War party recruits?

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So I join an a Alliance, gain a fief. A lord calls for a war party, not only do they eat my food first (and I’ve seen dev posting progress fix in placement and watch YT on this food shortage problem.) But something else tends to bother me. While in the warparty every lords get villagers recruited to rebuild strength after a fight except for the player, why can’t I get 1 or 2 fresh recruits for every village or town we stop at, I’ll be happy with that. Or the commanding officer can donate me 5 or 10 recruits into my ranks.
i think the main reason they eat your food first is because you have more food. like personally i carry years worth of food with me due to trading. but most lords only have like 2 week supply with their party. so proportionally you have so much more food than anyone else so most of the food eaten is yours. i don't mind since that gives me influence at a very cheap price of a few dozens of denars
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