Warband Remastered

Would you like to see a remastered Warband?

  • I support this as a Warband boomer who wanted Warband+

    Votes: 35 31.8%
  • I support this because my ancestors told me tales of Warband's greatness

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No, they should focus on Bannerlord

    Votes: 53 48.2%
  • No, they should give up on everything and commit company sudoku

    Votes: 13 11.8%
  • I'm special and want a remastered Warband MP only

    Votes: 9 8.2%

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siege equipment (that doesn't work yet)
As a matter of fact, the siege equipment do work. What you always hear about siege is about the janky pathfinding AI, not fault in the equipment. As for perks, I believe people hate how grinding leveling gets on higher levels, not the perks themselves, which is a fair assessment. Perks give you more unique bonuses, like a chance to knock people off horses and a chance for horses in your inventory to breed, which is more than what we get from skills and proficiencies in Warband (just numbers).

What I'm trying to point out with the list is that Bannerlord actually has a lot of new features, and nice ones at that. The issue people have is that many of those features are still very basic, despite having so much potential. Take the clan parties for example. Right now you can only make them. While they're roaming free, you can't tell them to not raid villages or attack caravans yet.

Madvader did say "new and exciting", ie: a major improvement. None of these are particularly major; and are just tweaks to existing mechanics from Warband.
Also worth noting that workshops are restricted to a max in BL.
Sure, but in my view they're still really nice improvements that add to the enjoyment of the game. I don't think they should be ignored just because Warband had an inferior version of it. Also I forgot about that hard cap of workshops, you're right about that.


Content in parentheses is the comparison with Warband.
- Siege equipment like battering rams, catapults, arbalests, siege towers and two sets of three ladders, most of which can be destroyed (only one ladder or invincible siege tower)
- Combining parties into one giant party to form an army (you herd lords and have them run away at a seemingly bigger party)
- Perks that also give bonus to your party/army or governed settlement (only raw stat bonus from skills and proficiencies)
- Weight-based inventory that lets you carry more items (fixed amount of slot that can only be improved with Inventory skill)
- Sending companions and some troops to do quests for you (non-existent)
- Making and disbanding parties led by companions or family members (once you name a companion a noble, they're no longer yours)
- Making your own caravan parties that move on their own (non-existent)
- Proposing to change kingdom's policies without being the leader (non-existent)
- Ability to select prisoners to recruit (you click a menu and the prisoners that are willing to join are random)
- Free militias in settlements (only a village has it and they're only peasants)
- Various buildings with multiple levels for more benefits and the ability to speed them up via funding, and queueable (build one at a time and there are no levels)
- Multiple workshops in one settlement (only one per settlement)
- Guaranteed capture after defeating lords (capture is luck based)
- Executing lords for stealing your cows that one time (non-existent)
- Multiple notable NPCs in settlements, so more quests (one guild master/village chief only)
- Horse and saddle/armor are separate items (horse and their armor is one item, making it hard to get good horses)
- Loot from raiding comes while raiding, and can be cancelled and resumed (you're stuck while looting and doesn't get the loot until it's finished)
Nice list.
A clumsy attempt from my side:
  • Death and birth, raising your child (non-existent)
  • Quick and easy management of companions (available trough dialogue, painfull)
  • Dynamic and random creation of companions, giving more gameplay options (fully scripted immortal dudes)
  • Huge inventory, sortable (square base inventory, painfull to manage)
  • Possiblity to mark on the map your destination (non-existent)
  • Possibility to choose a 100% trader gameplay (non-existent)
  • Possiblity to easily create your army, with specific management system (non-existent)
  • Possiblity to join huge battle when in an army, and lead formation following direct orders from the leader (non-existent)
  • Siege phase on map, possiblity to destroy the wall prior to assault (non-existent)
  • Village production type coherent with the geographical environement (only based on town prosperity)
  • Rebellions (non-existent)
  • Perks allowing more gameplay diversity (quoting Grank "only raw stat bonus from skills and proficiencies")


Mount & Duty: Calradian Warfare
(with a cover of a man solemnly touching his horse because he's called to war)
Mount Effect: Bandromeda
(M&B except in space so you have battles of thousands of units all on foot in antigravity unable to move effectively just floating off in random directions until they retreat)

Ser Jon

Thankfully Bannerlord is not as bad as Andromeda, nowhere near it yet. Don't bring that evil on us! lol
I absolutely do not share the rose-tinted glasses and nostalgia many here seem to have for Warband. Don't get me wrong, I really liked M&B and Warband, but there was always a massive "potential"-carrot dangling in front of me.

Even with mods the games were clunky. The games were burdened by loading screen upon loading screen. Interfaces mostly consisted of weirdly constructed dialogue trees that were awful to navigate. The simplest actions were three layers deep in cluttered menus or it was a clickfest. And the games really weren't all that complex, when it came down to it.

But what if the foundation the game built could be used to make me feel like an actual mercenary-turned-King in a (when modded) fantasy-ish medieval world? What if, at some point, I could sit around and dynamically react to the political happenings around my lands, engage in diplomacy or intrigue with characters I cared about, build my custom (!) army, meanwhile managing my resources and fiefs wisely (not just click "build" on everything while waiting 50 hours), with the possibility of conquering the world, but also enough engaging mechanics that simulated the realities of the court of a feudal lord, so that world conquest wasn't the end-all be-all? A peasant seeking audience with me for a change, rather than running around, asking people if I could please herd their cows for them? How about settling disputes of my lords? The possibilities for a medieval sandbox, especially one that did the combat as well as M&B were endless.

Quite frankly, neither vanilla nor modded Warband achieved this for me. In the end, vanilla was too shallow and most of the mods tried to do something of the sort, at least in part, but were massively hindered by what I assume were the technical possibilities of the game or engine, making management a chore, more often than not.

So, no, sorry, I really wouldn't just want a remastered Warband. From my perspective, even with some features missing, and some other features that were named in this thread included, Bannerlord feels like a remastered Warband to me. With some very, very important improvements in terms of UI (by now), but I still look at the game and simply imagine the "what if", rather than feeling satisfied with the possibilities in the now.

This doesn't mean that I'm massively disappointed. I didn't have any unrealistic expectations to begin with. I'm fairly certain that most would have looked at the potential of the game in the same way at some point, including TW, and those are some big shoes to fill.

But what if TW work on it some more.... what if...?
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