SP Musket Era War Getting Worse Beta 2.20

What would you like to see improved or added?

  • Improved Troops

    Votes: 186 29.5%
  • Improved Items

    Votes: 106 16.8%
  • Additional Features

    Votes: 252 40.0%
  • Other (Please Post a Comment)

    Votes: 18 2.9%
  • Balanced

    Votes: 68 10.8%

  • Total voters

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Tüfekçi Başı said:
QWW said:
zorlu said:
Oyuna top eklenmesi lazım 1700 lü yıllarda geçen bir oyunda top olmaması çok saçma

Google Translate has failed me, I'm going to need an English translation.

Late but :grin:

"Cannons must be add. Game is about 1700's, this is very nonsence."

Haha, better late than never. Thanks for the translation.
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