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... remove the copyrighted music from Perisno then?
Perisno does use some music from talented groups like Two Steps From Hell.
If you create videos and post them on Youtube you won't be able to monetize some (if not all) of those videos.

This is why I went through the whole music and checked which tracks are copyrighted and which are fine.
The music marked with a red dot need to be replaced if you want to monetize your videos:

You can dm me here (or on Discord, same name) if you want a replacement for those.
I went through Google and Youtube for a long time and looked for absolutely free music to use.

You can also replace them yourself.
Just find music (in any format (.mp3, .ogg, .wav...)), convert it to .ogg with this tool and replace the music with the red dots by using the exact same name.
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Some musicians such as Vindsvept have songs that, within the license permissions, might be useable for such purposes. If I notice any more musicians with a pronounced fantasy theme, I'll mention them.
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