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What if there could be an open source engine replacer for Mount and Blade Warband? It could be something like OpenMW and Daggerfall Unity which is open source and easy to mod.

I know this is hard to do but it seems like an engine replacement for Warband would be the best solution to a lot of modding problems for both the user and the creators of mods. This is just a suggestion and I am barely a programmer, I just know basic web design, so its very unlikely that I could create an engine replacer for this game but I thought this would be a great suggestion so that Warband modding does not completely die due to Bannerlord.

I think the engine replacer should be able to do certains things that Warband can not do such as;

* Modular modding like in Bannerlord.

* Remove hard-coded limitations to Warband.

* Physics.

* A different mod loading system.

* Warband able to use more processor power, ram and vram.

* The ability to alter modes that have been compiled as if its decompiled so an external module can affect other modules.

* A better save file system or format i.e. less hardcoded limitations like save incompatibility due to the additions of units or troops to a module.

* Warband's battlesize can be much larger with less crashes and better performance and quality at high frames.

* This project should be very open source, not just the engine replacer but all of its modding too. Closed source modding has wounded Warband modding its lead to many incomplete and dead mods.
It's just a suggestion. Maybe a bad one but your reply is like saying what's the use of OpenMW if there is Skyrim.

Eärendil Ardamírë

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Beside the legal issues which most probably come up, I don't really see a use for the moment to work on a new Warband engine when we don't know yet what the Bannerlord Engine will bring all. And since I did never play any game of the Elder Scroll series I can say 'what's the use of OpenMW if there is Skyrim?' :grin:
@Lornloth00 this here might be interesting for you, basically what you asked for ^^

Thanks, for the post and link. One thing I wanted to say is that since Bannerlord is not finished and Warband has many mods and projects it seems like it would be good for the players and Taleworlds for such modding in Warband so people are likely to buy Warband which is financially good for Taleworlds.

Eärendil Ardamírë

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Having a new game enginee outside of the Warband one doesn't really give us modders something better at hand. But yes, Taleworlds profited a lot of the modding community ^^
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