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Hello taleworld,

first sorry for my bad English.

After 250 hr. in game I have next feedback for declared war and peace. Currently is declaration war and peace extremly frequented unconception and without any logic. In MaB: Warband is declaration war and peace is more logic and conceptually. In Bannerlord for war and peace lacks any concept. After start game, are every kingdoms in war state, after few days kingdoms declaration peace - without any battle success. Several days is calm down. All at once, Aserai declared war to Vlandia...it is absolutly unlogical (I note, at the beginning of the game), no territorial disputes.

I suggest significantly improve the mechanics of war and peace. Curently conditions for war or peace are unlogical.

it would be appropriate to start from the following (historical) assumptions.
reason for declaring war
- disputed territories
- resentment of high-ranking lords
- kidnappings of family members of high-ranking lords
- economic reasons (usually an economically weaker country attacked an even weaker one)
- religious reasons (in MaB series not implemented)

reason for declaring peace
- achieving military success
- economic exhaustion
- military exhaustion
- contrarevolution
- marriage between hostile countries
- redemption from war (incendiary)

best regard

Earth Dragon

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What would be interesting is every faction having “territory” that they felt they had rights to and would declare war on factions that were currently in control of that land.

Let’s take Aserai:

They would feel all their starting turf, Daunastica and the castle to the left and right, Ortysia and the two castles to the west, and the southern stretch of the Vlandians was all their “turf”. They wouldn’t consider declaring war on anyone who wasn’t in possession of some of that territory. During wars, they don’t particularly only focus on those lands (making them sufficiently unpredictable) but once they have them, they tend to end of the war, and if their losses during a war start digging into native territory (starting position) that’s what they focus on first To take if possible before calling for an armistice.

Some factions territories could be much more aggressive (Khuzait and Sturgia) and others more on the defensive side (Battania) with the Empire factions being mostly all the Imperial lands, with little subtle differences expanding upon their core territory (Southern wanting the southern Khuzait and eastern Aserai turf, Northern looking at North Khuzait and sections of Sturgia and Battania, and Western looking at Battania and Vlandian lands).

I don’t know how hard this would be to program in the current system as, again, it would only really be used as a war and peace preference NOT targets during active wars to make them predictable. But something this would go a long way to make sense of objectives that factions would declare at the start of a war as to what they are actually fighting for.