War-peace cycle.

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I think there should be a locked in period after agreeing on peace before being able to declare war again to the same faction. For some weird reason now i noticed that when i pay for peace with a faction that faction is declaring war again in the same day or the next one. It's to soon. At least one week or peace should be available before they could declare war again.
Also some information in the on the clan/faction page about what triggers war. Why that particular faction for instance is keep declaring war after peace?
The only think i did was to declare war on them to break an army sieging a rebel town, a town that wasn't theirs from the beginning so a different culture too, not a core town. Just so i can take the town before them. Had stolen towns before without war by waiting for rebellions, core town too. And those factions didn't declare war once, let alone immediately after peace agreement.
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