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Sergeant Knight

Warband Revival League

… the game has changed. I feel it in the servers, I feel it in the forums, I smell it in the absence of sweaty top-players. Much that once was is lost, for only few now play who remember it.
… it began with the forging of the great tournaments … many were given to the Warband Native scene, who above all else desire titles and fame. For within these tournaments was bound the strength and will to govern the game...

Tough a decade later all this seems to have slowly faded away, the game is slowly dying.

… but they were all of them deceived – for another tournament was made. In the land of nearly dead servers, in the fires of one small Teamspeak server, some Dark Lords and Ladies forged in secret a master tournament to control all the players still alive. And into this tournament they poured their experience, their dedication and their will to not abandon what they love.

One tournament to revive them all.

Summer has started and the world is still ravaged by Covid-19, which has turned our lives and the whole society on it's head. With the release of Bannerlord we have all hoped to move on with the game we love the most to a bright future of competitive gaming, a huge increase in players and new mechanics to enhance the game even further. For now it has not turned out this way and a lot of Warband players are moving on with other games.

But now we won't give up on what has brought us so many joyful experiences and friendships over the years, Warband is not dead yet. We are giving you a ray of sunlight on the distant horizon and welcome you to the first iteration of the Warband Revival League.

In an effort to revitalize the Warband competitive scene we have reached out to multiple communities in order to kickstart this endeavor - the next big Native tournament.

From highly experienced players to groups of good friends – there is room for everyone and even the chance to win something from our prize-pool.


In the spirit of the highly sucessful Warband Native League we will be hosting this tournament in a ladder system with multiple divisions depending on the number of teams signing up.
First we will be determining the winners of the divisions to then proceed into a fierce knockout stage for each division to find their respective champions.


Two anonymous sponsors have come forward and with their help we are able to offer you amazing prizes! 3 sets of 8 customizable t-shirts, with the respective team logos and player names will be given to the winners of the tournament!


Sign up now and see you soon on the battlefield!

Deadline for signups is July 12.

[B]Team Name: [/B]
Team Tag:
Contact 1:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[B]Contact 2:[/B] (Taleworlds & Steam)
[spoiler]Player Name - ID[/spoiler]
[B]Preferred Division:[/B] A, B, C

Free Agent Signup Template
Preferred Class:
Second Class: [/b]
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Grandmaster Knight
I guess we're not far from game's death but it's nice to see some people putting in effort to push it for a while.

Will take part, best of luck with the tournament!
Team Name:Where are you A.M.K ?
Team Tag: A.M.K
Contact 1: Invincible
(Taleworlds & Steam)
Contact 2: Laylet (Taleworlds & Steam)
Invincible -700288
Laylet- 3268878
Capitaine- 3420390
Kevin- 3890971
KrosLeon- 2849063
Metehanyus- 993158
Pierro- 2022899
Tau- 1044199
Thomena- 1515008
AtillaHan- 1592695
Rashid- 3686914
Glory- 3149358
Medium- 1563642
Poer- 3110530
Preferred Division: B
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Sergeant Knight
Team Name: Malta II
Team Tag: Malta2
Contact 1: Aras (Taleworlds / Steam)
Contact 2: Vincent ( Taleworlds / Steam)

AralZ - ID
Aras - ID
Meldo - ID
Triari - ID
SteelYr - ID
Peggy - ID
Vincent - ID
Slow - ID
Musty - ID
Pepper - ID
Cow - ID
Sigmar - ID
Raven - ID
Preferred Division: B
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Gibby Jr

Very nice of you to name a tournament after the revival of the Senate.

Team Name: Legacy Senate
Team Tag: Senate_
Contact 1: Gibby TW - Steam
Contact 2: Mandingo TW - Steam

Preferred Division: B
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