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I love playing ranged builds in Warband. But gaining XP by only playing range builds is impossible.

There are two main reasons for this:

1 - It is so much harder and slower to kill as a ranged hero. (for an average player)
2 - You need to kill the enemy to gain XP, and most of the time, even you hit a very successful hit on the enemy, your kill get stolen so you can't gain the XP.

And I thought of two solutions for this problem:

1 - Gaining XP on not only killing but on successful hits too on ranged weapons, so the killing problem goes away (This exp gain can be flat kill_xp_reward / 2 or (damage/enemy_hp) * kill_xp_reward )
2 - Gain exp by the hardness of the range hit: If you hit a very successful hit from far away you should gain so much greater XP. And this solves the problem of killing fewer enemies as a ranged hero

With these two tweaks, I think you can gain XP similar to melee build as ranged build.

Are there any mods for this? Or are there any tweaks in the module.ini file for this?

If you have different solutions to this problem please share them. Also, this is my first post here, sorry if the format is a little bad.
What you want to do can be achieved through modding Module System. The two solutions can be resolved by making a trigger (ti_on_agent_hit) and calculating distance between player shooter and non-player victim with (get_distance_between_positions); the distance can be used to calculate XP per successful hit and give either absolute value (add_xp_to_troop) or value dependent of total XP points of a character (troop_get_xp and add_xp_to_troop).
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Thank you for you answer. What program should I use for modding and Is there a modding guide I can read?
You are welcome. For editing Python files, an advanced editor like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code will be suitable. The Forge - Warband engine mod development section has its dedicated sub-section with documentation and tutorials. There is an abundance of guides on how to mod.
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