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Have some problems finding them for my "Deal with Looters" quest from a local Guild master. Found about 3 parties and that's about it, can't find more (also used "True Sight" and "Teleport" cheats to lighten things up, but still nothing). Waited for respawn near the town where they are supposed to be, but all did was got me out of time to complete that quest.
Hello guys, i have the same problem as mentioned above  :???: I checked entire kingdom, not only quest giving city surroundings, and can't find quest related squad... I've seen them only once, i guess (blue font) but they were too strong at the moment. Is it possible, that one of the lords destroyed that squad and now I'm only chasing the ghosts? Is this some kind of annoying bug? Please let me know what do You think.
OK, admin can move this post to correct place of the forum too, all i want is answer, tip, solution, because now I'm really confused...  :???:
I'm just patrolling around Dhirim searching for them. When the quest was given there was two parties spawned side by side just outside the city. I slaughtered them and started to wandering in the "countryside" but since 5 days nothing... I have around week to find them.
This must be a bugged quest because I've done it twice now with 2 different games.

first time I killed 1-2 groups but they scatter like crazy.... even if you are really fast and have great tracking they're impossible.

I'm on my 2nd try now, killed 3 groups (all i saw that spawned when I took the quest),
talked to the guild master, he paid me bounty and refuses to talk to me about anything else,
so I guess the quest is still not complete, and I'm going to fail again.
Update - finished the quest barely.

I had only hours left on the quest timer of my realistic saved game so
I enabled cheats to do ctrl+t to see all parties and ctrl+leftclick so I could then teleport to them
(and back to the city to turn it it).

They had scattered to the ends of Caldaria- I had to go ALL OVER THE MAP and I think I had to kill 8-9 groups total.
You must talk to the guild master to finish the quest after all looter parties are destroyed.

For turning it in I got 500 denars, 1 renown and 500 exp + kill/bounty
Totally ridiculous and bugged.
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