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I wonder if now that the game is officially launched, will TW be obliged to release updates that don't break all the mods? You couldn't really complain about it during EA because it was EA, but now that its an officially released game, getting locked out of your modded playthrough for a few weeks waiting for all your mods to get updated every time TW wants to release a patch is a lot less acceptable.
They regularly bricked mods with Warband updates so I doubt it.
If updates are going to break mods then they should at least be fixing core gameplay problems to make it worthwhile.
I have heard/seen this or similar expectations from lots of people, which is interesting to me. I see no reason for them to do anything more for modding. To me it seems current state of modding is deemed good enough and some small improvements might come now and then like it did during the EA but I highly doubt there will ever be some big modding specific update. As for not breaking existing mods, I don't think that is a concern of TW yet and unlikely to be any time soon.

For the updates there is one thing I am curious about. I know TW has different teams focused on different areas such as graphics, gameplay, campaign, MP etc. It is normal for teams in a company to be out of sync, one team far ahead of the other in progress. Usually game companies have multiple projects being developed at the same time so resources can be reallocated. We know from job listings that there is at least 1 other project but will the teams that don't have much to do in Bannerlord anymore be moved to this other project? Will they start working on DLCs? Or another likely option, we might still get some not content updates in some areas that we didn't expect. Like performance and/or AI. And I would expect that to break mods.
I tested, played Vanilla and some mods nearly after every patch. But now after release i wait more for especially huger, great total overhauls, but will first try again, if those are at least really overhauled or playable (not only testable in earliest stage). And for those i am interested it will take still some time for development. But so i agree to the thread staarter, i am far away to hate Bannerlord, there is more love in my air :grin: But sure... often what you like you have a special look on it.
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