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This account does not have 24 hours yet. So I can't put links here. But I sent it to you in conversation
Try this
unpack it into the mod folder, you should have it
Warband\Modules\EIF 2 - Beta 1.1\lua

With this script the mod will think that it is running on the vanilla Warband engine, maybe this will solve your problem.
-Multiplayer campaign mode - network events for party stacks and datetime sync.
-Added pf_dont_send_to_clients party flag.
-Profiler update - before, you had to start/stop the entire game to make a recording. Now there are commands for this, and you can add markers with text. It uses a new binary format that allows viewing in timeline mode with many comfort features and also added a search bar for the list view.
-Added profiler_start, profiler_stop, profiler_is_recording, profiler_mark, party_get_banner_icon, party_get_extra_icon operations.
-Lua update - extend vector3, update missing documentation, more examples, better dark theme.

Thanks AgentSmith for awesome work on WSE - profiler and lua update.

Is this the intended function of adding a particle system to a missile? All particles disaster the instant they hit an object. Is this a bug?
The particle system is attached to the missile instance, so when it is removed (i.e. when it hits an object) so do its associated particles. You can use a trigger to track the missile's position and spawn a particle burst at its location in flight. Bursts are independent of other objects and the particles will exist as long as intended.
The particle system is attached to the missile instance, so when it disappears so do its associated particles. You can use a trigger to track the missile's position and spawn a particle burst at its location in flight. Bursts are independent of other objects and the particles will exist as long as intended.
Would that be any more intensive on performance or the same as this rn?
Is there a special case for the armor meta mesh of an agent taking longer to be able to be referenced?
   [(store_script_param, ":tableau_no",1),
    (store_script_param, ":agent_no", 2),
    (store_script_param, ":troop_no", 3),
    (store_script_param, ":tipo", 4),
    (troop_get_type, ":num_skin", ":troop_no"),
    (assign, reg0, ":num_skin"),
    (assign, reg1, ":tipo"),
    (str_store_troop_face_keys, s1, ":troop_no"),
    (face_keys_get_face_texture, reg2, s1),
    (cur_item_add_mesh, "@body_type_{reg0}_part_{reg1}"),
    (assign, ":skin_plane", "@mesh_plane_body_{reg1}_no_{reg2}"),
      (display_message,"@{!}AGENT EXIST: ARMOR SLOT: {reg1}",0xFF00FF00),
      (assign, ":body_mesh", 0),
        (eq, ":tipo", ek_foot),
        #(assign, ":body_mesh", bmm_left_foot),
        (agent_body_meta_mesh_set_vertex_keys_time_point, ":agent_no", bmm_left_foot, 70),
        (eq, ":tipo", ek_body),
        (agent_body_meta_mesh_set_vertex_keys_time_point, ":agent_no", bmm_armor, 70),
    (call_script, "script_agent_troop_get_banner_mesh", ":agent_no", ":troop_no"),
    (cur_item_set_tableau_material, "tableau_armor_transparent", ":troop_no"),

In this script im calling from here:
def manage_naked_transparent(tipo, text):
  return(ti_on_init_item,    [
        (store_trigger_param_1, ":agent_no"),
        (store_trigger_param_2, ":troop_no"),
    (call_script, "script_calcular_body_texture_transparent", text, ":agent_no", ":troop_no", tipo),
["test_armor_lower", "Test Legplates", [("empty_mesh",0)], itp_type_foot_armor |itp_civilian  |itp_merchandise| itp_attach_armature,0, 34 , weight(1)|abundance(100)|head_armor(0)|body_armor(0)|leg_armor(0)|difficulty(0) ,imodbits_cloth,[manage_naked_transparent(ek_foot,"mesh_armor_test")] ],
["test_armor_upper", "Test Armor", [("empty_mesh",0)], itp_type_body_armor|itp_covers_legs|itp_merchandise|itp_civilian,0, 348 , weight(4)|abundance(100)|head_armor(0)|body_armor(14)|leg_armor(10)|difficulty(0) ,imodbits_cloth,[manage_naked_transparent(ek_body,"mesh_armor_test")]],
["sword_test_mesh", "Test Blade", [("body_type_1_part_5",0),("khergit_sword_b_scabbard", ixmesh_carry)], itp_type_one_handed_wpn|itp_merchandise|itp_primary, itc_scimitar|itcf_carry_sword_left_hip|itcf_show_holster_when_drawn,
 105 , weight(1.25)|difficulty(0)|spd_rtng(100) | weapon_length(97)|swing_damage(29 , cut),imodbits_sword_high, [(ti_on_weapon_attack,
      (get_player_agent_no, ":player_agent"),
        (agent_body_meta_mesh_set_vertex_keys_time_point, ":player_agent", bmm_armor, 70),

im adding a mesh to the item when its initialized, it with cur_item_add_mesh, and then im choosing a time frame (set to 70 for now) to the corresponding agent mesh.
Right now, its working great when its called from foot armor. But when the script its called from body armor, the mesh and texture are added, but the agent_body_meta_mesh_set_vertex_keys_time_point does nothing. Only when called after initialization, it is able to be deformed, unlike foot armor.
When deforming the torso armor from another event, like ti_on_weapon_attack in this case it deforms well, so im asuming it has something to do with the body meta mesh not being ready by some kind of order in the init item secuence. The body armor seems to be initialized earlier than the foot consistently, at leas for the player.

Is there any way to add a delay between operations or schedule the execution of one after a second or two?
Also, is there plans to add something like troop_body_meta_mesh_set_vertex_keys_time_point or cur_item_add_mesh_time_point so this could be shown when theres not agent avaliable?
I'll change it so that the armor mesh is added to the agent's metameshes before calling the trigger in the next update.
I can make new operations to order.
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-Multiplayer campaign mode - network events for attached parties, battle map events; updated party replication.
-Added ti_on_agent_fill_movement_capsule trigger.
-Armor metamesh added to agent's metameshes before ti_on_init_trigger.

Thanks to noooxy for sponsoring development of a ti_on_agent_fill_movement_capsule trigger.

(ti_on_agent_fill_movement_capsule , 0, 0, [],
(store_trigger_param_1, ":agent_no"),
(store_trigger_param_2, ":radius"),

(position_move_z, pos1, 50),
(val_mul, ":radius", 2),
(set_trigger_result, ":radius"),
hi, im a modder from China, registering this site to report below:

1. wse2 seems don't support this flag for spr: sokf_dont_move_agent_over
im using this flag to make agents fly, such as dragons and supperman, but only functions when using warband to start game, well if use wse2 to start game, it has no function, agents can not fly properly.

2. wse2 seems don't support multi-people-conversation. when i use warband, it functions well, three talkers are all displayed when they talk, but if i use wse2, oh, only the 1st talker and player can be displayed, other talkers cannot displayed in the camerer-- or i should say, the camerer didn't switch to other talkers' face.

wse2 has been use by many players, i think these two points are very important to strengthen game-experience, please take a look, or if it's my wrongly coding, cound you tell me how to apply wse2 to apply the upper functions?

thank you .
0xc000007b having this problem after i installed a fresh custom windows 10, downloaded every direct x, runtime and things and dll's. did all the windows uptades, still cant launch the wse2
Hello. Please provide a mod with your features and a your save file so I can test it
Thanks for your reply, please down load here:

mod: GreatAdventurers
sav file: sg01.sav

mod: GreatAdventurers
sav file: sg01.sav

Files in both links are same. this mod is based on warband1.174

How to test:

1. Enter this sav file, click the 1st button downside of the map (camp button ) and enter the camp(2nd menu option) to test the fly horse. Press space to fly up, press WSAD to fly in the air, move the mouse to change flying directions, db-click s to fly down and land on the ground.

2. Ener the nearest town (Paravan), enter the tavern, the multi-people conversation will automatically start after a girl moves close to the player. The speakers should be: the player, the girl, and the tavern keeper.

Thanks again. Awaiting.
I can’t download from Chinese file hosting services, please use Dropbox, Google Drive or torrents.
OK, now it's google drive:

mod: GreatAdventurers
sav file: sg01.sav

by the way, my friend asked how to use wse2 without its shader? he made his own shaders and when using wse2 the screen wound become dark likely, he thinks it's because wse2 forced him to use wse2's shader. how should i answer him?
OK, now it's google drive:

I requested access.

I run my mod in WSE2 and get a black screen with FXAA or Post Processing Filter enabled.
WSE2 usually does this automatically, but you need to edit postFX.fx file from your module and add to the end this strings

#if WSE2
#include "postFX_WSE2.fx"
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