Resolved Warband syncs for about 5 seconds and stops

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Problem: I can't start the game (Warband). When pressing play it syncs for 5 seconds then stops and nothing happens during that time. Things I've tried:
- Checking file integrity
- Reinstalling
- Turning off antivirus and reinstalling
- Restarting Steam/Computer
- Launching Steam as admin
- Updating video drivers and DirectX
- Updating DirectX using the file in the game folder.
- Launching mb_warband.exe directly with admin rights
- Going to Taleworlds website and downloading their game there.
Same issue. Launcher doesn't launch. - Fixing registry with CCleaner.
- Wanted to delete rgl_config but it wasn't even there.
-Deleted hidden files and reinstalled
-OneDrive disabled and PC restart
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