Warband Competitive Matchmaking Client / BETA / [Update: 1.1.0]

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Caps said:
ehm any news? already 2 weeks overdue :S ... are there still bugs?

They just didn't change the date release but I'm pretty sure they're working on fixing the last details, the version we played last time was actually quite decent, almost no bugs during the game, just some crashs while lauching for a few players.
Arys said:
Bsur said:
pretty pointless considering how utterly broken warband is.

-your official king

Bsur said:
give ranked matchmaking or riot

-your official king

Bsur said:

and this is why ranked matchmaking (battle only) is required.

10 different circlejerk lists on this forum, i should make one too

-your official king

If you read carefully, he never actually specified 'Warband', I quote 'give ranked matchmaking or riot', this could be for Bannerlord. He's talking about matchmaking being required for the future. Bannerlord matchmaking would be great, however, It makes no sense to use it for Warband. Nice try Arys. Replies like that one you did Arys seems to make you look smart, that's because most (not all) of the community lacks common sense.

- your official republican
Shemaforash said:
three of those posts are on warband competitive related threads

You're actually *censored*, it's on related threads, that changes what now?. The first quote was on this thread, saying it's pointless. The second one uses 'Give' which can be used as future tense which was on competitive M&B facebook (Both Bannerlord and Warband). The third one was talking about lists on a list thread. So no, one was about competitive M&B as a whole, the other was a list thread. I shouldn't have to explain this **** to you.

Here's the three thread names:

1 - 'nonsense' - Offtopic about some lists or some ****
2 - 'Competitive M&B' Both Bannerlord and Warband related.
3 - 'Matchmaking client' - The one where he insulted warband.

- your official republican
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