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Warband Servers Down?

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Dammit, my nephew is in town and thought we'd get a chance to virtually kill each other.... now we gotta do it irl.  Taleworlds, one of our lawyers will be talking to you concerning the murder trial!  If any of the jury are gamers, I (or him) will not be convicted!
Callum_TaleWorlds said:
I'm checking now and the server list appears to be working. Is this on PC or console that you are having issues?
Again happened tonight; everything worked as usual till about 01:00 this server's time.  I happen to be from NA and admin for a EU server. Many players from EU play at the time when us in NA play also even at these odd times. Players have also reported that server list was not loading. It took me about 6 attempts to connect to our Siege server. We play on the PC as this was asked here and also on some attempts to connect, the Serial Number entry box pops up and entering that serial number still doesn't guarantee when you hit the connect button you will connect.
Thanks, very much hope you find the problem and keep us up to date about it, please. Thanks again, salute.
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