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Hello everyone! After much anticipation, I have created this thread to accommodate the relaunch of the Warband Fantasy League (WFL). This is a tournament designed first and foremost to foster fun, competitive experiences within the community that wouldn't occur otherwise. To this end, we have established the WFL whereby captains are offered the unique opportunity to draft the players that will be competing with them. Our cause has garnered tremendous support within the community, with the tournament's prize pool sitting at a projected $2,000.

This is a ten week tournament consisting of a seven week round robin and three weeks elimination phase. The first week of matches begins on March 15 and ends on March 22.  As a whole, the round robin phase of the tournament will last until May 3. The elimination phase will last from May 3 until May 24 absent delays.

We all look forward to hosting an amazing tournament and wish everyone the best of luck going forward. This tournament looks to be very promising, and we will do everything in our power to make people have as much fun as possible.


1. Players are expected to be respectful of all other players and staff involved in the tournament.
2. Players are expected to show to all official matches and attend as many practices as possible for their teams.
3. Players who fail to do this will have appropriate action taken against them by the admin team and removed if necessary.

1. Servers will be located in New York unless both Captains agree on a different location located in North America. If severe lag is experienced during a match, the teams may relocate to another mutually agreed server after the current set is completed. Should Captains decide to switch to a non-New York based server, and lag occurs, captains will be forced to find a server with comparable geographical proximity. Captains may revert back to a New York server in cases where either A) both captains agree, or B) the agree upon server is suffering from even minimal performance issues and no rounds have yet been played.
2. In the event of a persistent DDOS attack, even after relocation, the match will be rescheduled and rounds will only count from the rounds where DDOS had no impact on their outcome.
3. The agreed upon server must be ready for teams and streamers 10 minutes prior to the start of a match.
● Module: TBR
● ENL Mode: private
● Combat Speed: Medium
● Block Direction: Manual
● Auto-Balance Limit: Off
● Disallow Ranged Weapons: Off
● Ranged Friendly Fire: On
● Melee Friendly Fire: On
● Damage to Self: 0%
● Damage to Friend 100%
● Gold: 100%
● Combat Bonus: 100%
● Round Bonus: 100%
● Respawn Time: 8 Seconds
● Max Round Time: 180 Seconds
● Map Time: 120 Minutes
● Spectator Mode: Locked to team view unless both Captains agree on another setting.
● Spectators: None unless either streaming or a member of a playing team
● Flag Spawn: 40 Seconds
*Server settings should not be altered in a way to make the match unfair.

1. The regular season will be played over a period of seven weeks upon which five of the eight teams will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will be conducted in a single elimination format with winners advancing to the next round.
2. Seeding will be determined by comparing the following:
● Look at overall w/l ratio.
● If tie, look at overall round w/l ratio.
● If tie, look at overall round w/l differential.
3. Map picks will be done same day, five minutes before the match start.
4. The schedule is pre-determined and unaffected by team performance throughout the tournament.

1. The roster for each team has already been decided in accordance with an online draft conducted with each of the eight captains over VOIP.
2. Teams may further supplement their rosters through trades up until a week following the draft.
3. Players will play with the names they signed up with under the id's they signed up with while wearing their teams tags at all times. Failure to follow this rules will remove you from the prize pool should your team win the tournament. There will be one warning for this. The second offense is final and the player will not be informed.
4. A player may register under any name that he chooses for use during tournament. However, if the player is primarily known by another name throughout the community, the player must include the other name in his application.
5. No secret trades can exist in the tournament. Until a trade is made public in the official tournament thread, the contents of the trade cannot take effect.
6. No player can play for multiple teams during any given week.
7. Captains must make a reasonable attempt to inform all team members about an upcoming scrimmage or practice. Captains are not required to provide playing time to any individual player and need only inform or reasonably attempt to inform the individual of the event. Note however that captains need not inform all team members of any non-team or "limited practice" designed to improve cohesion or other mechanics between only a select number of players on the team.
8. Players will be required to stay for a short period after each set to allow screenshots to be taken. Consistently fleeing the server or going to spec to avoid being in screenshots will put a player at risk of forfeiting any portion of the prize pool that would otherwise be apportioned to them.

1. Each week, teams will be able to pick from all available maps, minus any maps banned by themselves or their opponents. Upon both teams arriving to the server, teams will exchange picks and bans.
2. Teams have already been assigned a status as either 'Home' or 'Away' for each match. During both Week 7 of the Round Robin stage and the entirety of the Single Elimination stage of the tournament, the higher seeded team will be able to choose the designation it prefers.
3. The team that is listed as 'Home' will make the first ban. The 'Away' team will then make a ban. This process will repeat until a total of four maps have been banned. At this point, the 'Away' team will pick its first map, followed by the 'Home' team picking its map.
4. The 'Away' team's map will be played first, followed by the 'Home' team's map. Teams will start as top spawn on the map of their respective choosing.
5. Factions for each week have been pre-determined by fixtures.
6. The map selection process should occur within five minutes of the scheduled map time. Map picks should take no longer than five minutes. Only captains or a selected representative may provide picks/bans. Should no captain or co-captain provide picks/bans, the other team will be given full control over unclaimed picks and bans.
7. The match is to start within five minutes after the conclusion of picks/bans. Should a team choose not to play or fail to meet the requisite number of players then the other team will be credited a round for the next set for every three minutes that pass beyond the five minutes.
● 6 min after picking = 1 round credited
● 9 min after picking = 2 rounds credited
● 12 min after picking = 3 rounds credited
● 15 min after picking = 4 rounds credited
● 18 min after picking = 5 rounds credited
● 21 min after picking = forfeiture of all rounds yet to be played by violating team
8. In the event that a team member is away while waiting for the other team to acquire its players and is absent when the other team calls 'Ready', the person's team will be provided three minutes to wait for their return before being forced to play or begin being penalized.
9. There will be four sets, two for each map. Each set will be played first to three. At the end of each set, teams will swap sides. Following all maps being played, a winner will be determined by comparing the total rounds won by each team.
10. Matches are to be played 8v8. In the event that a team drops below eight players, the other team is not required to match.
11. Substitutions may occur between rounds.
12. Sets must begin within five minutes of a prior set's end. Ten minutes will be allotted between maps. Should a team go beyond these time limits, they will begin losing rounds every three minutes.
13. Each team may call for one reset per match. Resets can not be called after someone takes damage, any meaningful encroachment has occurred one team and another, or fifteen seconds have passed since the start of a round. If a player is killed early and attempts to rejoin the match before the timer is up they will be banned for the remainder of the match.
14. Tied rounds will be replayed.
15. Khergit is not a usable faction.

If there is a match dispute by either participating team during any match, the administrators will review it privately with the team captains. If no solution comes of this, the administrators will decide whether to redo that match under Administration Supervision or to leave the match alone the way it is. If the match dispute occurred during the match, teams are to immediately make administration aware of the dispute but continue to play the match.
List of Violations:
● Altering files for an advantage. Cosmetic changes, such as round timers and cross hairs, do not count.
● Exploiting glitches on maps. Glitches are defined as areas in match which, if exploited, gives one team an advantage over the other that was not intended by the map maker.
● Joining the other team's VOIP channel either during the match or during preparation for the match in an attempt to gain an advantage for the map.
● Anything deemed as cheating by primary Administrators unanimously.
● Spawning in an extra player to drop gear for teammates before going back to spec.
● Inflammatory statements designed to antagonize the other team involving prejudices or other factors not involving the scrim at hand. In the event that administration takes offense to statements being made, a warning will be provided. Should the statements continue, the player will be forced to sit out the remainder of the set. Should the statements continue again, the player will be banned from the match. Note: Players will be judged only for their own actions. The series of escalating punishments only applies to the actions that a player himself has committed, not his teammates.
Violations result in the following:
1. The exploitation of maps will result in the forfeiture of all rounds within the current set by the offending party (3-0). Any rounds that were won within the set prior to this violation will be discarded as the non-offending team will receive a 3-0 for the set. Intentionally spawning in an extra player to drop gear for team will result in a warning and possible forfeiture of rounds for minor offenses and forfeiture of set / expulsion from scrim for severe offenses.
2. Any altering of game files, joining of another team's ts to gather information, or any other severe forms of cheating will result in the expulsion of the offending player from the tournament.
Note that in the event of a dispute between the head admin and consulting admins, the head admin will prevail unless the consulting admins unanimously decide against the head admin. Note that the votes of all consulting admins are required to be deemed unanimous, not just the votes of admins present at a meeting.

A player may be punished if:
  • they engage in categorical insults (racist, xenophobic, sexist, etc.).
  • they reveal real life information about an individual or provide the means to acquire such information
  • they use the admin chat (i.e. red chat) in-game to engage in any type of hostility toward a player or group of players that is a part of the community.
A player may not be punished for general comments about a player (e.g. "you are fat", "you are ugly", "you suck at this game", etc.). If a player is trash talking another player, a ref may recommend that the "mute" function be used, though the ref will not be permitted to take action against the player.

A player's name is actionable if it:
  • contains profanity
  • targets another player or clan by name
  • attempts to impersonate another clan or individual
  • violates any of the above rules governing communicated conduct.

If a match is being officially streamed by Bladecast (or by any streamer both captains endorse) all other individuals (including non-Bladecast streamers) must exit the server once the match starts. Nobody may view a match outside of streamers or those who have been approved by both captains. If you wish to watch the match, watch the stream. Streamer status is only to be given to designated streamers and the minimal number of refs/admins required to perform their function. Matches are not to be filled with half a dozen refs who simply want to watch a match.​

Head Admin

Donations can be made at the following location:

Elimination Phase Schedule

Final Standings


Aura (Zaffa)

Sergeant Knight at Arms

3.6.2017 - Thread created and necessary data made available. More visually impressive versions of the data (rosters and schedule) will be made available soon.

3.6.2017 - Zacty has been assigned to Nevino's team. To make this determination, I randomly rolled a number for each team (1-:cool:. Tito, the captain of the first team, said he didn't want more players. Nevino, the captain of the second team, accepted him.

3.15.2017 - First week of matches begins.

3.15.2017 - Rules added governing communicated conduct and permitted names.

3.15.2016 - Rule added stating that team can't chose initials that overlap with a pre-existing clan or team.

Aura (Zaffa)

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Rosters and Trades

Final Rosters

Drafted Rosters

Nomar Rons: Platypus
Ahmerrad Ascended: Maccle

Barriye Berserkers: Lagstro
Reyvadin Ravens: Menethil and Matafiks

Ahmerrad Ascended: Pendragon + Fengay
Tulga Knights: Firunien + Azrud


Barriye Berserkers: Matafiks
Reyvadin Ravens: Mike

Reyvadin Ravens: Milky
Ahmerrad Ascended: Bauglir

Berserkers: Mike and Mog
Rons: Nikkle

BB: Scar and Nikkle
SS: Brian and Daemon

Schedule, Fixtures, and Standings


Faction Fixtures
Week 1
Map 1: Vaegir v Rhodoks
Map 2: Sarranid v Swadia

Week 2
Map 1: Rhodoks v Sarranid
Map 2: Swadia v Nord

Week 3
Map 1: Saranid v Rhodoks
Map 2: Vaegir v Nord

Week 4
Map 1: Nord v Rhodoks
Map 2: Swadia v Sarranid

Week 5
Map 1: Swadia v Vaegir
Map 2: Nord v Sarranid

Week 6
Map 1: Rhodoks v Swadia
Map 2: Vaegir v Sarranid

Week 7
Map 1: Nord v Swadia
Map 2: Rhodoks v Vaegir





Aura (Zaffa)

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Scores and Screenshots

Week 1 (March 15-22)
Bariyye Berserkers [11] - [5] Tulga Knights


Ahmerrad Ascended [6] - [9] Bruins of Haen


Suno Snakes [10] - [8] Rons


Sargoth Lions [9] - [3] Tihr Tyrants


Week 2 (March 23-29)
Tihr Tyrants [9] - [7] Tulga Knights


Bruins of Haen [9] - [6] Sargoth Lions


Ahmerrad Ascended [9] - [3] Nomar Rons


Suno Snakes [5] - [12] Bariyye Berserkers


Week 3 (March 30-April 5)
Bruins of Haen [12] - [4] Tulga Knights


Tihr Tyrants [8] - [7] Bariyye Berserkers


Ahmerrad Ascended [7] - [7] Suno Snakes


Norman Rons [9] - [6] Sargoth Lions


Aura (Zaffa)

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Scores and Screenshots

Week 4 (April 6-April 13)
Ahmerrad Ascended[7] - [7] Bariyye Berserkers


Tihr Tyrants[9] - [4] Bruins of Haen


Norman Rons [12] - [0] Tulga Knights

Suno Snakes[0] - [0] Sargoth Lions

Week 5 (April 14-April 20)
Tihr Tyrants [8] - [7] Nomar Rons

Suno Snakes [0] - [12] Tulga Knights

Bariyye Berserkers  [11] - [5] Bruins of Haen

Ahmerrad Ascended  [11] - [3] Sargoth Lions 

Week 6 (April 21-April 2:cool:
I'm gonna have to report you for that penta post  :razz:

Posting this here since Im tired of going back to the old thread



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Fietta said:
The new Moderator Count Delinard will show you what's up.
Anyway, who is that?

Nice thread, good to have the informations tied together. Will the website still be used?
GrafBlade said:
Fietta said:
The new Moderator Count Delinard will show you what's up.
Anyway, who is that?

Nice thread, good to have the informations tied together. Will the website still be used?

Count Delinard is initially a vassal of King Harlaus from the Kingdom of Swadia.

He also likes to give quests concerning the Forest Bandit hideouts near Uxkhal, if he happens to own the territory at the time.


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PepperKP said:
GrafBlade said:
Fietta said:
The new Moderator Count Delinard will show you what's up.
Anyway, who is that?

Nice thread, good to have the informations tied together. Will the website still be used?

Count Delinard is initially a vassal of King Harlaus from the Kingdom of Swadia.

He also likes to give quests concerning the Forest Bandit hideouts near Uxkhal, if he happens to own the territory at the time.

Thanks Pepper, but I've spent enough time in SP to know that  :grin:

My question was meant like "I've never heard of a Count Delinard in Warband community before, so does anyone got some background information about him?"  :shifty:


Il Padrino
GrafBlade said:
Fietta said:
The new Moderator Count Delinard will show you what's up.
Anyway, who is that?

I've never heard of him. 90% of his recent posts are all on the Bannerlord sticky here.

On topic: Nice to see everything progressing Zaffa. Contact me if you want BladeCast to pick up a week 1 match that looks interesting.


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22nd_Can said:
*reserving the WFL_NY_1" for 7 pm tonight if thats a thing, if not gg wp

Error in the request mister, requesting a server after your set time is not compatible sorry!


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Thunderbeu said:
22nd_Can said:
*reserving the WFL_NY_1" for 7 pm tonight if thats a thing, if not gg wp

Error in the request mister, requesting a server after your set time is not compatible sorry!

ok reserving for 7.15 pm est then


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MrNevino1 said:
We are trying to get more servers currently. Also I'll be using it tn at 9pm est.

reserving 15 mins before match isn't allowed apparently so with 1 server we rly should implement a rule on res'ing servers

Also if it's allowed, res'ing for 7 pm est Wednesday


We'll have more servers up soon, WFL NY 2 is now up as well.

I'd like to thank Ron Burgundy, Pizza, and Prime for donating servers. Appreciate it fellas.

Aura (Zaffa)

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John7 said:
Wait did Ruins get replaced with another map?
Ruins is probably going to be swapped with River Village to keep uniformity with Nation's Cup. The closed maps will be unaffected. I still need to run everything past the admin team so nothing is official at this point. So far, only a few admins have been consulted on the issue.
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