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Nevino said:
Tihr Tyrants 10-9 Bruins of Haen





ggs was an intense match.

that was a thriller


There's gonna be a 1 week break between these matches and finals due to BoB.


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and the snake comes out on top.....
ggz boys
twitch vod here
fun fact i'm 10-0 when im a captain
our greatest advantage was having too many lan players
we've thrown almost every 2-0 lead in sets (except dis match tho) if u watch
i dropped the quad kill which ended a lot of people's dreams
peak of my warband career
shoutout to slade and bruce for making me who i am today as a warband warrior
shoutout to zaffa for organizing a sick tournament
shoutout to pico hes going to be the next elite archer
shoutout to anchor for being our motherfkin m v p
shoutout to royal for coming to the only finals match and going off
shoutout to easter cow, that guy is legit. he will be an all star in na
shoutout to abellard only showin up for 2 matches but goin ham in them
shoutout to rayden and nomes because they're the reason i get through the day
shoutout to subbby my favorite french horse man
shoutout to mattrick, 2nd place in lan, 1st place in wfl
shoutout to peanut
shoutout to marquis, he kills people and i dont even realize it
shoutout to surkan, got carried to a win
shoutout to watly, all he does is hit people in the back and thinks hes good
shoutout to snazzy for her first tournament win
shoutout to nate, goes afk in the middle of a round every single round
shoutout to easter cow's brother for making autistic noises in the background
shoutout to lions, all of our practices were against them they made us into who we are
shoutout to WFL_NY_3 best server in the tournament but it went down in the middle of it :sad:
shoutout to brad stevens, coty, true inspiration to me


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GGs guys!

To clear it up: the match was decided at a score of 8-2, after which the 3rd set ended at 8-4 and bb left.
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