Warband Players for Breast Cancer Awareness | CFL Final Stream & Charity Raffle

Added to Calendar: 29/08/21

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Carnage Fantasy League Final & Charity Event


When: Sunday, August 29th, 20 BST


Stream production: Deafening

Casters: Shovenio, Supernova and ...


Within the context of the Carnage Fantasy League Final we have decided to host a charity event for Breast Cancer Awareness.
We want the Warband Community to come together and raise some money for a good cause. For that a raffle will be held where every donation - no matter how big or small the amount - serves as a ticket to win one of the spectacular prizes provided by Carnage Gaming and Gamer Advantage.
You can win a pair of Gamer Advantage Glasses (check out here: https://gameradvantage.com/collections/glasses) or a 50$ Gift Card provided kindly by Carnage Gaming (https://carnagegg.com/).

Whats going to happen with the money?:
This event is part of the Carnage Gaming Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is in October. This is the first of a few events Carnage Gaming (twitter: https://twitter.com/CGCarnageGaming) will be holding in that context, just like a similar fundraising effort they hosted in April for Autism Charity. In the context of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month our donations will be presented to a Charity which will be revealed once the Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws closer. And you can all be sure, that they will know that these donations were all kindly collected within the Warband Community!

So, Warband Players, tell your friends, your clanmates, your families, acquaintances, enemies... leave all feuds aside for a day and let's come together for a good cause while watching a great match!

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Where to donate?
You will be able to donate during the stream, we will have a donation meter and incoming donations will be displayed on stream. There is also a button on the twitch channel that allows you to donate now, but in order to participate in the raffle you have to donate during the stream.
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