War of Two Kings

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War of Two Kings

So in one of my campaigns, two cities rebelled and got their independence. Sargot is taken over by King Papenbard and Charas by King Ecard. King Papenbard joined Khuzait and King Ecard joined Northern Empire. Since both of these major powers were at war, city states started warring eachother aswell. Papenbard and his vassals tried to raid villages around Charas but those war parties were hunted by King Hecard's forces seperately. Papenbard had no other force to send to the front so he sat in Sargot and waited his army to recover. Hecard didn't give him to chance to recover and gathered an army of 600 men, consisted mostly mercenaries and besieged Sargot. Since they got no forces to resist, city fell to Hecard's forces and Monchug gave Sargot to Ecard.

Now some advices,
It could be better if cities were independent though. Ecard's domain would expand into a kingdom with the help of the newly recruited mercenaries. I always defended that cities should be independent and expand into kingdoms. So we won't see the same kingdoms forever. Also, city states should be able to recruit mercenaries for their campaigns so they won't get stuck in a city and wait to be sieged. The more city is rich, the more mercenaries they can fund.

Ecard's Army


Ecard's men besieging Sargot and beating it's walls


Ecard's Domain (Both Sargot and Charas and it's surrondings)

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