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I know from talking with other mod developers that this is something that at least some of us want.
I'll try and explain this as best I can, the way wanderers are currently handled by the game means that if you want certain wanderers to have a set name and face it means you have to put up with them spawning again and again.

If it's possible what we want is a way to create wanderers that will not duplicate. As I'm still trying to learn and understand C# I can't really suggest a good method, but I was thinking that it could be something simple like a tag in the npc data like "is_static=true". If this is something that can be implemented it could potentially allow for static mercenary clan leaders as well, with set names and faces.
I definitely agree. You should be able to change “is template=false” and “is hero=true” and make them permanent as long as “is wanderer=true”. It would be nice if this could apply to editing mercenary clan leaders also to make them static


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Hey, have you tried replicating our system in regards to wanderers via code and then adjust it to create wanderers that don't replicate/duplicate? If yes, did you face any obstacles with that?
At the meeting, we noted that this should already be possible by implementing it via code. If you run into any issues, let us know.
is there a particular area of code I should be looking at directly. Just so get a rough idea of what i'd be doing
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