War, Wars and More Wars - I thought this was fixed???

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Need to bring back peace-time duration as it was in Warband.
This should also be tied into tribute payment, it should be limited by time, and not be there forever unless a war is declared.

Atm the game is generally fine until about 600-800 for me, then its just endless war with many factions, some are "not really poseing a threat" but will keep on raiding villages etc.

Lords with 0 income from a fief should be more frequent to join other factions faster.
Defeated King clans who have 0 fiefs - should follow the rebellion clans - go extinct and the faction be wiped out.

"End game" is abit frustrating now, as so much progress is wiped out unless you savescum to avoid the spam of wars.
Pretty sure that it would be better for a kingdome to pay the 2-6k in tribute per day, and not loose 2 towns that brings in 2-5k pr day pr town.
Not to mention how vunerable the factions get if they are at war on too many fronts.
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