Warband Winter Cup 2018 - The End

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The Grand Champion - DOPEY

2 - 0 againts Aequalitas in semifinals
2 - 1 against FT in finals

2nd place - Frontline Tactics

2 - 0 againts MIKSTURA in semifinals
1 - 2 against DOPEY in finals

3rd place - Aequalitas

3rd place - MIKSTURA

First of all, I would like to congratulate the winners of our tournament! Congratulations for DOPEY!
Not only for being the best team this winter, but also for the fierce fight to the very end on a kind of grey and uncharted area! Semi-finals and finals were held on a really high level and they provided a great spectacle for all of us!

This tournament was a great test that we wanted to implement as a part of some revolutionary changes in Warband. As I wrote earlier, the main assumption of the tournament was not only fun, but also a test of many new possibilities that the game can provide. We want to improve the game not only for players, but also for viewers. I hope we have taken a good step forward.

Big thanks to people who have been involved in helping us during the tournament! In particular - Oliveran for preparing the mod and BulleZ for providing additional servers for the tournament. In addition, thanks to all those who voluntarily streamed the matches during our tournament - including Fietta, The_Cardboard_Box, TheSenateWarband and Greedalicious. And of course thanks to BladeCast_TV for broadcasting the finals! Salute to those who have been actively involved in creating the new ruleset! And finally, thanks to all participants! Despite the difficult conditions, we managed to reach the end and show you something new!

I would also like to inform you that we have more projects coming your way. The plans are really ambitious. We are gathering our forces and we want to refine everything. We hope that we're going to receive even more support from the community (which surely wants to help in the development of the entire game) and thanks to that we will be able to go even further forward and present a high-level competition not only via the internet! Thanks again and have a nice evening!


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Aeronwen said:
Congrats Dopey

Well Played FT

Really enjoyed both semis, really wish the final had been on another day.
Yeah that wouldve been good. 20 sets in 1 day is a rough thing, even for us seasoned veterans.

Apollo ?

Thanks for hosting this tournament was pretty smooth and generally 'fun' to play I am very impressed since it was your first tournament.

However, the 6 v 6 type of format lacks so much competitiveness that the 8 v 8 has. The B05 format also leaves a lot to be desired especially due to the infinite overtime which just kills the morale and interest of the teams involved. If you do wish to host a 6 v 6 tourney in the future I believe that you should switch it back to FT3 with draws being played at the end of matches on Winterburg or a similar map. Matches should not last longer than 1hr especially when the final is supposed to be played right after the match it does not give the teams time to recover or even prepare for the next match rushing around like headless chickens especially after a narrow victory. However 6 v 6 is clearly superior and much more 'fun' than the 5 v 5 format.

Warband is a slow paced game even on closed maps such as Sandi and Verloren teams need to be allowed time to formulate tactics and pushes which they cannot due to the limited round timer and limited number of players.


ggwp thanks for the tourney, but putting semi final and finals at the same day is cancer. we are human after all we need a break. was fun other than that.


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Ggs, well played lads. Thanks to everyone involved in the tourney, even though I dislike the format I can deff say that I had fun :smile:


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Well played to Dopey, and commiseration to FT. As Cal pointed out, it was some of the best Warband I've seen in a while. And it's also cool to see that despite FT consecutively making it so far every tournament and being one of the most constant top team in the history of the scene, they are not as immortal as some people may think.

As for the tournament, from an outside perspective, it was interesting to see its development. The fact it was run by a new admin team, tried many consequent changes and logically faced a bit of hostility from the community doesn't take away the commitment shown to make the WWC a successful competition. As it seems you intend to continue hosting similar competitions in the future, I suggest you consider surrounding yourself with experienced administrators/consultants who possess a bit more experiences of the scene. This would prevent you from taking decisions which may appear as completely disconnected from the community's aspirations.

Netherveless, a huge thank for the time you put into running this and good luck for your future endeavours.


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Tournament was good but u didn't listen to community... bo5 rounds with overtime and map wins was a no go from the start


Ggwp this tournament was really interesting ! The matchs were really interesting to watch and soooo intense ! 6v6 is defenetly good !
Thanks a lot
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