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War of Rights : (Maryland Campaign, ACW) FUNDED

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I realise it's to support the developers, I just hadn't seen the concept before,
except in Kickstarter pledges where you get all kinds of bonus stuff.


For $180 I better be getting shares in the company to go with it. After Oculus Rift, I ain't "pledging" nothing to nobody unless I get some of that thick juicy titty milk from Grandma Facebook, ya feel me?


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For your viewing pleasures:

A collection of the last four updates from the past week, all released into the most current Steam build for early backers.
TrustyJam;40917 said:
July 31th - Update 16 (released)
- Tweaks to the time of day cycle.
- Fixed blue brogans on roads.
- Added footstep sounds in water.
- Character fixes & additions (new hair, fixes to LOD's (clipping, vertex normal), LOD's for hats).
- Minor map collision fixes.
- Upped the amount of smaller hills in the terrain.
- Added easter egg.

- Trusty
Fancy Sweetroll;41708 said:
Just pushed a new update.

August 5th - Update 18 (released)

- Distance shadows have been improved at virtually no performance cost.
- Most of your reported issues with the animations and pressing certain keys during various animations have been fixed.
- The Ready behavior has been improved.
---- If you start reloading from Shoulder Arms, the character will return to Shoulder Arms when finished.
---- If you start reloading from Ready, the character will return to Ready when finished.
---- If you start reloading from Shoulder Arms and you click the right mouse button during the reload, the character will then return to Ready when finished.
---- If you start reloading from Ready and you click the right mouse button during the reload, the character will then return to Shoulder Arms when finished.
-------- In short, you can toggle on/off the Ready stance during the reload.
Fancy Sweetroll;41509 said:
I just pushed a new update and here are the update notes :smile:

August 4th - Update 17 (released)

- New Ready stance (toggle on and off by clicking the right mouse button, hold to aim)
- Better aim transitions from crouch and melee mode
---- For all rifles except for the Springfield M1861, aiming may be a little bit funky. Fixed in the next update.
- Additional forage cap wearing styles
- Mcdowell Cap
- Improved footstep sounds
- Experimental wind sound while charging
- Additional level details near buildings
Fancy Sweetroll;41880 said:
I just pushed a small 10 mb update.

August 7th - Update 19 (released)

- Fixed a bug where it was possible to queue the Ready stance multiple times, having the character enter and exit, enter and exit.
Good man.
And here's a small video of a 'drill session' demonstrating the variety in stance and reloading positions. It's shaping up very well, and being updated on a regular basis.

This actually looks really nice. Seeing detailed finger animations really does it for me--for once the voices actually sound like they're coming from the battlefield and not some teamspeak server.

If I didn't hate the dependence inherent to MP I'd be all over this.


Leifr Eiríksson said:
as far as I can tell with my **** headphones, 3D based.

That it is. It's pretty immersive, if not slightly annoying when somebody is standing 10 feet or so away and the sound fade makes them hard to hear.


I noticed that the recent gameplay has a strong grey filter. It makes the game look much worse than before. I hope the devs are just experimenting and it isn't here to stay. Compare the difference between Diplex's video and this one from May.




Honestly have never noticed no such thing myself, and I haven't seen any patch notes for it, or any people on the WoR forum noticing it either. Might just be you/that video.


I first noticed it on the 'Day one of the Confederacy' video on the WoR channel. Every video preceding it on that channel had more vibrant colors.


But now looking at the CSA Drill Session video from a couple days ago, it seems fine again. Maybe it's just varying weather effects.
David Dire said:
And they just released the Company Tool. We might even have skirmishes within 6 months, if lucky.

One would hope so.
It's worth noting that you currently do not need a Steam key or forum account to use the Company Tool. You are free to sign up and enlist with your respective choice in nations for the moment, although there will be a time (likely a few months ahead) where the registration of your character will be tied to a Steam key. As the tool sits now it's very nicely made and a definite boon to this kind of game.

And if I may be so cheeky as to plug away; we're currently looking for folk to join us in the 19th VA. TaleWorlds folk (mostly Víkingr and Deluge), some beer and some Reb hollarin' - what more is needed? :wink:

19th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company A.
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