this game is in another setting. For instance, did you have equipment from the Renaissance period in WB? Would that not have felt out of place?

Don't worry, in a year's time, if not less, there'll be plenty of equipment mods with this kind of stuff, but I think it'd be silly of TaleWorlds to do it themselves when they set out to change the setting of the game (to an earlier time period).

I'd add skill books, which I've suggested in another thread ! In the current system, they could add +1 Focus or hidden perks.

Also this one's not a WB feature per se, but Viking Conquest had religions which expanded on the culture system. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but there were, at least, pagans and christians, and you sometimes had to walk on egg-shells regarding companions especially. I think that's the kind of thing that could give the characters more personality.
Why should we have late medieval armors in Bannerlord? That's absolutely dumb suggestion of missing feature. It should actually be the opposite thing, change the timeframe of the game to 200 before so that the lore could make som actual sense.
All the other suggestions are ok and needed.
I miss asking town people how the situation of the town compared to others is. Always asked around cities to see which is the economically most interesting, so i know which i should conquer :grin:
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