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[Warband][MP] Persistant Zombies [1.3] (Dead)

Zombies and their stats - (What should they be?).

  • Low HP low damage.

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Low HP Medium damage.

    Votes: 13 11.9%
  • Low HP High damage.

    Votes: 21 19.3%
  • Medium HP Low damage.

    Votes: 33 30.3%
  • Medium HP Medium damage.

    Votes: 26 23.9%

  • Total voters

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Grandmaster Knight
The mod is dead, because I don't have time anymore to work on it.

I may pick it up again in the future, or maybe not. Who knows?

For anyone that wishes to know, I'll probably be re-writing the mod as it contains many errors which are down to dirty edits which I'm not fully able to fix, and also some parts of the code I've constructed were done poorly because I didn't know as much when I first wrote it.

Certain aspects will be changed:
  • Faction chat intergrated into it.
  • (Maybe) Removed buying armour as a scene prop - it becomes too complicated to find armour around the map as well as weapons, and will help solve some issues down to too many scene props on the maps.
  • (If I can work out how to) When you die, you'll be moved onto the Zombie team.
  • Proper Enconomy - real ways to make cash. But all will require the defending whoever transports the goods.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Better maps that allow Zombies to ambush the players.
  • Proper intergration of the use of Ai into the mod.

This is my first mod - I've been producing it for a while, and have been testing it with my clan members.
So please don't be too critical to certain features or bugs, and if you have any suggestions, I'll see if I can add them.
Anyway, here it is:



Zombies vs survivors, on either Siege, battle or deathmatch.
PWMod style buying of equipment - buy the equipment ingame (Excluding clothing and zombie equipment)
Zombie models for the zombies, with a small selection of 6 bodies and 8 heads. (Don't be critical, as they are my first models)
Medium weapons and armours selection.
Sleeping in beds (Not really sleeping, but you can heal with them)
Extremely buggy creation of fireplaces and beds!
Collection of food then using it on campfires to heal small % of HP fast.
More blood using the blood tweak.

Version 1.3
1.3 Changelog:

Fixed barricades.
(Thanks to Vornne)

Patch (1.3)

Rename the original Persistant Zombies mod folder to Persistant_Zombies_Beta_1.3 then extract the contents of the exe into the modules folder.

Version 1.2
1.2 Changelog:

Added weights to the armours, so survivors can manage their weight.
Zombie AI no longer has throwing weapons.
Throwing weapons are nerfed.
Zombie weapons nerfed further - Decreased damage and speed slightly.
Barricades are (hopefully) working.
Boosted HP from beds.
Bed placement and campfire placement should also (hopefully) also be working. - Closer to working, but the scene props cannot be used anymore! (The placed ones)
Tweaked the blood to be less.
Siege map now has food on it, along with barricades at the beginning, and a barricade buy box.

Version 1.1
Zombies nerfed a little dmg wise.
Made it so zombies can no longer pick up survivor weapons (Well, when they swing them they are removed)
Max bots boosted, so zombies may swarm.
Max time boosted.
Guns should be pick-up able
The bugged features have 'bugged' or something like that when you hover over them, and they no longer work now.
(Making campfires and beds)
The items now show if they are polearms, 2h or 1h.
Maybe a few other tweaks I've forgotten.

Version 1.0
Beta release

Version 0.01 - 0.07
Alpha Testing.

Approx size of mod:
331MB (Compressed in .zip format)
711MB (Uncompressed -  :shock: )

http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2922 - .exe
(DL may have some problems for some users - if you do get a problem, try using 7zip to open the .zip archive, or use the .exe extractor)

Patch (1.3)

Rename the original Persistant Zombies mod folder to Persistant_Zombies_Beta_1.3 then extract the contents of the exe into the modules folder.

Secondary (Slower DL, but some users have had problems with the primary)

Known bugs / problems:
For some reason the game crashes with large numbers of armours on the map near each other. (Quite serious)
Unbalanced in some areas.
Lack of maps (Need someone to create some for me!)

Extract to the warband modules folder.

I need maps to be made, so if you can, it would be greaty accepted. :smile:
They do need AI testing done, as this mod uses AI.
Also, I would avoid using the 'buy campfires and beds' boxes, as they place the stuff in poor angles.

Types of maps I need:
Siege / invasion style maps - survivors defend and zombies attack!
Deathmatch style maps - with room for people to group up, or go against each other.
Battle / team deathmatch style maps - these maps are more linear - e.g. multiple points on a map where people should move to protect etc.

Outdated trailer (From alpha versions, before zombie models etc.) - Credits to stealthblade for it.

N0body for coding, zombie models (Edited native models)

Graphics and Textures:
SendMeSmile for improved buildings.
Gutekfiutek for Polished Landscapes and buildings.
Lucky Lancer for 'Texture fiddling'
Goosemaner for 'Rock and mountain pack'
Iboltax for 'Improved Male faces'
Sherman4 / Erudash For the Title images.
Blood tweak (I can't remember the author of the blood tweak, so I will need to update this later)

Equipment OSP:
Yamabusi For Highlander Armours.
Narf For Narf's Plate Armours, Transitional Armour and Rus armour packs.
Shredzorz For his Swords and other weapons.
Llew for the Flintlock & matchlock weapons.

Jazora for some help when I've gotten stuck.

Alpha Testers:
Total Jakeey
Serrr Orindell

And probably a bunch more testers.

If I have missed anyone out, please PM me so I can fix it, thanks, or have any problems with the use of your content in this mod, PM me (I believe I've got the permissions right, but may have made a mistake).

Classes and their stats:

Class|1h|2h|Polearms|Archery|Crossbows|Power Strike|Power Draw|Shield|Ironflesh|Strength
Dismounted Horseman|70|110 100|140 145| |60|2| |2| |15
Infantry|120 140| | | |85|2| |4 5|1 2|15
Archer / Crossbowman|90| | |135 145|135| |5| | |15
Mercenary|100|100|90| |125|2| |2|1|15
Civilian|50|50|50|50|50| | | |1 0|15
Hero|145| | | |120|2| |2|1|15

Class|1h|2h|Polearms|Archery|Crossbows|Power Strike|Athletics|Ironflesh|Strength
Tough Zombie                |80| | | | |10 8| |10|13
Fast Zombie|120| | | | |2 |10|5 4|13
Balanced Zombie|100| | | | |4|4|7|13

Proposed stat change in upcoming versions
Civilian has athletics of 3, allowing to outrun a touch zombie, and increases the chance of escaping a balanced zombie.
Currently, all survivor weapons require 15 str, but zombies can still pick them up, all zombie weapons require 20, survivors cannot pick them up.

Previous polls:

Survivors should have (very) poor starting equipment for next version? (1.2)
Yes                                29 (65.9%)  - Winner
No                                15 (34.1%)
Looks like quite a good Mod. I should know ive tested it XD

Its PWMOD but with a challenge to survive its best to find a group and fast or youll end up dieing :grin:
wonderful Mod nobody


I can't wait, Going too enjoy holding of certain strategic locations from hordes of zombies! Nice job nob!  :smile:


Grandmaster Knight
Hmm... Anyone else having problems opening the Archive? 2 People are having problems (WinRar users)

I'm uploading to MB repository too.


N0b I fixes my issues by downloading it while being plugged into the modem, Wouldn't work wirelessly


Grandmaster Knight
Comrade Temuzu said:
Yes, my file gets corrupted every time I download this. Please do :smile:

Excellent sounding mod.

Very strange, and thanks.

For some reason I can DL the file without any problems and open it, but you among others cannot.
I'll need to look into that.


Looked into it, multiple computers in my household can also download, but all the computers are using 7zip
But people using winrar are having problems for some reason.

It's probably because they are using a non legit copy of winrar, and the solution to fix it is: Unistall WinRar and install 7zip. (Apparently)

Though I don't understand why it is happening, while most other .zip files open fine.

Totaljakeey said:
N0b I fixes my issues by downloading it while being plugged into the modem, Wouldn't work wirelessly

Stranger yet. Anyone else tried this solution?


Possibly it could be because of the size of the file.

What I'm going to do is make a self-extracting archive, which should eliminate these problems.


Grandmaster Knight
Perkele_JOPOTINTTI said:
I got this kind of problems in 1 of 100 mods  :lol:

Well I'm uploading a .exe file, which is universal and can be opened by anyone + it's smaller than the zip.

Hopefully that will work better.
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