Warband beta open to everyone with a key...

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Overlord- said:
Timothy the Knight said:
Well, let's hope singleplayer beta will become open as well in the next update. Which can't be far off, considering that the beta became open.

I'm guessing they'll officially confirm it once they release the next version, which will be complete enough to be presentable to the public. Hopefully.
Actually...SP beta is already open

Heh, with the sudden influx of new players they might need more admins.
I'm available, if you want me.

But anyways, fresh meat is welcome.
Although I'm scared to go on today for fear that I'll get 2handspamspamspammed.
mcbeverage101 said:
Although I'm scared to go on today for fear that I'll get 2handspamspamspammed.
It's ok, you can join, I'm not playing today.

On a serious note: 2h spamfest is a last thing I'm concerned about. It's the lesser evil, there's a lot of greater ones. Like constant cursing, butthurts over everything, TK's and much much more.

Open beta? Sweet! A new influx of noobs for the veterans to kill! YES!
(Or did I read it incorrectly?)
I REALLY want to know if SP is open. Plox with Zendar salt and nuubsauce ontop  :?:
Ursca said:
As far as I know, Single Player isn't in open beta. The files are still passworded.
....... gasp.
Big_Mac said:
Sarejo said:
SP beta is not open.
Prove it.

How can I prove it's not open? You would have to prove is open.

Beta being open means there is a post somewhere by the developers with the single player executable for everyone to download. Plus, it said "Alredy open", and since there isn't such post, it's not open as of now.
Heh, my score went up dramatically with all the influx of nubs, nice to see more activity in the servers too.
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