War... War never changes

Would you like peace breaks between war periods in single player

  • Yes

    Votes: 34 65.4%
  • No

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Maybe, depending on how they were implimented

    Votes: 17 32.7%

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The continual war with 2-3 kingdoms at a time is the #1 thing making me want to rage quit this game. It’s really absurd. I actually did quit an empire save to start over as Aserai, in the hope that geography will help out. We’ll see.

I would accept either less warmongering by everybody (my own vassals are part of the problem) OR AI that is actually smart enough to hold the fort somewhat, while I take a break to tend to the kingdom. There’s a lot else that needs doing in this game besides battle, and I would like to be able to do it.


So on and off i spend a lot of time having fun in Bannerlord so far. And this game has a lot of potential for growth and improvement both because of developers and modders.

But something i noticed in my personal single player experience is that there is too much constant war. Now don't take me wrong, war is fun and a huge part of this game experience. The thing is, at least for me if there are no breaks in war it becomes ... a bit stale. Sure the factions you fight change from time to time. But your kingdom seems to be constantly at war, most of the time with multiple factions. And without breaks of peace it becomes sort of same experience. In a weird way too much constant war seems to take away from war experience. It also severally limits roleplay opportunity as even if there were tons of awesome deep lore quests to do, it's hard to justify taking time helping local farmers when than city over there is under siege and in war time there is always some city or castle under siege not to mention the constant raids.

I think what this game could really benefit in single player content is periods of peace between wars. We can still have intense war periods against multiple factions at ones, but in my opinion the periods of peace in between them would make over all experience richer...

Not sure of the best way to implement it without making player diplomacy OP in abusing the diplomatic peace for maximum gain. Maybe have Calradia wide recognized peace months/seasons or something.

Anyway just sharing my personal feedback here. No idea if anyone else in community feels the same way. I could be way of base here. Going to toss a quick poll in this post in case other people want to share opinion on this topic.
I Hate falling into the war loop. So toxic


Srsly what genius thought that constant war is fun, I dont have even time to visit any of my cities and check their development which leads to rebellion, so basically opposite faction will ask for peace when it loses all its soldiers and pay tribute which will last for about 40 days and then declare war as soon it refresh its troops and if you suggests to pay tribute for peace you'll lose around 1k of influence if you refuse going in war wit weaker faction while in war in same time with strong faction and having rebellion all over you'll lose 1k of influence again, Like what moron thought this is going to be fun gameplay?


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The thing is its really not THAT hard to implement some game pacing and possible branches to end-type story gameplay. Its just lazy and uninspired development to leave it so open ended and without any real goals to do anything but fight. It would be like going to a movie with some cool looking characters that just start fighting, never talk or if they do they say "Hi. Im Generic Dialogue X" ..and then keep fighting. Fighting some more and then some more as you leave the movie theatre 5 hours later in a daze to the the backround noise of fighting...
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