War of attrition .. yet I cannot behead my enemies.

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Northern empire declared war against me, they were the 2nd smallest kingdom, I was the smallest with one city. They CONTINUALLY send armies to siege my city, which I continually destroy. I continually win the battles but am losing the war through attrition. I've gained about 200,000 gold selling their generals and loot,having about 100 prisoner solders and 12 prison nobles. ... but my army & garrison are getting smaller and smaller, I don't have time to retrain more.

I want to behead all the generals they send my way, to stop more and more armies .. how do I do that ? I don't see an option. I would ask for peace but they want 1,000 per day, which I WILL NOT pay.

Now The Khuzaits have declared war, even though I have a +7 relationship with Monchug, their leader .... ug!

help ..


Lords prisoners have to be in your prisoner party for the "head chop" option.
Just click on the poor victim then execute...
Thanks but I decided against being a mass murder as being counter productive. I waited till I won another battle and the peace amount went down to Zero .. so .. peace. I doubt they would offer cashless peace if I murdered 16 of their commanders. :grin:



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You can use a mod, Bannerlord Chreats, and set the imprisonment for ever, you capture they and keep them in dungeons. Or set the mod to not punish you for beahed them.
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