[Warband MP] Zombie mod ALPHA | Ported to latest! 1.134

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Zombie mod
latest version: http://www.filefront.com/17691024/Zombie2_1.rar
Please note, this post needs updating but I will do that after I release the ported version!
In this MP mod (for Team Deatmatch only atm) there is a Human faction and a Zombie faction.
It's pretty simple; Human dies? Human becomes Zombie.
The mod is going to be designed to put (based on the number of players in the server) 1 or more starting zombies that tries to kill Humans, by doing so the number of zombies increase. Zombies respawn, but Humans can't as they get switched to zombie team.

The mod is based on the CS zombie mod and also the zombie gametype we played during a special event "last night of the beta". I think it was biteme who suggested to play it, and we all had a great deal of fun.

Factions specific:

Human troop(s):
- Crossbowman. (Can select a crosssbow, a heavy crossbow, a siege crossbow, bolts and some armor.)
- Brawler (no weapons, but does a lot of damage with kicks/fists, used as support)

Zombie troop(s):
- Fast Zombie (Has a sword, little health and runs quickly) - 1 xbow hits needed to put down
- Heavy Zombie ( Has a warhammer, more health but runs slower) 2 xbow hits needed to put down, or 1 hit and 1 kick.

Future Features: (Blue = working on. Orange = not yet working on. Green = finished. Red = missing models or something similar)

- Can only join the Human team at the first 20 seconds of the gamestart. (If you join zombies you get switched to humans)
- Depending on the number of players in the game, after the first 20 seconds 1 or more Human player(s) is/are randomly selected to become the first zombie(s).
- Map ends when all Humans are zombies or when there are no zombies in the opposite team.
- changes to heavy and fast zombie: Fast becomes even quicker and the heavy becomes slower but gets more health and a balanced warhammer
- More Human troops.   (needs input, I myself was thinking of a "brawler")
- dedicated scenes (Need scenemakers)
- Skins/models for zombie and perhaps Humans (needs moddelers/models)
- New zombie troop: "Shield zombie", has acces to shields only, doesn't walk very fast. The shield zombie is used to help the fast & heavy zombies to crack open those humans who have fortified themselves.
- The first zombie get's to be the "zombie lord" has acces to more equipment and he/she is harder to put down
Download link & Instructions:

Custom scenes added, no names yet. (Ruins up to battle on ice are custom scenes)

extract into  .../Modules
Then copy the "SceneObj" folder of .../Modules/Native into the mod .../Modules/Zombie2

+ hotfix:
how to install:

1) Copy "native"
2) rename that folder to "zombie"
3) download the mod
4) unrar it so that the .txt files are inside modules/zombie
None! Some people joke that I am playing warband on a mobile phone, and graphic wise that's probably true, so a screanshot from my side will look terrible.


Server coming tonight probably

What I need:

- Input on the current troops, and input for new troops.
- Models for zombies
- scenes
- sounds for the zombies to make. (Ambient or w/e)
- cool screanshots/stories

- Mika for creating 2 maps :smile:
Special thanks to:

- Einherjar (testing)
- shieldlings (testing)
- CoR (testing)
- Yoshiboy (Helping out)
- Arch3r (Helping and testing)
- Hethwill (helping, hosting and testing)
- Benedict (hosting)
- cruger (testing)


After this I will work on "Zombie Escape"


15 june: added instellation instructions



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Mighty fun indeed, but I think having a 'zombie lord' (the first zombie) with godly health (10 xbow shots to take down) and no respawn when zombies die (modified battle mode) would be even cooler. Maybe all zombies would need a health buff for that 'battle' mode though.


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Yeah good idea :wink:
I was puzzled :grin: lol, you start as a fast zombie.. and then the humans ALWAYS win :grin:


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Well it depends on the map, surely if you are playing Port assault and you are all camping in the house with 1 ladder...
The first zombie can't get you. But that's boring for the humans, so they will go out on the streets or spread out in different camp spots. Usually the zombie can pick 1 or 2 off and then start coordinating.
Needless to say, the zombie keeps respawning and the humans don't heal.

But that's why I need custom maps.
Good places to camp, but not impossible to breach. If there is only 1 entrance, it should also only be able to hold a very few people. (1 - 3) but if it has multiple entrances, it needs enough space for more humans.


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Mahud, if I have some spare time between my slave work for Arch3r, I could do some scenes for you. I'll think about something fitting.


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Temuzu said:
Scenes you say?

Medieval type? Im in.
Knew I could count on you :razz:

Also, Freddex came up with an awesome idea; instead of swords...
torn off limbs as weapons!
Captain and freddex might make an arm or so :smile:


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have an idea for a zombie the infector verry slow zombie who has some trowing weapons


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If there are zombies that can throw things, I am afraid it will be very hard for the humans to survive.