[W5D] Warband 5 Day Cup

To fill the time between tournaments we have decided to host a really short 8v8 tournament so teams have something to do as they are waiting for the next big thing.

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[W5D] Streams & VoDs

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Streams & VoDs

Times (BST) and locations for all W5D streams will be listed here.

Warband is fortunate to have many helpful and active streamers willing to donate their time and expertise to streaming casual play. If you would like to stream any match please familiarise yourself with the streamer rules in the rules thread. Any queries about possible accreditation or any aspect of streaming should be sent by a PM on TaleWorlds to Vincent. We are happy to receive any videos relating to the tournament.

Accredited Broadcasters
Please note that anyone can stream a match with the agreement of both teams, simply contact the team captains in advance of the match using the contact details in the Roster thread. Teams are free to decline a stream and remove unauthorised spectators from the server.
However some streamers, known to the admins and teams as streamers who are respectful of all players, are given 'accreditation' which means they have blanket permission to stream any match. Accreditation is a recognition of a respectful manner and not in anyway a judgement on the quality of a stream. Anyone wishing to request accreditation should first reflect on whether there is any player in the tounrment who may decline to be streamed by them.


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Avaliable to stream matches that are not in the time I will be playing, so hit me up if you would like to be streamed!
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