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This mod actually looks promising!  :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

I normally hate the fantasy mods, apart from the chuck norris mod.

I just started modding and will see what I can do with making some models cause i have alot of time to waste.
See what you think of em when I get them done.
WookieWarlord said:
Light doesn't affect them, to fix, set the shader on the material to 'agent_shader'

It works :shock:, so easy, thank you very much that was making me mad
Yup, I had the same problem for a long time. Don't hesitate to ask for anything, Dragonlance is like my supreme mod and must be completed!
Question - is it your intention to put the mod at the onset of the War, or after any specific event?
My intention as I wrote in the first post is basing the mod in the period of the war of the lance in the 348 A.C
For your reference, I'm going to post some stats on different regions in ansalon, and you can choose what you would like to use.

Abanasinia: Capital is Haven (according to my book). The population consists of civilized and nomadic humans, Neidar dwarves, centaurs and goblins (possible bandit spawns?). The government is a confederation of city states and tribal factions (like Que Shu). They mostly trade steel weapons and armor, grain, ale, cloth, pottery and hides. Major geographical features are Crystalmir Lake and Darken Wood. Some important locations: Gader's Citadel, Prayer's Eye Peak, Solace (the book says population 500+), Haven (can't find population but we could assume 5-10 thousand), Long Ridge. Here's a good map of the region:


Que-Shu would be around the foothills of the mountains south of North Keep.

Blood Sea Isles: Capitals are Sea Reach (Saifhum), Lacynos (Mithas) and Kalpethis (Kothas). The population consists of Humans in Saifhum and Humans, Minotaurs and Kyrie in Mithas and Kothas. Saifhum is a republic, Kothas is a feudal state and Mithas is an empire. Trade is mostly in fish, ships, bronze weapons and armor, and mercenary work. The region consists of Karthay, the northernmost isle, which is home to the Worldcap mountains (the highest in Ansalon) and ancient ruins. Saifhum is the westernmost island, inhabited mostly by pirates and other men of the sea, with it's capital of Saifhum (population 18,500). Kothas and Mithas are the two southern islands, ruled by Minotaurs. Major cities are Kalpethis (on Kothas, pop. 17,000) and Lacynos (alternatively called Nethosak, population 20,500). There are also the towns of Meitol and Solsas on Mithas, and Cuda and Shiv Tower on Kothas.

I'll put some more up later.

Wow,  :smile: thank you, this info is very useful to make the map and the mod in general. Thank you again
'War of the Lance' was the second game I ever owned for Commodore 64...  and it occupied vast portions of my down time when I was in Army intel back in '89.  It will be interesting to see a modern interpretation.  :grin:

On a side note, are you *sure* you want to go against the grain, and put out a M&B mod that lacks Lightsabers, armored fighting vehicles or machine guns?  People may not know what to do with a mod that actually includes horses...
This would be a pretty sweet mod, I've only read a couple of books, but still I love dragonlance.

In the setting year you are thnking of setting this, are there draconians? If so, the Traag could be a playable race, roughly human sized, and if you carefully make the muzzle follow the human nose and jaw, they could even wear human helmets since they resize somewhat to fit the face.
And yeah dragonlance minotaurs are strange in that they have humanoid feet. Or at least that's the impression I got when their footprints are described as looking like the goblins' in Kaz the minotaur.
Man I would love to see centaurs in MnB, though I don't think thy're possible or they would look crappy. Either way, Oh well.

Anyway, good luck with your project, hope all goes well!
War of the Lance setting, so yes, there will be many draconians!
I've got no idea what a Traag is, I presume you mean Baaz?  :lol:
The traag draconians are among the first failed attempts to create
draconians, a precursor of the more successful baaz. While not
overly tall, they are emaciated and gangly. They have sharp taloned
hands, and crocodile-like snouts. Their bodies are covered
with rough scales of a metallic brass color, a link to their heritage.

Nope, the Traag  :razz:. They're proto-draconians.

Traag draconians are fierce fighters, adept with either
weapons or their natural talons. At the same time, they are not
naturally courageous, being extremely conscious, even paranoid,
of their- own weaknesses and numbers. They do not attack unless
the odds are in their favor, either through numbers, the element
of surprise or clever strategies, or if they have been forced into
battle. Thus, their initial morale is only 8.
Once the battle is joined, however, the traag become maniacally
fearless. A blood-lust seizes them and they no longer need to
check morale for the duration of the fight. They will fight without
regard for losses and gain a +1 on all saving throws vs. spells that
cause fear (scare, fear, etc.). This effect only comes into play
when the combat is actually joined. Since the traag don’t use missile
weapons, this is when hand-to-hand combat is conducted.
In combat, the traag often disdain the use of weapons and fight
with their claws, which are effective enough. They use weapons
when there is some advantage to be gained from using the
weapon-attack mode, reach, or other special use.
Upon death, the traag bubble and rot away in a single round,
leaving only a slimy puddle behind.
The traag were one of the first products of the
lords attempts to pervert the eggs of the good dragons to create
araconians. (At least, they were one of the first experiments to
survive.) For a time, since they lived and were good fighters
(when they fought), the lords considered them a success and bred
large numbers of them.
Over time, however, the traag began to develop a number of
undesirable traits that ultimately made them unsuitable for use in
the dragon armies. Most obvious of these is their noteworthy
cowardice. Even this alone would not have been sufficient, but
coupled with a very low birth rate (each brass dragon egg yielded
only a few viable traag) and a tendency to suddenly go berserk,
attacking anything or anyone, made the traag a failure. Not
wanting to waste time slaughtering them by the thousands, the
evil lords simply disposed of their error in the lands of Aurim.
The traag have formed themselves into small tribal bands. Each
tribe is led by a chieftain (5 HD, THAC0 15, Dmg 1d8/1d:cool:.
These bands of 1d100 + 50 traag live mostly in the deserted villages
and cities of ancient Aurim The more numerous and powerful
hobgoblins have made the plains unsafe for their habitation,
so the traag have for tified and trapped the ruins as a protection
against their powerful neighbors. The old streets are honeycombed
with hidden sally ports, rockfalls, dead ends, and concealed
The villages are normally organized in a similar manner. At the
center of the rums is the tribal headquarters. There are always at
least two paths to this and sometimes more. Fanning out from the
center are different encampments, or “divislons” as the traag call
them. Each division has 1d20 + 10 members. These divisions
have varying responsibilities, usually assigned the duty of guarding
a specific post or hunting in a given territory.
Because the traag are created, they have only one sex (male for
lack of a better name). There are no young or dependents. All
members of the tribe are warriors—they are more completely mobilized
than any other group in Taladas. This has led them to Increasing
dominance in Aurim.
Although carnivorous, the traag are often reduced to
scavenging. Unwilling to hunt for great lengths of time on the
plains, they are almost universally under-nourished. It’s not surprising
then that they will eat virtually anything (even hobgoblin)
that is put in front of them.
This is from second edition by the way, so it may have changed recently.
Do giants get any "giant mounts"

If giants are a playable race... how will the horses work?

E.g. You can stop them from having horses, but can you stop them from jumping on enemy horses ?

I can just imagine a giant on a horse.........
This is a Dragonlance mod, I don't think there will be giants.
If you are talking about my Giants vs Dwarves mod, then giants will not  be a playable race.
WookieWarlord said:
This is a Dragonlance mod, I don't think there will be giants.
If you are talking about my Giants vs Dwarves mod, then giants will not  be a playable race.

Gah sorry, thought there might have been. Not very up-to-date with dragonlance stuff, though I do know what it is.

Just thought it might be a part i missed or something lol.

::edit:: Been ages
I'm just going to throw this out there to any of you people smarter than me who would know about it, but it would be really cool if there was a way to travel to different maps through time (time travel is not unheard of in Krynn), as there were several distinct periods of history that are all very different from each other and would each be interesting settings in their own right, including a period where magic and miracles existed only in artifacts and the gods had basically abandoned the world, good match for M&B. Even other continents that are unaware of each other. But that would probably all require a lot of work or too much disk space or something to be feasible. I really wish a big studio would pick up this IP.


Neraka (or, the Dragonarmies):
Capital is given as Jelek, basically described as a Dragonarmy outpost, but I think it would be more proper to call Neraka the capital during the war. Mostly populated with Humans (both civilized and nomadic), ogres, hobgoblins and draconians. The government is listed as dictatorship :grin: Trade is in slaves, obsidian, lime, mercenary work, smuggled goods, llamas and wool. The book gives a description of Neraka as basically a shadow of its former glory (again, many descriptions are for after the War, but we can glean these details that can at least give us an idea, I may need to revisit the previous entries). The population listed is 5,808, so we could assume many more inhabitants during the war. Some other locations are Godshome, a bowl shaped formation in a mountaintop in the central Khalkists of mystical origin, that has a polished circular pool of black rock in the center of the bowl, which reflects the night sky even in broad daylight (thought that one was cool). , and very notably the Tower of Gargath, the famous castle of the wizard of the same name, which was the temporary home of the legendary Graygem which gave birth to the dwarf and kender races (as well as gnomes, but not at Gargath). Rumors have it that the ancient tower, surrounded by a small settlement of mixed races, moves from place to place within the Khalkist mountains, magic leftover from the Graygem. Even if these legends are false, the tower is well hidden and rarely visited. Interesting. Also, Sanction is a major town in the area, having the only port. Ariakas took advantage of the mercenaries that traveled the city to begin building the Dragonarmies. The city was taken over just before the beginning of the War of the Lance. The Dragonarmies built a Keep, but could not finish it in time, which allowed the Knights of Solamnia to mount a successful attack which dispelled the armies from the area, so on the map it should probably be a weakly defended Dragonarmy settlement.

A little more on Godshome: A desolate crater of a wasteland located in the Vingaard Mountains (from a different source, but I guess we can call them the Khalkhist or the Vingaard Mountains). It has only one entrance and one exit that leads into Neraka. At the center is located a pool of black obsidian that reflects the stars in the heavens and the Divine constellations. It is surrounded by nineteen pillars, each representing a particular god, with pillars of white stone for the gods of light, pillars of black for the gods of darkness and pillars of "an indeterminate colour" for the gods of neutrality. One black pillar and one white have fallen, and while the white one remains whole, the black one has been broken, representing Paladine's renunciation of godhood so that the newly-mortal Takhisis could be slain (after the war). Standing apart from the rest are three pillars, one of white jade, one of black jet and one of red granite, representing the gods of magic, Solinari, Nuitari and Lunitari. According to Fizban, the gods once convened there.

Here Fizban carried the dwarf Flint Fireforge (who died moments earlier of a failing heart) onto the Obsidian reflecting pool to disappear.

There isn't much of a good map. But in a future update I'll take some good pictures of the very good maps in the book, if you like.

Solamnia: Capital is Solanthus (population ~24,000, we can probably assume a similar population during the war). Inhabited by the Solamnic repulic (humans) and the dwarven Kayolin monarchy, strong allies. This is the largest and most geographically varied nation in Ansalon, which includes the longest river, the Vingaard. Important locations are Palanthas (population 33,000) the cradle of civilization after the destruction of Istar, the center of learning, theology and writing in Ansalon (including Astinus, Gilean's avatar who is timekeeper and historian for the world in the great library).  Also the High Clerist's tower which provides defense through the mountain pass and scene of a turning point battle in the war. Vingaard Keep, by some accounts the original capital of Solamnia, is close to the geographic center of the Solamnic plains and having easy access to the Vingaard river, the keep (and city by the same name) attracts merchants from Palanthas, Kalaman, Solanthus, and Caergoth. The strongest garrison of Knights of Solamnia in Ansalon is found here (no population given). Other places include but are not limited to (as always), Elmwood, Kyre, Thelgaard Keep and Luinstat in the south near Solanthus, and many towns on the coast, so many I'll just wait until I can take a picture for you and you can read them.

Here's a few pictures of the scene I'm working on that could be Vingaard:

From a tower in the castle

From the town gate


It's probably a little too busy to be run well, I dunno.
To make it feel like its more massive, you should do what gifutek did, only make a small area playable but when you look around it feels like theres a whole city you can't reach, but this limits freedom though.
Kazzan said:
To make it feel like its more massive, you should do what gifutek did, only make a small area playable but when you look around it feels like theres a whole city you can't reach, but this limits freedom though.

I thought about that, suppose it could be done, but at the same time this (even if thinned out a bit) could be a smaller keep and town as well. Palanthas for sure will probably have to be several individual scenes for different sections of the city. Either way, it's a rough draft/not finished anyway :smile:
Looks awesome! Yeah I don't suppose my computer will like it but at the very least you have a nice 3d model of the city.

As for the map question, I don't think its possible, its not just the map file that stores the map information, that stuff's also in parties.txt and the game save file. You could just have multiple mods that continue on from the first, and scripted quick battles.
Mayhem said:
Looks awesome! Yeah I don't suppose my computer will like it but at the very least you have a nice 3d model of the city.

As for the map question, I don't think its possible, its not just the map file that stores the map information, that stuff's also in parties.txt and the game save file. You could just have multiple mods that continue on from the first, and scripted quick battles.

Glad you like it. It's cooler walking around in it, not with a birdseye view, feels a lot bigger. Would be nice to see it teeming with knights and commoners. I guess making different versions of the mod could be done, and you could just play whatever interested you. Perhaps one in the age of mortals and one sometime in the past with Istar or something.
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