Warband Script Enhancer 2 (v1.1.2.6)

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Do you already know when map rotation system will be fixed in new WSE 2 version ? (still not the same with invader side sometimes)

Thx for everything,
-Added FastDL - quick download of server's custom maps from external storage.
-Fixed `start` dedicated server console command.
-Fixed agent's camera when crouching.

Thanks to Anoki for sponsoring development a FastDL.

How use FastDL

Only works for server and clients >= 1107.
For clients with vanilla Warband or the old version of WSE2, standard download from the server will be used.
If there is an error downloading a map from FastDL or file checksum does not match, standard download from the server will be used.

1)Edit server_config.ini
bFastDLUrl=<you fastdl url>

2)Use web server or ftp server to store your maps

ftp://[email protected]/
ftp://user:[email protected]/

3)Copy .sco scenes from your server SceneObj folder to your web/ftp server.

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@K700 , can you show hardcoded camera rotation speed depended on mouse movement? I am making custom camera rotation and want to synchronise it. It will help to show "leave area" message near the borders and to leave vehicle properly.

        float mouseMovementX = 0.0f;
        float mouseMovementY = 0.0f;

        if (!g_game->m_editModeActive && hasCursor())
            if (g_windowManager.m_cursorPosition.x <= 0.01f)
                mouseMovementX = frameTime * -400.0f;
            else if (g_windowManager.m_cursorPosition.x >= 0.99f)
                mouseMovementX = frameTime * 400.0f;

            if (g_windowManager.m_cursorPosition.y <= 0.01f)
                mouseMovementY = frameTime * 400.0f;
            else if (g_windowManager.m_cursorPosition.y >= 0.74f)
                mouseMovementY = frameTime * -400.0f;
            mouseMovementX = (float)g_inputManager.m_mouseMovementX;
            mouseMovementY = (float)g_inputManager.m_mouseMovementY;

        float timeFactor = 20.0f;
        float mouseFactor = 0.000054f;

        float changeFactor = rglMax(1.0f - (frameTime + 0.02f - frameTime * frameTime * 8.0f) * timeFactor, 0.0f);
        m_cameraHorizontalRotationChange *= changeFactor;
        m_cameraVerticalRotationChange *= changeFactor;

        if (!g_game->m_editModeActive || g_inputManager.keyDown(key_left_mouse_button))
            if (rglConfig::Input::bInvertMouseX)
                mouseMovementX = -mouseMovementX;

            if (rglConfig::Input::bInvertMouseY)
                mouseMovementY = -mouseMovementY;

            bool isMultiplayer = g_basicGame.isClient() || g_basicGame.isListenServer();
            float changeX = mouseMovementX * mouseFactor * mouseSensitivity * m_cameraFov;
            float changeY = mouseMovementY * mouseFactor * mouseSensitivity * m_cameraFov;

            if (isMultiplayer)
                float limit = frameTime * 10.0f + 0.3f;

                changeX = rglClamp(changeX, -limit, limit);
                changeY = rglClamp(changeY, -limit, limit);

            m_cameraHorizontalRotationChange += changeX;
            m_cameraVerticalRotationChange += changeY;

            if (isMultiplayer)
                float limit = frameTime * 10.0f + 0.3f;

                m_cameraHorizontalRotationChange = rglClamp(m_cameraHorizontalRotationChange, -limit, limit);
                m_cameraVerticalRotationChange = rglClamp(m_cameraVerticalRotationChange, -limit, limit);

            m_cameraHorizontalRotation -= m_cameraHorizontalRotationChange;
            m_cameraVerticalRotation -= m_cameraVerticalRotationChange;

        m_cameraVerticalRotation = rglClamp(m_cameraVerticalRotation, -1.36591f, 1.2566371f);
I seem to be having an issue where certain graphical settings disable on a specific module. The HDR and Auto-Exposure settings are not present in a Native Remaster module I am using, which HDR is required to get its proper look (without it textures have issues). I tried adding them back into the configurations but they do not appear.
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-Added fToggleItemModeCooldown config option.
-Fixed position_align_to_ground operation.
-Fixed itp_covers_head and itp_covers_beard item flags for body items.
-Fixed scrollbar for Control settings window.
-Added agent_set_dropped_items_prune_time, reload_item_kinds, reload_troops, reload_parties operations.
-Fixed troop_set_skill_points, troop_set_attribute_points, troop_set_proficiency_points operations.

Thanks to Anoki for sponsoring development a new operations.
You can copy Gloria Sinica module to Warband folder and try start.
However, the executable file of Gloria Sinica is encrypted and there is no way to make an WSE2 version for it, as I did for WFaS.
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