Warband Main Server Problem (Resolved)

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We have run into a technical problem with our main server and the TaleWorlds web page as well as the mutiplayer server list have been unavailable since 3 PM GMT today. We are currently working on the problem and trying to bring back everything online as soon as we can. 

I sincerely apologize for this problem from all Warband players. I'll post again here as soon as we have a development.

Update: We have been informed that the server will need to be re-installed to fix the problem. That'll probably take up to four or five hours, and we expect all services to be available again by 1:00 AM GMT.
Update#2: The server is reinstalled and we are in the process of bringing the services back online. 
Update #3: All services seem to be operational. Many thanks to all our players for their patience. We will try our best to make sure these kinds of incidents do not happen again.


Good to hear it will be fixed soon, thanks for letting us know.

You really should consider having more than one server to run this whole operation though... the website, game/patch downloads and multiplayer server-listings is a bit much to be bogging down one main server. Seems like putting all your eggs in one basket too.


Thank u for letting us know what is going on with the servers. I have already informed the Chinese M&B forum of this issue.
Btw, I just found that the official website is back, or partially back. The problem is that the account log in function is still not available, at least for me. Also http://bugs.taleworlds.com/bugs.aspx is down. Hope to hear good news from u soon.


Is this the reason why I can't connect to any servers right now? I still get servers when I press Refresh, I'm just unable to connect to any of them.


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And there I reached 30 game days and the trial is over. Unfortunately I can't activate my game, haha. Oh well - I guess it's for the best, I should sleep now anyway. Hope you get it sorted out soon.  :wink:


First the APB closed beta ended.  Now Warband multiplayer is kaput .  I guess I'll have to go back to Battlefield Bad Company 2, where I REALLY suck.

I cant any gaming love this month, the worm will have to turn at some point, eh?


Thanks im glad to have people who hop right on a problem....i have delt with sony forever and they SUCK!
Icenor said:
Is this the reason why I can't connect to any servers right now? I still get servers when I press Refresh, I'm just unable to connect to any of them.

yes this is the reason.
when everything is up again the serial validation (trial to full game and the one to join the server) as well as the server list will work again :smile:

Edit: Master Server seams to be up. Thx guys :smile:
Edit2: And gone again. But i guess it'll be up soon.


Let's not all jump on it soon as it's back up or we may end up crashing it from the traffic, lol.
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