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Sergeant at Arms
The map doesn't show terrain. It shows the sky.
In cities many texture just appear red...
There are many people with the same problem!


Same here... Map is missing, weapons and shoes are white and blue and sparkle, also the old missing-hair bug is still there.  I have version 110122

Download from the Talewords page didnt worked for me... it appeared some steam_api.dll error. I downloaded the Torrent downloadable here in the forum. I bought my Key from the Taleworlds store

edit: Ok at least I solved my map problem just turning off HDR Mode. the map apeared again, but some textures are still pink
Ok I have the exact same issues. I was actually looking through the forum here for a while seeing if anyone else was having problems. What exactly am I suppose to do to fix this? I'm getting the red details on walls, missing hair or helmets, and my map is the sky.

I just tried turning off the HDR mode but it still isn't working.


1. update drivers of your graphics card (Solved 100% of the problems of few users)

2. When starting the warband launcher, click on "Configure" and under the "Video" tab choose rendering method "DirectX 7" instead of "DirectX 9"
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